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Extreme Sailing Pictures and Video

Updated on September 20, 2010

The Adrenalin Rush of Extreme Sailing

I've been sailing fro a few years now in a twenty five foot Catalina. After enjoying power boats for years I found the greatest thing about cruising in a sailboat is the feeling of being on the edge... of pushing the envelope... the feeling of danger! I get all this from cruising along at six knots! (Around 10mph for you landlubbers) in the friendly 1-2meter waves of Lake Erie.

When you start racing sailboats with long hulls or hulls that rise and skim the surface like sailboards and catamarans, you start to hit speeds that create steroidial adrenalin. For further extreme adventure seekers head out in storm like conditions and big waves. Cape horn is a nice place for beginning sailors and extreme family outings.

There's nothing like laughing death in the face and kissing the grass when you finally make it too safe harbor.

Here's some pictures and video of fun family sailing adventures.


Fun in the Swells Near Golden Gate Bridge


Speed 2

Race in Style

White Knuckles

Nice 1st Date


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