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The Top Five Most Beautiful Disney Princesses

Updated on August 28, 2012
A picture of the sleeping beauty castle, located in California's Disneyland.
A picture of the sleeping beauty castle, located in California's Disneyland.

Number 1

Disney is such a big part of our culture and the Disney princesses are symbols of the beauty that resides in each and every one of us. Disney has always been a big part of my life and I want everyone to learn and appreciate it the way I do. Everyone thinks of the Disney princesses as only physically beautiful. But, I find them to be beautiful on the inside and on the outside which is why I find them to be very inspiring to people, kids especially. When devising this list I took into account physical beauty as well as inner beauty. Here is the list folks of the most beautiful Disney princesses.

Aurora- Princess Aurora tops my list as the most beautiful Disney princess. Her eyes are so beautiful as is everything else about her. Her face has a lot of character and she carries herself with a certain confidence that I find very amazing.Maybe she is real in some parallel universe and if that's the case I want to propose to her one day (Hey it could happen)There is a quality that Aurora has that none of the other Disney princesses can match. I'm not absolutely sure what it is exactly, but if you know please feel free to chime in.

Number 2

Belle- Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991) is second on my list of the most beautiful Disney princesses. I think it's pretty obvious that she belongs in at least the top two. Everything about her is perfect. The way she carries herself and the way she doesn't give in to the handsome creep is something that people can learn something from. Belle has a wonderful imagination that gives her character such an amazing strength. I'd say that Belle is the most inspiring of all the Disney princesses. The unique thing about her is she was the hero of her story. No other Disney princess was the hero of there's. The rest were saved by a man. This is why I have her at number two on my list.

Number 3

Cinderella- The beautiful Cinderella takes the number three spot on my list. Cinderella was always the most optimistic of all the princesses. Even though she was born into a family that treated her poorly, she always maintained a positive attitude. It's no wonder she became a princess at the end of the movie. Her attitude on life never changed. I mean she did have ups and downs, but she never changed who she was and that is very cool. Also, her beautiful blond hair and her gorgeous blue eyes make her an incredible site. (Yes, I know she's a cartoon, but come on)

Cinerella's Castle

Cinderella's castle, located in Florida's Walt Disney World Resort.
Cinderella's castle, located in Florida's Walt Disney World Resort.

Number 4

Snow White- Snow White comes in at number four on my list of the most beautiful Disney princesses. Although her hair is rather short, that doesn't take away from her beauty in the least. I don't think she is as developed as the other Disney princesses, but I feel because she is the original princess, I must give her the number four spot on my list. Her attitude on life is just like the others, very optimist and full of hope. Although she doesn't demonstrate as much strength as the others, she is still quite a character. I don't find her weak because she whips those Dwarfs into shape pretty good. Even Grumpy listens to her in the end (I must say I didn't see that one coming.)

Number 5

Jasmine- Princess Jasmine rounds out my list at the number five spot. Jasmine is defined by her strong attitude. I find her to be the most strong willed of all the princesses. Jasmine knows she is strong and she doesn't let anyone push her around. Jasmine really stands out from the rest. Jasmine wants to make her own decisions in life and be her own person. I'd consider her to be the most down to earth Disney princess.

The End

I'd like to give an honorable mention to Ariel who didn't make the list. (No it's not because she's a fish) I think the other princesses just had a little bit more to them.

Well there's my list of the most beautiful Disney princesses. It's hard to write about princesses when you're a guy and not come a cross as a creep, but I'm a really big fan of everything Disney and the Disney princesses are included in that.

All of these princesses had a lot in common. They all demonstrated some form of courage and strength, they are all so amazingly beautiful and they all lived happily ever after. The End......

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I like princess aurora because she is most beautiful, pretty and kind girl.:)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      If you ask me then I will say that Belle is the most beautiful Disney princess.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I Think Snow White Is The Best. Most Beautiful Princess In All Disney Princess. She is White Like Snow.She Is Kind.She Is Helpful.She Is Very Young.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think belle is the most beautiful in all

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      the most beautiful Disney Princess is Ariel.

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 

      6 years ago from Mason City

      I've always like the story about Cinderella and the wicked step-mother and wicked step-sisters, and how Cinderella married the prince and lived happily ever after. Great hub and very interesting! The pricesses are all beautiful. Nice photos of the castles and Mickey Mouse.


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