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The Top Ten Greatest Disney Sidekicks In Film Of All Time

Updated on March 2, 2015

There are many animated Walt Disney movies that more than likely everyone has seen at least once in their lifetime. The publicity and marketing of Disney can’t be overlooked. The recent success of movies such as Tangled and Frozen have only added to the company’s epic name.

For years children and adults alike have enjoyed viewing the variety of films produced. Although each film often times contains a main character and a villain, there are some characters that have less screen time and sometimes have been overlooked. These characters could very well star in their own movie (some have in some cases) and be just as good as the main protagonist.

These characters can be referred to as the “sidekicks” of the movies. The term “sidekick” is define as someone who is a close companion and is regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies. Therefore they’re a best friend, or someone that stays close to the main character. Although the main character may get all the fame and attention, typically movies have “sidekicks” that can usually carry the comedy and plot along nicely.

In honor of these people, animals, toys, and many other forms, here are the top ten characters often referred to as “sidekicks” of famous Disney films.


10. Tow Mater


The lovable tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy starts off the list of sidekicks from the Pixar movie Cars. Some may argue that Mater took on a more centered role, getting his own movie later and starring in other media outlets. However this focuses more on his start in the first Cars movie. He is the first in the film to truly befriend Lightning McQueen and take on the sidekick role. Being an old and rusted tow truck, Mater helped Lightning to be more accepting of others. He even showed Lightning how to drive backward without crashing, which aided Lightning much later in the movie. Being a very recognized character, Mater places well in the list being called by Lightning McQueen himself as his best friend.


9. Flounder

The Little Mermaid

If you’ve seen the Little Mermaid, you couldn’t have forgotten Ariel the mermaid’s trusty friend Flounder. It is interesting to note that he is not an actual flounder, but a tropical fish. Still Flounder proved to be a remarkable sidekick. When everyone constantly told Ariel that she needed to forget about anything human, Flounder continued to show his support. Although he scared easy from things such as sharks or loud noises, he unrelentingly stuck with Ariel through tough times. He even went as far as pulling Ariel while she was a human form riding a barrel from the land to a ship. Now that’s a true friend.


8. Olaf the Snowman


One of the newest members of the sidekicks in Disney movies, Olaf was one of the most unique of the group being a living snowman. From its constant showcase in the media, most if not everyone has seen the movie “Frozen” by now. Therefore most can agree how much of a friend and sidekick Olaf was. Although Anna was going through a tough time Olaf went to great lengths to assist with getting her sister Queen Elsa back home. By his quirky and ignorant nature, he showed no fear in the face of a monster snowman, and also getting Anna out of the burning castle. By now almost everyone can easily recognize Olaf as the fun loving snowman.


7. Abu


Who doesn’t love monkeys? Aladdin may have been a street rat, but he had an awesome buddy friend in Abu the monkey. Despite the circumstances both Aladdin and Abu were in, they managed to get by stealing food whenever possible and relying on each other. Abu showed himself to be a great friend to Aladdin with no one else, not even family, around to help him. Although Abu almost caused both he and Aladdin to lose their lives in the Cave of Wonders by disobeying the restriction of not touching anything, Abu made up for it later. Not only did Abu attempt to take on the powerful villain Jafar once, but twice, even knowing it might end him. Abu provided a great balance in the movie and was a notable sidekick to Aladdin.


6. Lumière and Cogsworth

Beauty and the Beast

It’s hard to separate the pair of Lumière the candlestick and Cogsworth the clock as a sidekick. Both serve as a strong role in the film Beauty and the Beast, but both couldn’t be more opposite. Lumière is portrayed as having the laid back, have fun attitude. Cogsworth on the other hand, is the play by the rules kind of character. Both have shown their comedy relief in different areas, along with remaining loyal to their master the Beast in their own way. Even regarded as the side characters of the film there are numerous quotes from each that add to their memorable roles. It doesn’t hurt the well casted voices added to the depth quite nicely, of Jerry Orbach as Lumière and David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth.


5. Dory

Finding Nemo

One of the most memorable things of Finding Nemo was the character Dory the fish. Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres as the Pacific Regal blue tang fish with short-term memory loss, Dory was funny and provided most of the comic relief. Accompanying Marlin the clownfish to find his son Nemo, Dory despite her best intentions would have a hard time due to forgetting things often. Still she was a good balance to Marlin by staying positive despite the dangers of the ocean whereas Marlin was more pessimistic. No matter what, she stayed close to Marlin and doing all she could to help him in finding his lost son. She has gotten much attention for her character, even getting her name in the sequel that is in the works: “Finding Dory”.


4. Baloo the Bear

Jungle Book

When it comes to having a good friend that would go great distances for you, Baloo was that individual. The fun loving bear might not be entirely viewed as a sidekick, but Baloo had the traits that matched perfectly. For little Mowgli, Baloo befriended him and taught him life lessons more than Bagheera the Panther, who was viewed more as the parent to Mowgli. Baloo realized later the best for Mowgli was to return to the Man-Village for protection from Shere Khan the tiger. This caused Mowgli to run away, but Baloo still concerned for his friend, searched for him and even sacrificed his welfare for the safety of his pal. The carefree and fun personality of Baloo puts him high on the list quite easily.

3. Timon and Pumbaa

Lion King

Much like Lumière and Cogsworth, it’s hard to imagine Timon without Pumbaa and vice versa. Both are another example of duel sidekicks that differed in personality. Timon was the straight forward and wisecracking muskrat, whereas Pumbaa was more humble. Both had the humor to add to Simba the lion’s character, but while Timon was self-absorbed in his comedy, Pumbaa was depicted having a bad gas and burping problem. With Timon being voiced by Nathan Lane and Pumbaa by Ernie Sabella, both showed to be one the most memorable sidekicks in Disney history.


2. Jiminy Cricket


Be honest, how can anyone forget the famous Jiminy Cricket? Appointed as Pinocchio’s conscience, Jiminy instead was molded into a more sidekick throughout the film. With the best he could do, Pinocchio somehow continued to find trouble. Wherever Pinocchio went, Jiminy followed and stayed with him. Although frustrated to one point of leaving, Jiminy still returned and assisted in rescuing Pinocchio. It’s hard not to put Mr. Cricket in the top 3 of sidekicks, considering how famous and lovable he is even after all these years.


1. Tinker Bell

Peter Pan

Out of all the characters that are considered sidekicks, none other than Tinker Bell could be close. By her fairy dust, Tinker Bell gave the Darling kids the ability to fly, and who doesn’t wish they could fly? Despite being a common fairy and Peter Pan being a boy who never grows up, Tinker Bell does a bad job hiding her emotions and feelings for him. Through Peter’s encounters with Captain Hook, Tinker Bell has time and again helped him whenever needed. Even with her jealously of Wendy, Tinker Bell sticks with Peter and shows to be a loyal friend. She has been one of the most famous characters in Disney films and no doubt is known by many. This can be seen in all the straight to DVD movies and advertisements done for Disney. Most regard Tinker Bell as the unofficial mascot (Mickey Mouse of course bring the official mascot) of Walt Disney. No doubt, she also takes the top spot as the best sidekick in Disney films.


Of course there are many other sidekicks. But what do you think? Comment below with your thoughts on who may have been missed in this list.

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    • BeyondGS profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Ohio

      @paigSr It is tough to narrow the list down, due to being so many characters to choose from. Ultimately you could make a list of every sidekick known, but that would be a long list. Thanks for the comment and read! @Jeremy Gill: You should watch it again, it's a Disney classic for sure.

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 

      3 years ago from Louisiana

      That's true, including each and every one would take forever. I need to revisit the Jungle Book, I can hardly remember Baloo anymore.

    • PaigSr profile image


      3 years ago from State of Confusion

      I had to flip a coin on the survey. Jiminy vs Baloo. And the cricket won. This time. @Jeremy I also know that there are many other sidekicks out there but with any poll its nice to have a certain amount to choose from.

    • BeyondGS profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Ohio

      @Jeremy That is a good point concerning Genie. However, if you were to try to figure only one sidekick (both could be but if you only chose one) for each movie, Abu was the more sidekick of the two. Genie is one of my favorites, but even at the end he went off to enjoy his life being free. Personally then, Abu would be the choice, but you can argue for both. Genie is a pretty powerful/awesome sidekick though. Thanks for the comment and read!

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 

      3 years ago from Louisiana

      Nicely done, Beyond. As a lifelong Disney fan, I greatly enjoyed this. Does Genie from Aladdin count as a sidekick? His power to do almost anything certainly seems useful!

    • BeyondGS profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you Elizabeth Bowers! I'm glad this hub made your day! Like most kids I grew up watching Disney so I'm borderline nerd too. Thanks for the comment and support.

      Danabanddor: I appreciate the kind comment, thanks! I have several favorites so it’s hard to choose one. Most the time you can't go wrong with a certain pick because there are so many good ones. Dory is one of favorites too though.

    • Danabanddor profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      Very interesting hub, I love Disney and I just love how you highlighted some of the most adorable sidekicks of Disney. My favorite is Dory.

    • Elizabeth Bowers profile image

      Elizabeth Wilson 

      4 years ago from Tennessee

      Awesome Hub! I am definitely a Disney nerd and this made my day. Voting up!


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