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The Top Ten Buffy The Vampire Episodes of All Time

Updated on August 24, 2015

Before Joss Whedon became the Go-to Superhero guy in Hollywood, there was only one. Well, one that mattered anywas. The creative genius that went behind Buffy was unlike any other. It was one of the first t.v. shows to tackle topics like homosexual relationships, and school shootings. It seemed as though there was no area this show was afraid to go. Boy, do we miss it. Until we can rally up some kind of reunion show, I suppose we'll have to settle for a peek into the good old days. And, boy, were they good.

10. Welcome to the Hellmouth, Season 1, Episode 1

In every story, there's a beginning. This wasn't the one we expected! Fan's of the movie were surely disappointed when they found out Luke Perry and Kristy Swansen weren't on this new show. After 7 seasons, the majority of fans now forget that this was a movie at all! In this episode, Buffy and her mother move to Sunnydale to start a new life. Buffy soon finds out her old life isn't as far away as she thought! After successfully fighting off Cordelia's platonic advances, Buffy befriends both Willow and a lust-stricken Xander. It's safe to say, ya'll had me at "Welcome."

9. The Body, Season 5, Episode 13

No monsters, No supernatural, No vampies. Just sixty minutes with irking long scenes of sad. Every viewer got a little teary. By season 5, we had very few glimpses into Buffy's emotional side. Really, we had anything to do with Angel and that's it. Seeing Buffy vulnerable and sad touched everybody's heart, and made you rethink your own relationship with your mother. Kudos to the cast for tearing out our hearts and stomping on them on the floor.

8. Conversations with dead people, Season 7 Episode 7

This episode starts out pretty standard. Dawn's home alone, being annoying as usual, and weird stuff happens. In the meantime, Buffy encounters a peer from highschool who has been newly-vamped and Willow has an odd conversation in the library with a recently dead girl. Before you know it Dawn has destroyed the house, Buffy is getting her head shrunk by a vampire, and Willow is getting talked into suicide to join pseudo-Tara. This episode gave us one more peek at Joyce, and a eerie feeling of the ultimate power of The One.

7. Chosen, season 7, episode 22

Goosebumps, much? This episode was the series finale, and had a little to offer every viewer. The fight scene was long and intense, and Angel just appeared out of no where with an amulet meant to save the day. Spike gets to finally hear Buffy say, "I love you," and we all cringed knowing he wasn't going to survive. The finale left a destroyed Sunnydale, and a significant number of the Scooby Gang alive and ready to start over again someplace new. We all felt relief for Buffy, knowing that no matter where she ended up she was no longer the only slayer and now actually had a chance to have a normal life.

6. The Gift, Season 5 Episode 22

If you didn't cry at the end of this episode, you had no heart. This was the 100th episode of Buffy, and it was actually the original series finale. This was the last episode to air on the WB, but it was quickly picked up by UPN for an additional two seasons. In this episode, Buffy learns that death is her "gift," and the only way for her to save the world is by plunging to her death. The episode was poignant, and it left the scooby gang heartbroken. The episode ends with a picture of Buffy's grave with the words, "She saved the world a lot." on it. This was something Buffy had joked about wanting her tombstone to say in earlier episodes.

5. Halloween, season 2, episode 6

I just loved this one because of the dress. No, just kidding. Ok, #sorrynotsorry. Watching Buffy parade around like a damsel in distress, and Xander all sodier-ish was amaze-balls. We loved every second of it. This was also the episode where Oz first takes an interest in the still-hetero Willow. She whips off her sheet and waltzes by him in her best kindofa-hooker imitation, and that was all she wrote, folks.

4. The Wish, Season 3, Episode Nine

Oh, I do love a good "what if" scenario. This episode had us reeling. Buffy was amazingly bad. Allison Hannigan played an epic Jekyll/Hyde Willow, and sad little Angel stabbed us in the feels.

3. Smashed, season 6, episode 9

Six years, multiple death threats and countless fights later... Buffy and Spike finally get it on. While WIllow is still morning the death of Tara, Spike and Buffy have a well-awaited "moment." Not only did we all get to cheer them on as they finally addressed their crazy sexual tension, but we find out that somehow Spike's chip no longer works on Buffy. Does this mean... she isn't human? Honestly, who cares about anything else. We all got Spike and his tormented Buffy obsession, we were happy to see Spike get his.

2. Hush, Season 4 Episode 10

I can't take fifteen minutes of silence in a car, but I sat through these sixty minutes of quiet anxiously. In fact, I'm pretty sure I told anyone who tried to talk during it to be quiet. The Gentlemen were pretty much the creepiest this I'd ever seen on Television. The whole "cutting you open and you can't scream cause you have no voice" thing was the stuff nightmares were made of. *shudder*

1. Once more with feeling, Season 6, Episode 7

Even people who never saw a single episode of BTVS, watched this one. This episode was so popular, in fact, that many bandwagon shows went on to have their own epic musical episodes. This episode invoked true emotion in every viewer. You could really tell how much fun the cast had while making it, and there's no wonder when so many of the cast have their own musical careers. Both Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters displayed their unreal musical skills, and every other member of the cast gave them a run for their money. These songs were quickly burned onto cd's, then later to our Itunes for us to enjoy for years to come.

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© 2015 Jess Domkowski


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    • VerityPrice profile image


      3 years ago from UK

      Wow, you have picked almost exactly the same top episodes as I would have. I cried my way through The Body, but I made sure to cry quietly so I didn't miss a thing haha. I still listen to some of the songs from Once More With Feeling too. Oh no, this has made me want to re-watch some episodes haha!

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      I don't have the encyclopedic memory of the show to know if these were my absolute favorites. I kinda like the one where Willow almost destroys the world--where Tara dies, I think.

      I do like some of the dialog like: "She saved the world a lot."

      They made much too much of "much" phrases like: "Jealous much?"


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