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Top 10 Underrated Disney Songs

Updated on January 16, 2015

What makes these songs "underrated?"

Songs like Frozen's "Let It Go" and Lady and the Tramp's "Bella Note" are classic favorites that are beloved. Songs such as those and many others often find themselves highly ranked when compared to other Disney songs. There are tons of Disney songs that are great but they may not get the attention or appreciation other songs get.

This list is of some of my own favorite underrated songs and explanations as to why I think they are wonderful in their own ways. To truly understand why each is great you have to look at the lyrics, the significance of the song, and why it was sung. Each of the below songs is special in its own way.

Nobody Else But You

10. A Goofy Movie - Nobody Else But You

After a road trip of nothing but stress and strife for the father-son duo, Goofy and Max are left in a horrible predicament. As they are floating down the river on top of their submerged car, Max realizes how much his father loves him and how he has been doing so much work to bond with his son. Max regrets how horrible he was to his dad and in this song he acknowledges that Goofy is always there for him and is a great parent. Goofy in return let's Max know that he loves him no matter what and that they will always be father and son. No matter how horrible life gets they know they've always go each other. In this song they express their love of being father and son and are finally in sync with one another.

Out There

9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Out There

This is my favorite song of all Disney songs. Poor Quasimodo lived his life trapped at the top of the cathedral, only being able to dream of being on the streets with "normal" people. This song shows how much longing he had to be part of the world below. In his voice he sings with so much passion and longing for the life he has never gotten to experience. Quasimodo sings his song high up on the rooftops of his cathedral, above the city, separated from it not only by distance but because of his appearance and fear of being rejected. He is surrounded by an amazing and beautiful city but can't truly experience what it and it's people have to offer. Quasimodo has a hansom singing voice and climbs and dances around his cathedral surrounded by a beautiful view and the only thing that stops him from being apart of the world is his physical appearance. In this scene you can see how special and wonderful Quasimodo is regardless of how he looks on the outside.

What Is A Baby?/La La Lu

8. Lady and the Tramp - What Is A Baby?

Lady and the Tramp is a beautifully animated movie and romantic love story. The one scene that always stood out in my mind was the "what is a baby" scene. Lady spent nine months being ignored by her owners who were busy focusing on the birth of their first child. As a young dog, sheltered from the outside world, she knew nothing about babies or why he humans suddenly changed. Her naivety and innocence came out in this song as she quietly walked upstairs to find out what a baby was. She softly pondered what a baby was as she climbed the stairs carefully and peaked in the baby basket. As Darling sings La La Lu to her new baby Lady finally gets to discover what a baby is and smiles as she discovers a sweet little human. Her owner Jim Dear picks her up to see in the basket better and she finally realizes that she is still loved by her family and now she has a new person to love.

Forever and Ever

7. Pooh's Grand Adventure - Forever and Ever

Christopher Robin knew he was growing up and had to go to school. In his time with Pooh he struggled to tell him he had to leave him. This song is very sad because Pooh is a bear who will never grow old or grow up. He will never change and he will always be a part of the Hundred Acre Woods. Christopher Robin however is human and will grow up and change and someday leave his friends. This song was very meaningful in that Pooh sings about how he and Christopher Robin will always be friends, while Christopher Robin struggles with telling his friend he has to leave for school and start growing up. Forever is a long time and childhood is fleeting. Eventually Christopher Robin will grow up and his adventures with his childhood friends will end. Pooh will remain in his heart and memories but staying a child forever is something that isn't possible.

Tangled When Will My Life Begin Reprise

6. Tangled - When Will My Life Begin (Reprise)

What does it feel like to feel true freedom for the first time in your life? The reprise version of When Will My Life Begin shows Rapunzel experiencing her first independent steps into the world. She is scared at first. The world is a big place and when you've never been out on your own the first step can be terrifying. Then you get to see her touch the grass for the first time. The joy in her face and voice is evident as she realizes she is in charge of her own fate for the first time. She sings about going dancing and running and being able to truly live. It's a happy song but at the same time it's so sad to know that this girl could never experience all that life had to offer because she was controlled and manipulated by a person who didn't really care for her but for her hair's magical abilities.

Part of Your World Reprise

5. The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World Reprise

The song Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid came in two parts. The first Part of Your World happened in Ariel's grotto when she was surrounded by her collection, longing for life above the sea. The Reprise to Part of Your World was sang after Ariel had saved Prince Eric and he was laying unconscious on the beach.

This second part is just as beautiful as the first. Ariel looks at the man she saved and appreciates how beautiful she thinks he is. You can tell how she longs to be with him on the land in her actions and voice. At the end she says "I don't know when. I don't know how but I know somethings starting right now." For her that moment of human contact was just the beginning. It was love at first sight and even if she hadn't met up with Ursula she would have still pursued her prince.

My Own Home

4. The Jungle Book - My Own Home

"I've never seen one before" Mowgli says as he sees a beautiful little girl for the first time. This is an extremely sweet scene in the movie The Jungle Book. It might not necessarily be love at first sight but it is curiosity at first sight. Both the little girl and Mowgli are children and there is a lot of innocence in Mowgli's curiosity with seeing his first human female. With her beautiful voice the little girl sings a song about family and growing up. When she sees Mowgli hiding she bats her pretty brown eyes at him and uses her song to lure him closer. She drops the canister of water on purpose to lure the handsome boy back to her village. Mowgli goes back to where he belongs with the help of a pretty girl to pursue a journey to become a man.

Our Town

3. Cars - Our Town

We live in a world where things are always changing. Sometimes what was wonderful in the past gets forgotten as time goes by. "Our Town" tells the story of a town that was once important and bustling. Over time people drifted away and forgot that this wonderful little town exists. Radiator Springs in located out in the middle of nowhere but it is an absolutely breathtaking place. This town was build in a place where it is surrounded by beautiful rock formations and the wonders of nature. Even though people forgot about the place, it doesn't mean it isn't still great. The song and its sadly beautiful lyrics reflect the love the residents of Radiator Springs have for their home but the sadness they feel in having it forgotten and abandoned.

Sing Sweet Nightingale

2. Cinderella - Sing Sweet Nightingale

When Cinderella is singing "Sing Sweet Nightingale" you get the chance to compare her to her ugly stepsisters who begin singing/playing the music the first few lines to the song. Her stepsisters are untalented/unattractive but have all the opportunities in the world. Cinderella on the other hand is basically a slave in her stepmother's house. She is beautiful and talented but none of that matters. As Cinderella scrubs the floors she gets lost in the music as bubbles float around her in harmony to the music. Her image is reflected in them but instead of seeing something beautiful, you see a girl in ragged clothes on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. You have to appreciate her kindness and lovely voice but can't help but feel sorry for her about her predicament. This song is beautifully sung and shows how this girl can create a wonderful music in a world where she is treated as nothing but a servant.

Will The Sun Ever Shine Again?

1. Home On The Range - Will The Sun Ever Shine Again?

This song is one of the sadder songs from the movie Home On The Range. Songwriter Alan Menkin said that this song meant a lot to him because the movie was released around the 9/11 attacks. For him this wasn't just a song about cows. It was a song that reminded him about what happened to the people who died in the 9/11 terror attacks and it's lyrics radiated in his memory. Even though Home On The Range isn't as popular as other Disney movies, this song is very powerful in the longing for life to get better after a time of great sadness and pain.

Now it's your turn to share!

What is your favorite underrated Disney song?

Share your song choice in the comments below.


Do you enjoy any of these underrated songs?

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© 2015 Alice Wilkins


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