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Television's Supernatural: Top 8 Times The Cast Decided To Dance

Updated on January 26, 2015

Let's Dance Men of Supernatural. Let's Dance...

There are a lot of lighter moments on the set of the hit TV show Supernatural and this list is of some really great fun moments. Many people may not know that the cast of Supernatural enjoys a good dance session and has been caught on camera on numerous occasions kicking their heels. If you ever wanted to see Dean, Sam, and Castiel bust a move then check out the top 10 below.


Dean "Eye of the Tiger"

1. Dean's Eye of the Tiger Moment

This is a classic blooper moment feature on the show. Jensen Ackles (Dean) decided to have a little fun and jam out to the classic Survivor song "Eye of The Tiger." In the background you can hear Jared Padalecki (Sam) laughing along with members of the crew. This happened during the episode "Yellow Fever" where Dean is infected by a ghost sickness that causes him to become increasingly paranoid about his life.

During the scene being filmed where Dean is in the car by himself, Jensen decided to break out into a performance/dance of the song. The scene was loved by the crew so much that it was aired after the episode as a blooper. It is now a fan favorite moment and the song "Eye of the Tiger" is commonly played at Supernatural Conventions.

Jensen Can Dance Live!

2. Jensen and Misha "Singing In The Rain"

At a Supernatural Convention Jensen and Misha decided to prove that they could dance to the audience. In the beginning Jensen starts off with some crazy dancing to make the audience laugh. He then proceeds to tease Mischa for once listing "Appalachian Clogging" on a resume even though he can't clog. Near the end of the moment the song "Singing In the Rain" comes on and both Mischa and Jensen start dancing together much to the hilarity of the audience.

Dean's Happy Dance

3. Dean Does A Happy Dance

There aren't many moments on the show where you actually see any of the characters dance. This was one of those rare occasions where Dean showed his comical side and did a happy dance as he escaped a building. It was great to see him click his heels at the end with a big smile on his face.

Jared Can Dance Too!

4. Sam Winchester Can Dance

At a Supernatural convention Jared was asked what his favorite dance movie was. He decided to act out some dance moves as he answered the fans. He began telling a humorous story about someone doing some hilarious dance moves and began showing the crowd some examples. Jensen joined in and showed some of his crazier dance moves as well.

Supernatural Does The Harlem Shake

5. Dean and Castiel Do the Harlem Shake

At a Supernatural Convention a fan asked Jensen and Mischa to do the Harlem Shake with her. The two were more than happy to do it. They were joined by other Supernatural guest stars, Ty Olsson who played Benny and Matt Cohen who played Young Sam Winchester. This was a unique fan moment and is adored by Supernatural fans.

Bohemian Rhapsody Supernatural Style 1

Bohemian Rhapsody Supernatural Style 2

6.Supernatural Cast Karaoke Moments

One thing many people don't know is that the cast of Supernatural love karaoke. During Supernatural conventions different members of the show's cast hold a karaoke night where they sing for the fans and fans are invited on stage to join in on singing. One fan and cast favorite is the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" and there are many different videos on the internet of the Supernatural cast performing this song.

To the right are two videos of the best versions of Supernatural's Bohemian Rhapsody performances. There is usually a lot of dancing and playing around on stage when this song is performed at conventions. Sometimes cast members will grab fans cameras and record videos on stage for them or will take pictures for them as keepsakes of the moment. Karaoke nights with the cast of Supernatural are unique and they make sure their fans have a great time.

Balthazar Crowd-surfs

7. Balthazar Loves To Party

Many fans may not know how much Sebastian Roche, Supernatural's Bathazar, loves to sing and dance. He is a main attraction at Supernatural karaoke nights because he's not afraid to have a great time. At one karaoke night "Carry On Wayward Son" came on and Sebastian had the opportunity to do a little crowd surfing much to the delight of fans. The fans were the ones singing while Sebastian was lifted into the sky and passed around.

Felicia Day Starts A Day Dancing

8. Charlie's Elevator Dance Moment

Actress Felicia Day offered one of the few female dance moments from the show. In the episode "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" she played the character of Charlie. While playing the song "Walking On Sunshine" on her mp3 player Charlie got down dancing when alone in an elevator on her way to work. Most people wouldn't dare dancing in an elevator at work but seeing Charlie do it makes a lot of fans smile and wish they were her for just that moment.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Btw, Matt Cohen plays Young John Winchester, not Sam.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Your story for Eye of the Tiger isn't quite right. In the actual scene, the music starts and you see Dean's hands drumming as you do in the clip. Sam knocks on the top of the car before the singer comes in, startling Dean and getting him to sit up.

      In the outtake, Jared warned the director beforehand that he was going to screw with Jensen by not knocking on the top of the car, just to see what he would do. You see Jensen's hands disappear for a few seconds where Jared missed his cue, and you can just imagine Jensen going, 'WTF? Now what am I supposed to do?' Thank God the director had the sense to keep the camera rolling or we wouldn't have gotten to see this. :)


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