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The Top Five Dubstep Artists You Need to Know

Updated on October 1, 2012

1. Skrillex

Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore, is an incredible American electronic musician. He has produced incredible tracks that have blown the minds (and ears) of dubstep fans everywhere. He has released three EP's and has performed all over the world.


2. Nero

Nero is an amazing dubstep duo from the UK. They have won Beatport awards for Best Dubstep Act and Best Dubstep Track. Nero is known for having female vocals by Alana Watson accompany many of their songs. Her vocals help create Nero's unique sound.


3. Dubba Jonny

Dubba Jonny is a two member dubstep act. Since they formed in November 2009, they have produced many massive hits and have been featured on UKF multiple times.


4. Excision

Excision is on the filthier/darker side of the dubstep genre. He is known for his darker, filthier sounding tracks. His songs are influenced by both heavy metal and hip-hop. He also is founder of his own record label.

Excision is known for his mind warping, bass pounding performances at the Shambhala Music Festival.


5. Modestep

Modestep is a unique dubstep rock group from the UK. They are one of the few live dubstep groups that currently exist. They combine instruments with computer based music to produce their unique sound. Modestep have had many songs featured on UKF.


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