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Top 5 T.V characters You wished were Real

Updated on March 30, 2016

Don’t you wish at times that your favourite characters from T.V serials were real?

I think every one of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, do want the characters to be real, perhaps, for their loyalty, tenacity, cheerfulness, arrogance, or whatsoever.

So here is my list of 'top 5 people (culminated from soaps) that I wish were real,' and so should you.

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DorotaHenry Talbot ElkaPeter BurkeAlan Shore
Henry Talbot
Henry Talbot
Peter Burke
Peter Burke
Alan Shore
Alan Shore

1. Dorota as Maid (Gossip Girl):

I don’t see how any other character can make the first cut. Dorota is the ultimate must-have, not your Burberry trench coat or Gucci shoes. Her loyalty to Blair as a maid is astounding, and in the later episodes, she also acquires a taste in fashion (of course from Blair). In fact, I don’t want a Dorota, I need a Dorota. Like ASAP.

2. Henry Talbot as Husband (Downton Abbey):

Sex appeal, that’s what it is. He is attractive, reckless and tenacious. The best thing about him is that once he is in love with you, you can bet it is going to be forever.

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3. Elka as Grandmother (Hot in Cleveland):

We all want her as a grandmother, don’t we? With that spunk, and sense of humour (sometimes downright dirty) she would be the perfect person to approach when you’re having trouble with anything in your life. Although, strictly speaking, the advice would be lousy but you can count on her to cheer you up.

4. Peter Burke as Best Friend (White Collar):

Peter Burke is the best example of a true friend. You can be assured that he will try to lead you down the ‘good way’ (despite how crooked you are). He will also, with great chagrin, help you cover up your tracks if ever you decide to engage in any unlawful activity.

5. Alan Shore as Lawyer (Boston Legal):

Now you can go about stealing, murdering or defaming because you know that you’ll get away anyway. That’s why we all need an Alan Shore in our lives, right?

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