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The Top Five Journey Songs Of All Time

Updated on December 18, 2012

Steve Perry - Lead Singer

One of the greatest voices in music history
One of the greatest voices in music history

The Top Songs Of Super Group Journey

When trying to narrow down a top anything list of your favorite music, it can sometimes be difficult.  You almost feel as though you are cheating on your favorites, and Journey is the perfect example of such a problem. 

Journey was one of the all time greatest bands, and their body of work is so large and dynamic that narrowing this list down to five songs was nearly impossible.  Still, after some serious thought on the subject, it really came down to the songs I loved the best.  Which songs brought out the most emotion in me?  That is what made this top five list easier for me. 

Here they are, though there is plenty of room for negotiation.  I love all of Journey's songs after all.

Top Journey Song Number Five - Faithfully

This is one song that simply was a staple of seemingly every single date I had as a young man.  The entire decade of the eighties could be set to the sounds of Steve Perry and Journey, and the song still moves me to this day.  The vocals are incredible and unmistakable, and the lyrics are simply stunning.

While faithfully could easily be ranked higher on this list, it is a solid number five pick for the all time Journey list in my eyes.

Lovin, Touching Squeezing - (I Did That)

Top Journey Song Number Four - Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing

While this was certainly among the more popular songs for Journey, it is amazing how many Journey fans are not even aware of it.  It is one of those songs that everybody has heard and recognizes, but they may not realize that it was Journey.  Journey has a number of songs like this to today's generation, but those of us that grew up in the late seventies and eighties know them all.  Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing is easily one of the top five songs for Journey, and for me it slides in at number four.  Awesome song, and awesome memories!

Don't Stop Believing - (I didn't)

Top Journey Song Number Three - Don't Stop Believing

This song grabbed ahold of me at an age whent the lyrics could actually mean something to me.  I already loved Journey, but this song cemented their place in my all time favorites.  Journey became mainstream with this awesome hit, and more people began to discover their incredible body of work.  Don't Stop Believing was my theme song throughout my early teen years.  I spent many days cruising the Myrtle Beach strip with this song blaring over the radio.  Summer fun memories come to life all over again when I hear it.

Who's Crying Now (Everybody)

Journey and Steve Perry Gear From Amazon

Top Journey Song Number Two - Who's Crying Now

This song by Journey was the first time that I was moved to tears over a damn song.  I was just going through a breakup, and then Steve Perry just had to put out this tear jerker of a ballad.  Still, it is so awesome that you simply can not be angry for too long. 

That is the point of great music after all.  It has to make you feel something.  Laughter, crying, happy, sad, it is all the same.  If you feel nothing while listening to Who's Crying Now, then you have no pulse.

Top Journey Song Number One - Open Arms

Okay, already.  I can already hear everybody saying that this is the cliche pick.  Bottom line here is that Open Arms got me kisses and hugs more than any other song in history.  With a little of this playing in the background, I had girls like putty in my hands.  That has to be worth bonus points on any top five list of music.

Journey will be forever known as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.  Regardless of how old I get, or how many years separate us, Journey will always be fresh in my mind. They played such a large role in shaping my musical tastes that I can not think of music without them coming to mind. 

I hope you enjoyed this top five song list, and I welcome your comments and additions below. 


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    • profile image

      priscilla 5 years ago

      This is the best top 5 I've seen so far . I couldn't agree more . Happy to see who's crying now on the list .

    • profile image

      greg 6 years ago

      great listing

    • profile image

      lemuel mendez 7 years ago

      number one greatest hits of all time