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Guide To Television's Best Characters

Updated on May 29, 2019
Priya Barua profile image

Priya is pursuing her undergrad in Law and Business Administration. She loves translated books, world cinema and French chic.

Don’t you all wish that sometimes, just sometimes, your favourite characters from T.V were real? I certainly do. And I hope you also do. This post has been written to guide you to telly’s best characters which we all wished were real.

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T.Vs Best Characters
T.Vs Best Characters
T.Vs Best Characters | Source

Dorota as Maid

Gossip Girl

I would love to have a Dorota running behind me, keeping everything in order, scheming and plotting with me and occasionally giving me the good advice that I need. Kindly ignore the tedious suggestions of your Vogue or Grazia, and listen to me when I say that Dorota is the ultimate must-have, not the ostentatiously prized Birkin or Burberry trench coat. Her loyalty to Blair is heartening and her taste in fashion (which she acquires during the later episodes) is undeniably better than mine.

Henry Talbot as Husband

Downton Abbey

Tall, handsome and reckless, this 30 something is exciting enough for Lady Mary to consider as an apt partner. I love how tenacious he is, how put-together and utterly devoted he is. After analysing other characters in mainstream T.V shows, I have come to the conclusion that Henry Talbot fits the post better than anyone else. He is also intertwined in a very intricate manner to the Earl of Shrewsbury, so even if no one agrees with me, I consider him to be royalty.

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Elizabeth Burke as Wife

White Collar

She is a sweetheart, and she loves dogs, jazz music and is an art connoisseur. That would actually make a good bio for her Tinder account. A very supportive partner, Elizabeth is caring, kind and smart. I think I just found the perfect woman for any man. Unfortunately, she is only a T.V character so better luck next time.

Elka as Grandmother

Hot in Cleveland

We should all want her as a grandmother. With that spunk and sense of humour which is sometimes downright dirty, she would be the perfect person to approach when you are having trouble with anything in your life. Although, strictly speaking, the advice would be lousy but you can count on her to cheer you up.

Stephen Carrington as Rich Friend


I have watched the first season of Dynasty and Stephen is the perfect material for the rich friend. The fact that he is the son of a billionaire, Stephen would be the key to all the local clubs and restaurants and to your shopping sprees. But let’s face it, it is not simply the fact that he can slide his credit card and buy an entire fleet of ships or even better, a bank, but also because he is an adorably grounded person, honest and a little stupid. But on the upside, he is very, very good looking.

Charles Boyle as Just Friend

Always, always on your  side
Always, always on your side | Source

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He is a devoted friend, always, always, on your side and loves you so much that he has already planned your wedding with the girl you have a crush on. Charles is a connoisseur of food and would introduce you to Sudanese cuisine, which is not all that bad, but the people around him seem to dislike his rather unconventional taste buds. Not me though. He is also a detective, and a fine one, so you don’t have to worry if your wallet gets stolen because Detective Boyle will be on it.

Barney Stinson as One Night Stand

How I Met Your Mother

An iconic character, Barney Stinson is a charmingly attractive man in his mid-thirties with a proclivity towards wearing suits and getting laid with the same intensity. A dabbling womanizer, Barney would be the perfect guy to take home if you are not looking at anything beyond one night. He is good-looking, seemingly wealthy, charming (again) and is also not looking at anything beyond one night. So there you go: Mutual consent!

Rachel Green as Stylist


She is trendy, classy and the perfect stylist for you. You, and so do I, need someone like her to guide us to look our best every single day. And it’s not only me who is obsessed with her dressing style, it’s everyone. Every other magazine, blog or website is still discussing her styles to date. AMAZING!

Alan Shore as Lawyer

Boston Legal

Now everybody needs a lawyer at some point of time. If you had your pick, why not choose the best from all the television shows. Now, a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but I definitely believe that Alan Shore sums up as the most brilliant lawyer on screen. I will, henceforth, go about stealing and defaming just about anyone, because ta-da, I have Alan Shore to represent me.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Priya Barua


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