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The Top Ten Diss Songs Of All Time

Updated on January 20, 2012

Hip hop battles are always the most fun when all the attacks are done verbally and for all to see, or rather, listen. With this list, I present you some of the best diss songs that have been released in the hip-hop genre. I'm putting every category into play, and this is my final version. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think in the comments section.

10) Dr Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg: F*ck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')

Who was dissed? Eazy-E, Tim Dog, and Luke

Why were they dissed? Eazy-E: This all started when Ice Cube left N.W.A, feeling Eazy-E and Jerry Heller, his manager, were robbing him of his worthy pay (more on that later...). Soon after, Dre felt the same and left, releasing this diss track. Tim Dog: When Dre was in N.W.A, Tim Dog released a diss track against them called "F*ck Compton". Luke: Luke released a diss track against Dre and Snoop entitled "Fakin' Like Gangsters".

Why did this make the list? It revolutionized the way diss songs were recorded and presented to the public. The music video (involving a faux Eazy called "Sleazy-E" holding a sign reading "Will Rap For Food" whilst doing the running man dance at the side of the freeway) was mainstay on MTV and BET. "Dre Day" changed hip-hop beef forever, pelted Tim Dog into obscurity and introduced the world to the term "Frisco Dyke".

Best line: "Used to be my homie/Used to be my ace/Now I wanna slap the taste out your mouth."

9) Nas: Ether

Who was dissed? Jay-Z

Why was he dissed? It's undetermined when and how exactly the Jay-Z/Nas beef began. Some say it all started when Jay-Z performed the first version of "Takeover" at Summer Jam (finishing on the line "Ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov, no!"), while others believe it's goes as far back as Jay-Z sampling Nas on "Dead Presidents", but the first official diss was a Nas freestyle, commonly called "H To The Omo" or "Stillmatic". Jay-Z shot back with a new version of "Takeover". Everyone thought this had finished Nas, until he came out with Ether.

Why did this make the list? I'm gonna be honest, I don't really think much of Ether as a diss track in terms of lyrical content ("Gay-Z"? "C*ck-a-fella"? Seriously?!), but it made the list for three importants reasons: One, it's a damn good song. Two, it rebirthed Nas (although only temporarily). Three, most importantly, without exaggerating, a part of Jay-Z died when it came out. What a lot of people don't realise is that the aim of a diss song is to have an impact on the victim, and no diss song has done that better than Ether. Sure, other diss songs have destroyed careers (and Jay-Z is still going strong), but some people swear that Jay-Z cried when he first heard Ether, and if that isn't impact, I don't know what is.

Best line: "How much of Biggie's rhymes is gon' come out your fat lips?"

8) DJ Quik: Dollaz + Sense

Who got dissed? MC Eiht

Why was he dissed? I doubt either of them know. I think they just enjoy dissing each other.

Why did this make the list? It ended MC Eiht's career. To be fair, Eiht still went on to amass a longstanding career, but his relevancy and popularity immediately dipped after "Dollaz + Sense." At the time, Eiht and Compton's Most Wanted were a respected and acclaimed group. All of that changed, though, with three of the most vicious bars ever seen in a battle: "Givin' your set a bad name with your misspelled name/E-I-H-T, now should I continue?/Yeah, you left out the G 'cause the G ain't in you." Everyone immediately knew Eiht lost the battle with Quik after those lines.

Best line: "E-I-H-T, now should I continue?/Yeah, you left out the G 'cause the G ain't in you"

7) Jay-Z: Takeover

Who got dissed? Prodigy and Nas

Why were they dissed? Prodigy: Jay-Z was originally good friends with Mobb Deep, until Prodigy took offence at a line on "Money, Cash, H*es" he believed was taking subliminal shots at Mobb Deep and referenced their relationship with 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Death Row Records. Jay-Z decided to call him out on stage at Summer Jam, revealing a picture of a young Prodigy dressed as Michael Jackson. Nas: They're were tensions between him and Jay-Z ever since Nas refused to appear on Jay-Z's first album, resulting in Jay-Z sampling Nas on "Dead Presidents" instead. It's been accepted that they were really fighting over the title of "The King Of New York". When Notorious BIG died, the throne was empty, and Jay-Z and Nas were the only two rappers who could take it's place, but only one of them could have it.

Why did this make the list? Quite simply, because it's probably the most well-written diss song of all time. Jay-Z attacks every weak spot Nas had, from his fauz Esco persona to his questionable discography. Then there's Prodigy. His diss is often forgotten because of the bigger Nas diss, but the Mobb Deep rapper probably got it worse than Nas. Jay-Z ended him with five lines: "You little f*ck, I've got money stacks bigger than you/When I was pushing weight, back in '88/You was a ballerina, I got your pictures, I seen ya/Then you dropped "Shook Ones," switched your demeanor?/Well, we don't believe you, you need more people." Damn, that gotta hurt.

Best line: "Four albums in ten years n*gga? I can divide/That's one every, let's say, two/Two of them sh*ts was doo/One was naahhh, the other was Illmatic/That's a one-hot-album-every-ten-year average"

6) Eminem: Nail In The Coffin

Who was dissed? Benzino

Why was he dissed? For those of you who don't know who Benzino is (basically, all of you), he's a failed rapper. He was in a fairly successful and respected group called RSO, but once he attempted a solo career, it all went downhill. Eventually, he got co-ownership of The Source magazine. Out of nowhere, he started attacking Eminem, claiming that him being white gave him an unfair advantage over other rappers (despite the fact that Benzino himself is half-white). Not only did that, but he gave Eminem's albums ridiculous reviews (2 out of 5 stars for The Marshall Mathers LP? What's up with that?!) and gave his own group's albums good review whle writing under a false name. When Benzino released a diss song against Eminem, entiled "Pull Your Skirt Up", Eminem decided enough was enough and released two venom-filled tracks, "The Sauce" and "Nail In The Coffin".

Why did this make the list? It's more "The Sauce" and "Nail In The Coffin" together that's impressive, rather than just "Nail In The Coffin" on its own. However, I can only pick one, so i chose my personal favourite "Nail In The Coffin". While Eminem spends some time on "The Sauce" to explain the situation, it's just non-stop attacks on "Nail In The Coffin" starting with "I would never claim to be no Ray Benzino/An eighty-three year old fake Pachino" and finishing with "Here, let me slow it down for you so you can understand if I say it slower/Let it go, dawg, it's over". Add an amazing adlib at the end that still manages to murder Benzino, and you've got yourself one hell of a diss song. It was only the beginning of the Eminem/Benzino feud, but Eminem had already won.

Best line: If you was really selling coke/Well then, what the f*ck you stop for, dummy?/If you slew some crack/You'd make a lot more money then you do from rap"

5) LL Cool J: To Da Break Of Dawn

Who was dissed? Kool Moe Dee, MC Hammer, and Ice-T

Why were they dissed? Kool Moe Dee: This fierce battle started when Kool Moe Dee randomly dissed LL Cool J on his song "How Ya Like Me Now?". LL fired back with "Jack The Ripper", and so began one of the biggest beefs in hip-hop. MC Hammer: Poor MC Hammer got an entire verse dedicated to him simply because he said in his song "Let's Get It Started" that he was "second to none, from Doug E. Fresh, LL Cool J, or DJ Run". Ice-T: Ice-T dissed LL on two of his songs, "I'm Your Pusher" and "The Syndicate".

Why did this make the list? Kool Moe Dee was so big back then. "Jack The Ripper" destroyed him, and "To Da Break Of Dawn" brushed his ashes under the carpet. Although this track didn't really affect MC Hammer or Ice-T, the fact LL went at three extremely popular artists was a massive deal. It hadn't really been done before. Oh, and it's a really good song.

Best line: "Songs that ain’t strong, brother, you’re dead wrong/ And got the nerve to have them Star Trek shades on"

4) Canibus: 2nd Round K.O.

Who was dissed? LL Cool J

Why was he dissed? I don't know if LL was still reeling from his beef with Kool Moe Dee, but he managed to take offence at a completely innocent line on Canibus's guest appearance on LL's song "4,3,2,1". LL re-recorded his own verse, this time changing it to diss Canibus. LL asked Canibus to change the line, and then he would change his verse. Canibus kept his end of the bargain, but LL didn't. In revenge, Canibus dropped this gem on his debut album.

Why did this make the list? Canibus won this war, even though he was the new-comer going up against the massive LL Cool J. That sure as hell got people's attention. Canibus did a lot of good research for this track as well, so he had ammo (LL's large female fan base), backup ammo (LL's acting career), and even backup ammo for the backup ammo (LL's wasted potential).

Best Line: "Mad at me cause I kick that shit real niggaz feel/ While 99% of your fans wear high heels"

3) Common: The B*tch In Yoo

Who was dissed? Ice Cube

Why was he dissed? Ice Cube felt that a line in "I Used To Love H.E.R" was a shot at the West. It was a misunderstanding, but nonetheless Ice Cube fired back with "Westside Slaughterhouse". No one expected Common to reply. Guess what? He did.

Why did this make the list? No one thought Common would reply to Ice Cube, because he wasn't that type of rapper. Well everyone was proven wrong when he came out with this. Common doesn't beat around the bush, calling Ice Cube a "b*tch n*gga" right off the bat, and it only gets better from there. Common treats every line like it's the last line of the song, it's just diss after diss after diss. A simple misunderstanding ruined Ice Cube's rapping career.

Best line: "There’s a thin line between the fake and the real /Grafted ass nigga, I see through your Glass Shield"

2) Ice Cube: No Vaseline

Who was dissed? N.W.A

Why were they dissed? Ice Cube felt he was being robbed of his rightful pay by Eazy-E and Jerry Heller, so he decided to leave N.W.A. Despite his obvious anger at this situation he never released a track dissing his old group... That is, until they released a track dissing him. In "Message To B.A.", they referred to him as "Benedict Arnold" and told him they would f*ck him with a broomstick. Big mistake. Ice Cube hit back with every thing he had.

Why did this make the list? As I said before, Ice Cube unleashes every thing he's got. Plus, he was speaking the truth, he hits from everywhere: telling Dre to stick to producing, homosexual jabs about Eazy, comparing Ren with Kunta Kinte, calling Heller the Devil, saying Yella's a lost cause, ect. He completely tore N.W.A apart. Dre left the group soon after this song and released his own diss track (see number ten), and it was all over from that point on. Don't f*ck with Ice Cube, because he'd "rather f*ck you".

Best line: "It's a case of divide and conquer/'Cause you let a Jew break up my crew"

1) Boogie Down Productions: The Bridge Is Over

Who was dissed? Juice Crew

Why were they dissed? MC Shan (kind of) claimed that Queensbridge was the birth place of hip-hop in his song "The Bridge". BDP replied with "South Bronx", which was pretty much the same song, just praising the Bronx instead of Queens. Shan fired back with "Kill That Noise", prompting BDP to release the greatest diss track of all time.

Why did this make the list? This is the blueprint for all diss tracks. This showed everyone how to end careers with one single blow. Shan was no more after this. Up for a laugh? Listen to Shan's disses, then listen to this. It was too easy for BDP. You didn't hear anything but "the Bronx" from anyone's mouth when asked "where was the birthplace of hip-hop?" after this song came out. The. Greatest. Diss. Track. EVER.

Best line: "Manhattan keeps on makin' it/Brooklyn keeps on takin' it/Bronx keeps creatin' it/And Queens keeps on fakin' it"

Honourable Mentions

Roxanne Shante: Have A Nice Day

Mobb Deep: Drop A Gem On 'Em

MC Lyte: 10% Dis

LL Cool J: Jack The Ripper

Boogie Down Productions: South Bronx

Tim Dog: F*ck Compton

Eminem feat. D12: Quitter/Hit 'Em Up

Lauryn Hill: Lost Ones

Royce Da 5'9" feat. Tre Little: Malcolm X

Eazy-E feat. Gangta Dresta & B.G. Knoccout: Real Muthaphuckkin G's

Why "Hit 'Em Up" Isn't On The List

Well, when you think about it, it isn't really - aw, screw it, I'm just gonna come out and say it. "HIT 'EM UP" IS A TERRIBLE DISS TRACK! There, I said it. I mean, what's so good about it? Really?! One writer put it perfectly when he said 2Pac sounded like a child throwing a temper tantrum. The only real diss is the allegations that he slept with Faye Evans, the rest is just a bunch of "f*ck you's". The whole thing is just a mess, and the only thing it accomplished was possibly the death of both 2Pac and Biggie. And that is no accomplishment.


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  • profile image

    me 3 years ago

    Ummmm you're list sucks especially cause the number 1 isn't on it but I would like to thank you for wasting my time . And please next give me a Pete Pablo vs mike Jones review while you suck some balls

  • profile image

    WTF 3 years ago

    How the f*ck is Fuc Wit Dre Day on the top 10 and Real Muthaphukkin G's not. Real Muthaphukkin G's just lyrically destroyed Dr.Dre. Fuc Wit Dre Day didn't really have good verses where he destroyed Eazy-E

    These are some verses that destroyed Eazy-E a little bit

    ''Used to be my homie, Used to be my ace, Now i wanna slap the taste out your mouth''

    ''But fuck your mama, I'm talkin about you and me

    Toe to toe, Tim M-U-T''

    ''You tryin to check my homey, you better check yo self

    Cause when you diss Dre you diss yourself, MOTHERFUCKER''

    These are the only things that destroyed him but now Real Muthaphukkin G's

    ''So youse a wannabe 'loc, and you'll get smoked,

    and I hope that your fans understand when you talk about playing me.

    The same records that you making is paying me''

    This is a fact. Eazy-E had a contract with Dr.Dre as his exclusive producer. Eazy-E will simply profit from anything that Dr.Dre releases

    ''Motherfuck Dre, Motherfuck Snoop, Motherfuck Death Row!

    Yo, and here comes my left blow''

    He just wasn't scared for them. He just said what he thought

    ''You're like a kid you found a pup and now you're dapper. But tell me where the fuck ya found an anorexic rapper?''

    You just got to admit it. Snoop Dogg is very thin

    ''(Damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day)

    But Dre Day only ment Eazy's pay day.''

    Like I said before, Eazy-E had a contract with Dr.Dre

    ''All of a sudden Dr. Dre is a G Thang, but on his old album covers he was a she thang''

    Before Dr.Dre came to N.W.A. he was at World Class Wreckin Cru where he weared lipstick and mascara. At the video you will see pictures from Dr.Dre where he was wearing lipstick and mascara

    ''Ain't broke a law in your life

    Yet every time you rap you yap about the guns and knife''

    Dr.Dre says that he is an OG but he did nothing wrong. The only thing that he did was beating a woman. Eazy-E explains it on the last verse

    ''See young niggaz like me, will break ya off somethin'

    Claiming my city, but Dre you ain't from Compton''

    This is a fact to. Dr.Dre isn't really from Compton. He was born in Compton but later he moved to South Central Los Angeles

    ''Damn it's a trip how a nigga could switch so quick

    from wearing lipstick, to smoking on chronic at picnics''

    I already said it before. Dr.Dre used to wear mascara and lipsticks

    ''That ain't worth a food stamp

    And at Death Row, I hear you're getting treated like boot camp''

    This is a fact. Many witnesses who worked at Death Row said that they were getting abused by Suge Knight and his members of his entourage

    ''Learn a lesson from the E's

    Stay in your place and don't step to real muthaphukkin' G's!''

    This was just an awesome ending

    As you can see Dr.Dre was just destroyed by Eazy-E. Fuc Wit Dre Day is very soft compared with Real Muthaphukkin G's. So I think that Real Muthaphukkin G's is much more better than Fuc Wit Dre Day

    (P.S. I'm very sorry for my bad english)

  • profile image

    duck 3 years ago

    Where is Dollaz + Sense????

  • profile image

    isaiyah 4 years ago

    you sound like you're throwing a temper tantrum for even explaining why ''hit em up'' didn't make the list, why explain yourself. hit em up is the masterpiece of diss songs, it did not start the east-west nonsense, do your homework, snoop dogg got things started with the ''new york new york'' video where his trailer got shot up. tupac said he fucked bigges wife (fact), biggie slept on tupac's couch when he was broke (fact) pac was begging women to sleep with him..this is lyrical murder and for you not to respect this shows you might be just a pac hater, the song was so lethal nobody from biggie's camp ever responded. and the song did not get nobody killed, tupac was known to be in new york clubs even after the song dropped, what killed pac was punching a crip in the mouth in the MGM after the tyson fight, and biggie got wiped out i guess cuz after pac's death he was running his mouth crazy and had the nerve to throw a party in enemy territory.

  • profile image

    jay 4 years ago

    hite em up is the best diss track of all time because everything tupac said can be verified

  • profile image

    J Styles 4 years ago

    Dude listen to rappers voices don't just hear their words, and You still think "hit em up" isn't the greatest........

    No one elses energy comes close to Pac's

    and besides all these other diss tracks are over money and ego's,

    "Hit em up" is about life and death, these fukkers tried to kill Pac....

    and there's no bigger reason for a dis track than that!!!

  • profile image

    Lil jay 4 years ago

    Talkin 2 You by T.I.? Not even a mention, song is a straight jab at Luda.

  • profile image

    Pingu 4 years ago

    Takeover over Ether? Seriously? The credibility of this list fell apart there.

  • profile image

    You must be white 4 years ago

    Real Muthafukkin G'z buried these fools!

  • profile image

    Why 4 years ago

    Why didn't you look at other Pac diss tracks like Bomb First (My Second Reply) and Against All Odds..? They are true diss tracks, unlike Hit 'Em Up. These songs have lyrical meanings, lot's of references and amazing disses at some points :)

  • profile image

    staffman 4 years ago

    u r entitled 2 ur opinion,but hit em up is de best diss song of all time.and 2pac is still de undisputed heavy weight champion of rap music.

  • profile image

    Will 4 years ago

    Boogie Down Productions at no. 1 cannot agree any less. That's a REAL diss unlike the 50 Cent and Game and other bullshit

  • profile image

    TheGiggler 4 years ago

    Gotta agree, Hit'em Up is the best diss song of all time! tantrum or not.

  • profile image

    Deez Nutz 5 years ago

    Hit em up definitely should have been the number 1 diss record of all times not only because it sounded great and had everybody buzzing about it, but because it was extremely hard core and truthful.

  • profile image

    eyes on the prize 5 years ago

    Its mighty funny after all these folks want to make their opinion on "Hit em up", while the man tat wrote the song can't defend himself, well im here to say as a "Pac soldier", nody wasnt bad ass to voice theier opinion while this man was alive, come with somethig better cause yall know that was the best diis album no matter how many times he said " fuck whoever". The point is he said and meant and a MF'er was scared to even make a comment base on what he said, he knew those niggas knew what about to go down, and if you were boys somebody should of put the bug in they ear point blank( hoe asses).. after 15 year that song and every other song that follow is the shit.. As for as im concern Rap died on Sept 7th 1994, and we is just getting by with this shit that's going on. So before u make a comment just think if it was you back in 1994 and that song went out to you how would you handle it...that's what i thougt not a gotdamn word.#pacsolider4life.

  • profile image

    Kweli 5 years ago

    The fact that you had to explain why "Hit Em Up" is NOT on the list tells me it's worthy of mention. "Hit Em Up" is the most memorable diss song of all time. It had more energy than any diss song on your list, and with it a classic video. Even New Yorkers give it up. I remember reading a quote from a New Yorker when the song was dropped that loosely stated, "No fakin jax out here. Every jeep is pumpin it. 2pac set if off on the East." Combat Jack even said it was one of the best.

  • profile image

    MOJO 5 years ago


  • Alecia Murphy profile image

    Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

    This is an interesting list. Rap's not my go to genre of music, but there is something about diss tracks that appeal to me. I guess a lot of times it sets the bar for which rappers are the most clever with their insults. I definitely agree The Bridge is Over set the standard. Voted up and interesting.

  • profile image

    E-Z 5 years ago

    Hit'em up was NOT the song that started the feud between the two coasts, the East/West feud started even before Pac got famous, it started in 91 with a diss track by Bronx rapper Tim Dogg aimed at NWA and Compton, Dr Dre responded with "Dre Day", Tweedy Bird Loc responded with "Fucc the South Bronx" and MC Eiht responded with a track to but can't remember the name.

    Hit 'Em Up was an overrated diss with shitty childish insults, personally, I believe Real Mothaphukkin Gs is the greatest diss track of all time, it's a diss the slashed Dre and Snoop and tore them to shreds

  • profile image

    Lybrah 5 years ago

    Hit 'em up is the song that started the big east coast/west coast war. It needs to be recognized on here.

  • profile image

    Dejay 5 years ago

    Nah, Hit em up was an accomplishment. I wonder how...

  • profile image

    Cris 5 years ago

    Hit em up should be on the list regardless if it was a tantrum....he was calling them all out as well

  • profile image

    Sanders 5 years ago

    What about jadakiss-checkmate I'm sure that's worth at least an honorable mention

  • profile image

    aura 5 years ago

    Who was lauryn hills lost ones dissing

  • profile image

    Chris 5 years ago

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but its evident you don't kno rap.....Hit' up is a top 5 & one of the best diss songs of all time

  • profile image

    darnell 5 years ago

    How about when Just Ice dissed Kurtus Blow?

  • profile image

    Trevor 5 years ago

    Why not put whiteys revenge by everlast?????

  • No Soy Sauce profile image

    No Soy Sauce 5 years ago from Exit 9, NJ

    Honestly, I had a hard time agreeing with a few of your songs/slots for songs, however, you speak the truth about "Hit 'em Up" so I know you're at least looking at these things objectively. Keep it up.