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The Top 5 Comebacks In Music

Updated on July 29, 2012

There have been quite a few artists that have had some setbacks, and hiatuses from music. Here I've given 5 from the last 50 years. No real ranking, just some that I thought were interesting. Of course there will be some that you probably are surprised to see that didn't make my list. Feel free to comment on that. One artist that I intentionally left off my list was Michael Jackson. I don't feel like he had to "comeback" from anything, He has always been relevant, and posthumously more so than ever before. He is the greatest artist of all time, I don't feel he deserves to be on this list. Enjoy!

5.Rick Ross- after word leaked that Rick Ross was a former corrections officer, people were questioning the lyrics which had made him so famous. Stories of dealing drugs, and violence seemed to be that of those before him. Perhaps the real Ricky Ross, who wasn’t so happy about the rapper using his name, is the victim of him using his lifestyle in his raps. Somehow people have seemed to accept this, and he currently has one of the biggest empires in Rap. The Maybach Music Group

4.Justin Timberlake- The now infamous super bowl incident in 2004 where he “mistakenly” exposed Janet Jackson’s breast definitely had people raising eyebrows. The “wardrobe malfunction” shocked viewers, and Timberlake apologized. Janet and Justin both were threatened exclusion from the 2004 Grammys’ if they didn't issue an apology. Since that setback, Justin has had a successful career in acting. He is also a regular on Saturday Night Live

3.Chris Brown- Now we all know the story of Chris Brown. After the 2009 brawl on the eve of the Grammy’s with then girlfriend (who are rumored to still be together) Rihanna, he was no longer seen as a pop sensation. Now he was a woman beater. Endorsements were snatched from him, radio stations stopped playing his music, and people just weren't buying his music anymore. His young career took a big hit from that. But at the 2010 BET awards, he did the performance everybody was waiting for; a tribute to Michael Jackson, who died a year earlier. Mid performance while singing “Man in the Mirror”, which was appropriate for him in more than one way, he broke down in tears. This was the first time he seemed sorry, or remorseful about the events that happened. He won back the hearts of fans, and everyone seemed to forgive him. Now he back on top where he left off

2.R.Kelly- In 2002 a video surfaced of R. Kelly allegedly having sex with and other acts (which I won’t mention) with an underage girl. Although he denied he was the man in the video, people who saw the video are certain it was him. He was indicted on 21 counts of having sex with a minor, which was later reduced to soliciting a minor for pornography. Amazingly after 6 years of delaying the trial due to numerous reasons, in 2008 he was found not guilty on all counts. Since then he’s had his successful “trapped in the closet” stint, 2 albums (a third in the works right now), and 6 Grammy nominations. Almost like it never happened? But we have that famous Dave Chappelle skit to remind us

1.Cher- Currently holding the record for solo artist with the longest span of time between number one hits (1974’s “Dark Lady” and left it thirty-three years until 1998’s “Believe”) she definitely makes my list. In that span of time she is the only person to have an Academy Award , aGrammy, an Emmy, three Golden Globes, and the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her work in film, music, and television.

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