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The Top Of The Tops - Your Winning Songs Of The Decades Part Three 1990s, The Naughties & The Classics

Updated on February 25, 2012

Hi Hubbers what a fantastic week we have had and now here are the results of the final stretch, wow out of 18 music hubs and over 185 songs we have had a blast, rummaging through decades and decades for all your favourites and voting the best. From the 1930s and even as far back centuries ago with the composers all the way to present day and what fun we have had along the way.

Well hubbers here we go, so sit back relax and enjoy your final winners and relive those memories you had :)

Happy Listening :)

1st Winner - Spice Girls - Wannabe

2nd Winner - Cher - Believe

The Winners IOf The Top Ten 1990s Songs

The votes are in and your favourites are now being counted so lets begin on our last lap..

I can now reveal that your 1st winner is - Spice Girls - Wannabe

Second Winner - Cher - Believe

1st Winner - Cheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

2nd Winner - Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

3rd Winner - Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest

4th Winner - Cher - Walking In Memphis

The Winners From The Top Twenty 1990s Songs

There are four again here hubbers so sit back and enjoy,.

Okay I can now reveal that you 1st Winner is.....
Cheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

Your Second Winner is .......
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

Your Third Winner is.......
Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest

Your Fourth Winner is............
Cher - Walking In Memphis

1st Winner - Christina Aquilera - Candy Man

Winners Of The Top Ten Songs Of The Naughties

Here are your two winners from The Top Ten Naughties Songs.

Your first winner is ................ Christina - Candy Man

Your second winner .............. Nickelback - Rockstar

Winners Of The Top Ten Classical Songs

Hi hubbers an unexpected thing has happened the two votes on the classical music hub are tied so a winner can not be given there has to only one per 5 so please go back and decide who you like the best.

The Votes shall stay open for another week and those of you who have not voted please vote as there must be a winner.

Your first winner..... Its a tie between - Grieg and Johann Strauss

Your Second winner is also tied between Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi

Hi Hubbers thank you all for taking part, I cant believe that we have finished and its all over, apart from the classics which will have to remain open one more week for a definite winner.

I hope you have enjoyed it and happy hubbing :)

Thanks again



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    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Me too xxxx

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 5 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      Popping over to the classics now to isten and vote, but as a closet spice girls fan...............