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*The Four Top Best TV Shows *

Updated on December 27, 2015



Castle - Being the name of the episode is a very interesting TV show filled with drama, action, romance, crime and much more. With over 8 seasons so far this TV show has become the most watched and most popular.

Characters -

Richard Castle (Played by - Nathan Fillion) - He is a author known for his Derrick Storm novels and also the Nikki Heat series. During the beginning of the TV show we see that he is just a normal guy who gets all the famed and attention he wants. He is a ladies man and certainly a best selling author. His is currently divorced from his wife Meredith and he lives in a loft in NYC with his mother Martha Rogers and his daughter Alexis Castle who at the time was a high school student. But everything changes when he actually ends up helping to investigate a series of copycat murders based on his books, he finds he enjoys the experience sufficiently to want to continue it. Keep in mind that Castle also is a best friend of the mayor and so he pulls a few strings and little did he know that he will be now working with the 12th Precinct with Det. Katherine Beckett, Det. Javier Esposito and Det. Kevin Ryan. He arranges to follow Det. Beckett around claiming that he wants to observer her personality for his next book (The Nikki Heat Series) and so he wants to get inside her head and see exactly what she'e like .

Katherine Beckett - is an NYPD Captain in charge of the 12th Precinct, after being promoted from homicide detective, and a former Federal government agent in which she was fired from after her third day in Washington D.C. Her father is Jim Beckett and her mother Johanna Beckett. She studied pre-law at Stanford, dreaming of becoming the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, before transferring to New York University after her mother's death to pursue a career in law enforcement. Between her junior and senior year of college, she spent a semester studying in Kiev, Ukraine. When she was 19 years old, her mother, Johanna, was stabbed to death while on her way to meet with Jim and Kate for dinner. The detective in charge of the investigation, Detective John Raglan, was apparently never able to find the killer and attributed her death to random gang violence and later into the series he was also killed. Kate, believes that there was more to her mother's murder than a random killing, thinking that the investigating detectives ignored every other evidence that could lead them to her mother's murderer. After spending the first three years of her career as a cop drowning herself in studying her mother's file and coming up with nothing, she finally decided to put it behind her and just try to forget about it and avoid delving deeper into the case. But with the help of Castle and him not giving up this case became more and more in depth and she finally found out that all these years her mother was killed by Senator Bracken.

Alexis Castle - Alexis is the daughter to Meredith and Richard. When Alexis was 5 years old, Castle began teaching her how to play laser tag. They have since had the tradition of occasionally playing laser tag until one of them scores 1000 points to win. An over-achiever in here High School, she barely seemed to have time for a party social life, but has just enough of her father's genes to get into trouble every once in a while with her dad. She joins certain activities such as playing the violin, fencing, serving in a class advocate role in student government, cheerleading, serving as an assistant manager of the school play, and working several internships, like working for Lanie (The Medical Examiner) in the episodes Pandora, the Linchpin and A Dance With Death and at the precinct. She was valedictorian of her graduating class, and when she is 18 years old she was attending college at Columbia University and is an intern under medical examiner.

Javier Esposito - Esposito's parents split up when he was five years old, and his dad moved to Florida with his new wife. A postcard and a phone call are all the attention he got from his dad after he moved. He grew up with his mother and built up a juvenile record for various petty misdemeanors but then he decided to turn his life around. He joined the Army and served time in Iraq in Special Forces. After that he came back to join the NYPD and became a homicide detective working along Beckett and Ryan and of course Castle. It is possible that he has had SWAT training as he can be seen carrying SWAT weapons during several episodes on the show. Esposito is multilingual (English, French, and Spanish).

Kevin Ryan -He began his law enforcement career working in the Narcotics division of NYPD before working as a Homicide detective. Ryan has a very sarcastic sense of humor, often making jokes with a deadpan expression. An obvious geek, he holds a wealth of obscure knowledge which he uses to have serious debates about the possibilities of Castle's outlandish theories. He makes a habit of letting his mouth get ahead of his thoughts, resulting in several rather awkward moments and occasionally calling his social skills into question. He is married to Jenny Ryan and has 2 kids, the one daughter we know of who is Sarah Grace Ryan and the unborn baby who we don't know yet. She's portrayed by Juliana Dever, the real-life wife of actor Seamus Dever, who portrays Ryan.

Martha Rodgers - Martha is an actress and has worked mostly on the stage. She has been nominated for a Tony Award for her work on the stage. She is currently a coach for the actors and actresses and with the one million dollars that Chad (her lover, now deceased) left her she opened the Martha Rodgers School Of Acting. She has been there always for Castle when he was raising his teenage daughter. He proposed to Martha though she has doubts about their relationship. She learned that he died without telling him her answer to the proposal.

Senator William Bracken - He was the Assistant District Attorney of New York from 1988 to 1992, the time when Raglan, McCallister and Montgomery were kidnapping mobsters for ransom. During this time Johanna Beckett was looking into the case of Joe Pulgatti, a mobster who had been locked up due to the kidnapping scheme. When Bracken found out, he had Johanna and her entire team murdered to keep his corruption concealed from the public. Bracken tried to have Kate killed numerous times but all his attempts on her life failed.


Ultimate Storm - Derrick Storm Series - Castle




Kind of close to the TV show CASTLE, this one has those similarities of dead bodies and trying to figure out who did it, but then at the same time this one is actually based on real life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

Bones - She works with her husband Special Agent Seeley Booth to solve cases which require her expertise. He nicknames her "Bones", referring to her job as a forensic anthropologist. The pair are married, and live together with their daughter and son. Her scientific approach to life results as her being an atheist, highly critical toward any religion, and at the same time she believes in the death penalty. Brennan is "very focused," and hyper-rational, she is very defensive and protective of evidence, and she deals with the 'horrors' of the crimes she investigates by focusing on the facts only. Brennan speaks at least eight other languages and Brennan was an abused foster child. Her foster parents would lock her in a trunk every time she broke a dish. She was a "clumsy child and the water was so hot."

S.A. Seeley Booth - He is a religious man by nature and a practicing Roman Catholic, seeking to atone for the lives he took as a sniper through his work in the FBI . While in the Army Rangers he was apparently tortured, leaving him with emotional and physical scars. Seeley suffers from coulrophobia, an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. He has a brother named Jared who worked at the Pentagon and has a drinking problem. He is world-wise, socially at ease with people, very athletic, and apparently sexually confident with women. Later on in the show it is mentioned that he is a descendant of John Wilkes Booth and wishes that Brennan who realized the connection because of their similar bone structures won't tell anyone.

Angela Montenegro - Angela Montenegro has been described as a "free spirit", "good-time girl" and is a "wild child" at heart. She is open, friendly, and caring, seeming to have taken on a nurturing role in the team, considering Dr. Brennan her best friend (referring to her as "Sweetie"), and acting as adviser and "social coach" to Zack who she calls a douche at first but then helps him to clean up and become a real pHD student. She is a specialist in forensic facial reconstruction at the Jeffersonian Institution. a minor degree in computer science and biomedical illustration at American University. Angela Montenegro is not her birth name; rather, it came to her in a dream when she was younger, and she made it her legal name on her 18th birthday. She is married to Jack Hodgins and has a son with him named Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. His middle name comes from the deceased intern Vincent in the honor of his death.

Jack Hodgins - He is an entomologist, botanist, and mineralogist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute. He is not only an expert on spores and minerals, but conspiracy theories are his hobby. His family is extremely wealthy and happens to be the single largest donor to the Jeffersonian Institution; they own the Cantilever Group, the third largest privately owned corporation in the United States, and Jack is their sole heir. He admitted to Brennan that he was in love with Angela. Although not expressly stated, it has become increasingly clear that he and Angela are involved - at the very least as more than just friends. At the end of the season after being saved by Agent Aubery, *SPOILER ALERT*, Jack Hodgins is paralyzed due to a bomb explosion later on 2 days before.

Dr. Lance Sweets - was an FBI agent and psychologist to Booth and Brennan. Sweets was a caring character who was well-liked, although his personality could be a contrast to the scientific, analytical personalities of the squints. He married one of the interns at the Jeffersonian named Diasy Wick and had a son with her, but unfortunately he died, being shot, before he could even see his son. He told Daisy that he wanted to name his son Seeley Wicks Sweets (Seeley, after Agent Booth.) Every year they celebrate his birthday and honor his death.

S.A. James Aubery - He joined the FBI team after Sweets died and after Booth got out of jail. His father was a high-profile stock trader, but was arrested when James was 13 for running a Ponzi scheme. Aubrey is witty, smart, and clever, although he can break down. He can be arrogant at times. He is a Christian and he has shown to have a more-than competent understanding of chemistry, which he took as a subject (perhaps at the AP level). He plays the guitar and has a girlfriend. The first time he referred to her as the "cute intern", her name is Jessica Warren. After Aubery and Hodgins were in the bomb site and Aubery was taken to surgery to she had been there twice to visit him. Not only that but there were hints that they liked each other in the episode " The Woman In The Whirlpool". Later on, although he did figure out about her past and what kinds of things she was involved in, he still is "very certain of himself" about her and their relationship.




The movie Hannibal that came out in 2001 made a huge success. It started with Anthony Hopkins who made a huge breakthrough for the movie, and then 6 years later the movie Hannibal Rising staring Gaspard Ulliel the french model for Blu De Chanel brought back the great story. Today the TV show Hannibal starting Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen, the Dutch gymnast and dancer made a lot of success along side Hugh Dancy who started as Will Grahm, the FBI criminal Profiler.

Hannibal Lecter - Although he as orphaned at a very young age and raised by his aunt Mrs. Murasaki, he managed to attend school and become a great psychologist. Unknown to his colleagues, Hannibal is a cannibalistic serial killer, known as the Chesapeake Ripper, who works behind Graham's back to further his own crimes. Despite his homocidal nature, he appears to have a certain empathy for others on some occasions. No one knows who he is, except the fact that he is a psychologist. He despises banality, and has an acute love of fine arts, food, literature, and music. He is depicted as a man of taste and details, and a nearly-obsessive perfectionist. He takes an instant dislike to "rude" people, such as Fredricka Lounds. Hannibal is very particular about what he eats, most of his meals are self-prepared. As the Chesapeake Ripper, Lecter kills in sounders of three. That is how he sees his victims, not as people, not as prey, but as pigs. The way it started was that he killed his first victims in nine days: Minneapolis, Essex, and Baltimore. He didn't kill again for eighteen months, and there was another sounder of three, and, in as many days, all of them in Baltimore. Eleven months after the sixth victim, there was a seventh.

Will Graham - Will has a unique psychological ability that he refers to as "interpreting the evidence". He is also a lecturer at the FBI academy and teaches about the cases especially the Ripper In reality, he is able to assume the state of mind a murderer has after visiting the crime scene and recreates the thinking (as well as the actions) with himself as the killer in order to understand more about them. And we of course do know that he doesn't like eye contact and nor does he like being psycho - analyzed by others (well, for now.) Will eventually realized that Hannibal Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper. Will is Lecter's patient. However, he is not formally his psychiatrist due to Hannibal being able to talk about Graham with Crawford (the head of the FBI team.) Although framing him for four murders he still claims to want to help Will. Later on Will started to let Hannibal in and let him in his life. Hannibal later told Will that "he did this for them." At the end Will and Hannibal kill the Red Dragon and then Will and Hannibal stare and hug each other then Will drags Hannibal down the cliff and we have no idea what happened.

Jack Crawford - He is a Special Agent at the FBI and the head of Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI, and Will Graham's boss. He is married to Bella Crawford. Whilst attempting to apprehend Hannibal Lecter after learning he is the Chesapeake Ripper in the season 2 finale, he is stabbed in the neck by Lecter with a piece of glass and badly wounded, although he survives the ordeal. He has a wife named Bella but she overdosed herself with medication as a mercy killing.

Bedelia Du Maurier - Bedelia, is the wife of Hannibal Lecter and a retired psychologist. She retired from her profession after Neal Frank, a former patient, supposedly "swallowed his tongue" while trying to strangle her at a session. Later on the series Bedelia visits Hannibal's office to inform him she is no longer capable of being his psychiatrist. Feeling threatened by Hannibal and what he has done in the past years...YES she was definitely aware! She then explains like many others she was persuaded and under Hannibal's influence to do so.

Hannibal - Book by Thomas Harris


Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Characters like Cruella De Vil or Capitan Hook have appeared on this show and even Disney Princess like Snow white, Ariel or even Mulan. This TV show is filled with great characters that we all know of and seen on Disney. Once Upon a Time, hence from the title of it is a fairy tale TV show that switches back and forth between present time and the time of the past life of the characters and how they came to be and where they traveled from to get to the modern place called Storybrook.

Snow White (Mary Margret) - Mary Margaret was actually born Snow White, the daughter King Leopold and Queen Eva. As a young girl, Snow White's mother dies when Cora poisons her, in an attempt to make Cora's daughter Regina the new Queen. Snow gives birth to Emma and she is placed in a magical wardrobe and transported to the real world as the curse takes hold. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow learns she is pregnant but discovers that Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West wants her baby. Snow and Charming realize they must enact a new curse to return to Emma and stop Zelena. Oh YES! You guessed it, she is the wicked witch of the west with green skin from Oz!! After Mary Margaret is almost killed by Maleficent's daughter Lily (and yes again, she has a daughter in this movie), Emma reunites with her parents, although this is short lived when Emma sacrifices herself to become the new Dark One. With the other residents, Mary Margaret, gets transported to the Enchanted Forest, taking Emma to Camelot in order to find Merlin (the one who can save her) and remove her darkness. However, weeks later, they return to Storybrooke with missing memories as to how they failed and the only one who took it is Emma.

David (Charming) - Prince Charming is born with the name David, to a poor peasant family, with a twin brother. Rumplestiltskin comes to their farm when he is an infant and tells his parents that the barren king and queen of their country need a child, and they will be paid handsomely if they give one of the twins to them. Years later, David becomes a shepherd, but he and his mother face troubles on the farm when a warlord, Bo Peep, badgers them for money. He acquainted with a man from Arendelle named Kristoff. One day, a woman calling herself Joan arrives stating she knows his name from someone from Arendelle. Seeing as Kristoff is the only person he knows from that place, David guesses she knows him, too. Hold on a second!! ReWIND! Does that sound familiar to anyone? Arendelle? Yeah...Well it's the place where Elsa and Anna live (from the movie Frozen.) It does show in later episodes that David had an encounter with the sisters. He is married to Snow white and they have two children Emma and Prince Neal.

Emma - Growing up in the foster care system, Emma moves from family to family. At three years old, she is adopted by one set of foster parents who abandon her when they get their own child. Ending up in another group home in Richfield, Minnesota, Emma moves in, keeping her old camera as well as the footage of her time with Lily. After many months of moving around, being caught, spending time in Juvi and even hacking a car with her now deceased lover Neal, Emma is offered the position of deputy by Sheriff Graham in the town of Storybook. Eventually so many things happen to Emma and she goes through, just like the others, three different curses and still manages to save the day with the help of Regina, the evil queen. She is currently in love with Capitan Hook who also loves her to death and even asked her out a couple times, and have shared passionate kisses.

Killian Jones (aka. Hook) - He is a determined pirate captain who was unfortunate enough to humiliate and anger the feared Rumplestiltskin, who unfortunately ripped the heart out of his beloved Milah and cut off his hand and he replaced it with the Hook. This make Jones take revenge with the help of Cora and also the promise to stay young by traveling to Neverland. However, Killian ultimately forms an alliance of sorts with Emma, and this develops into a romantic relationship, the pursuit of which allows the ferocious pirate to become a true hero. Emma asks Hook out on a date, which he only agrees to if he gets to plan the evening; she accepts. That night, Emma dresses to impress, and when Hook arrives she's shocked to discover that he now has both hands. He explains that Rumplestiltskin kindly restored it and proceeds to take her out to a nice restaurant, where they unfortunately run into Will Scarlet. After much hesitation, Hook finally reveals himself to be Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook. He tells the women of Cora's plans, but states a magic compass is needed to go to Storybrooke. With no choice but to trust him, they then follow Hook to a giant beanstalk leading to a giant in the sky. Emma and Hook are very much in love, at the end of the season Emma becomes the dark one, and in trying to save her and doing everything possible to do so, He decides to get help from Regina, Henry and the Charmings and Robin Hood in order to get Emma back and bring her to the light. In an attempt to do that Killian is on the verge of dying when Emma takes him to a field and releases Merlin ( the Sorcerer) and makes Killian the dark one instead and she grows deeper into the world of darkness. Emma (The savior) plans to save everyone by absorbing all the darkness into herself and then having someone use Excalibur (Yes the sword of Arthur) to strike her down, thereby destroying it forever and sending all the Dark Ones back to Hell. Emma steps in, unable to allow her family and friends to be taken. Nimue begins to strangle her, and seeing his true love in pain, this strikes something in Hook. He makes the first Dark One stop and then absorbs her and all the others into Excalibur. He tells Emma to strike him down with it, and with a heavy heart, she finally does. This destroys the darkness in her as well, making the Dark Swan no more. This sends Killian into the underworld, and later Emma learns of this and blackmails Gold into opening a portal to the underworld in order to save her true love Killian Jones.

Henry - Henry is born in a prison in Arizona, and given up for adoption by his birth mother, Emma, because she wishes to give him his best chance in life. At ten years old, Henry feels unloved by Regina, and is further saddened by the fact his birth mother gave him up. He relates all of this to his teacher, Ms. Blanchard, during lunch time. Henry is also frustrated by the sameness in town, and believes he doesn't belong. To cheer Henry up, she gives him a fairytale storybook, and explains the stories in it are a reminder that his life will get better if he just holds onto hope. He shows interest in the book, and casually flips through it. For a brief moment, Henry sees a mirage of Ms. Blanchard as a princess, not knowing that it's Snow White herself. He is the grandson to Rumpelstiltskin and Snow white and charming are also his grandparents, and little did he know that Regina (the evil queen is his adoptive mother after Emma gave him up for adoption.)

Regina - Filled with a deep hatred for Snow White ever since a tragic incident years ago, Regina makes it her life's mission to destroy the happy endings of the former and everyone else in the fairytale world. Her hatred for people led her to create the dark curse which sent all fairytale characters to a small town named Storybrooke. There she lives as Mayor Regina Mills, the stern adoptive mother of Henry Mills who sets out to stop his birth mother and Snow White's daughter, Emma Swan, from breaking her curse. Regina's first love Daniel dies because of Regina's mother Cora, in which she takes out his heart and crushes it. Regina is horrified and heart broken. Her mother proceeds to teach her a lesson she will never forget: love is weakness. Days later, Snow approaches Regina, who learns that she told her secret and develops a strong hatred for her. She protects her innocent mind by telling her that Daniel ran away, but secretly she wishes that she'd left the little girl to die on that horse. Not only this but Regina also learns that she has an adoptive sister named Zelena who also happens to be the wicked witch of the west from OZ. After Zelena finds out that Regina is her sister and Cora is her mother, she uses the glass ruby slippers to go to Storybrook to take revenge. The wizard reveals to Zelena that although she is the daughter of Cora, she was given up as a baby because she couldn't give her what she wanted...royalty. Though she is the evil queen, in the town mayor of Storybrook she is still very nice and finds her true love in Robin Hood (the man with the lion tattoo) and her adoptive son Henry brings love to her life, some thing that Regina never had.

Rumple and Belle - Rumple was once a normal man turned evil by the Dark One's magic. After losing his son, he became obsessed with making deals, and, more so, collecting in on them, most of which aided his ultimate goal of being reunited with Baelfire. He then arrives to Milah (his late wife) holding their new born baby, Baelfire. His wife Milah leaves him and goes to fall in love with Killian Jones (The pirate aka. Hook.) Believing his wife is dead he later takes his son and starts looking around and even goes to the bar where he sees Hook but then gets nothing. Later on after he has gained power and magic, he goes to see Hook. Rumple soon sees Killian Jones and his men enter the bar and decides to have some fun, he pretends to be a weak old man outside and then, he reveals himself, surprising Jones, he offers him a duel to take place at dawn. he two battle and Rumple gains the upper hand, just as he places his hand into Jones' chest to rip out his heart, Milah arrives to stop him, who Rumple believed to be dead. Milah explains that she fell in love with Killian and offers Rumple the magic bean in exchange for their lives, he agrees. But then on his way, Rumple asks why is it that she left him and Bealfire alone, and this causes the argument to end up with her admitting that she never loved Rumple, causing him to rip out her heart and reduce it to dust, killing her. Rumple severs Killian's hand by sword (Thus giving him the name Hook.) Soon, Rumple gets back to his potions, wanting to find a way to get Bae (his son) back, when he realizes he has no magic bean. He becomes furious that he was tricked. He marries Belle several years later, although at first he does use her to get what he wants but then at the same time Belle is the one that teaches him love and friendship. He currently has a Pawnshop in Storybrook and lives with Belle.

Once Upon A Time

And lastly...

So after two days of working on this article. I've finally finished it hoping that you all enjoy these top 4 TV shows! Tell me what your favorite TV show is in the comments below..

Have a great holiday, M

Top 4 TV Shows

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© 2015 Mahsa S


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    • mahsa setareh profile imageAUTHOR

      Mahsa S 

      2 years ago

      I know yes Jane The Virgin is a great show also.. I really like that one. Thank you for your comment

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      2 years ago

      I love all the ones you chose thanks. I also like Jane the virgin


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