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The Trekkie's Guide to Astrology

Updated on August 21, 2017
An Aries, a Cancer, a Capricorn, two Gemini and a Pisces all explore space together....
An Aries, a Cancer, a Capricorn, two Gemini and a Pisces all explore space together.... | Source

A lot of members of Starfleet are likely to be Aries. The concept of "To boldly go where no man has gone before" appeals greatly to Aries. "Bold" is Aries middle name…when it isn't Tiberius. Captain James Kirk is the quintessential Aries, always needing to be first, always ramming head first into any situation. Being ruled by Mars, an Aries will want to be challenged and will believe risk is his business. They’re courageous risk takers, but if they don't like either of two options, they'll demand a third, as Kirk did when he faced a choice between saving his loyal first officer and what was left of the planet Deneva. Guess what? He got it! Aries admires loyalty, whether from friends or lovers and are idealists, always seeing the best in people. They are passionate and enthusiastic. Aries women are turned on by strength in every sense of the word. Aries men are turned on by steel draped in silk. This could explain why William Riker and Deanna Troi had such a tempestuous relationship, yet found each other in the end. Troi has an advantage most Aries don't have. Aries don't usually worry too much about others' feelings, but being an empath forces Deanna to do so. While Deanna will still determinedly stride forward to achieve her aims, she at least knows how to do it without ruffling feathers. Ruffling feathers is one of Will's hobbies.

There aren't many Taurus in Starfleet. People born under Taurus like stability, something you can't get in a roving spaceship. A Taurus might join Starfleet because they like the idea of seeking out new life and new civilizations or they want to protect their home or feel they have no home and hope Starfleet will be their home. Eventually, they'll tire of roving the galaxy and want to take an assignment at a space station. Taurus is typically very calm and tolerant but if you mess with the Bull, you get the horns. Worf, Son of Mogh has all the earmarks of a Taurus. Hard to say when Worf's birthday is, seeing as how he was born on a planet with a different calendar, but he likes to spend his birthday in quiet contemplation, with just one good friend. However, he will put up with a big party if it's really what everyone else wants. Taurus rules the throat, so people born under this sign like to sing. Worf has his Klingon Opera and Captain Benjamin Sisko has his jazz and Big Band. Taurus is patient and practical, explaining Sisko's hobbies of cooking, baseball (a game based on tactics) and ship building. (Not models- actual ships.) The Taurean determination can lead to inflexible stubbornness. Worf and Sisko are both men who stick firmly to their own beliefs.

Curiosity about the universe, the opportunity to connect with different life forms and experiment with new technology might sway a Gemini to join Starfleet. A Gemini has the ability to take command, but rarely the desire. Captain Kathryn Janeway is an exception to the rule. Her versatility helped her lead the crew of the Voyager while cut off from Starfleet. She often relies on gentle persuasion to get her aims and makes it perfectly clear she won't put up with bullying. Of all the captains, Janeway probably has the best sense of humor, and the one who needed it most. As a Gemini, one of the hardest things for Janeway had to be keeping a captain's aloofness, particularly when there was almost no one of her rank to fraternize with. Montgomery Scott and Nyota Uhura are both Geminis who didn't shirk at taking command when they had to and were completely competent, yet were more than willing to hand the reins back once it was practical. Gemini rules the hands, thus Scotty is an engineering genius who can get the Galileo running with a couple of phasers and a twisted paperclip. Uhura's well manicured hands are capable of soldering computer circuitry, but she prefers to use them to play the harp. (Incidentally, this instrument is a symbol of Mercury.) When Gemini aren't engineers, they're communicators like Uhura. If a feverish Sulu is running around the bridge and swinging a sword, she'll try asking him nicely to give her the sword. All three of these characters have shown a Gemini's contrariness used to their advantage. Scotty won't obey an order that will result in the away team's death. Uhura angers Khan by being slow to bow to his demands. And Janeway wouldn't let even the laws of time and space keep her from getting her crew home.

Cancers are drawn to serve others, so someone born under Cancer would join Starfleet because they want to be helpful. Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is the typical Crab, crusty on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. When he cares about someone, he shows it by nagging them to be careful and stay healthy. Cancers aren't typically bossy, but they can be leaders and when they do give an order it always comes from a place of love. Captain Jean Luc Picard was willing to follow the Prime Directive and leave a planet besieged by volcanic eruptions to its fate, until he heard the voice of a little girl pleading for help. One thing that would keep a Cancer out of Starfleet would be separation from family. Picard regrets his estrangement from his brother. Though he never speaks of her, he remembers his late mother fondly and probably thinks of her every time he drinks a cup of Earl Grey. McCoy is bitter about his divorce and was to have an estranged daughter named Joanna. Cancers seek out adulation and won't give it up easily. McCoy is quick to remind people he is a doctor and not whatever they'd rather he be. Picard refuses to be anything but captain. Seven of Nine might come off as a Virgo due to Borg programming, but Annika Hansen is a Cancer. As Seven learns to embrace her humanity, Cancer traits like care giving, food loving and a desire for love and friendship start to show.

If a Leo were to join Starfleet, it would be a matter of pride. The respect and prestige of being a Starfleet officer would appeal to a Leo as would a desire for adventure. Unfortunately, temperamental Leos tend to be undisciplined and have to learn self-control the hard way. Tom Paris, for example, joined Starfleet to prove he was every bit as regal as his father the admiral. Unfortunately, Paris not only got careless enough to kill three officers, but his Leo pride forced him to cover up his error. Ironically, this only caused him to feel more shame until he confessed. When Captain Janeway gave him an opportunity to redeem himself, he jumped on it. Leos love being the leader, but they're not very good at taking direction. Even though he's so old he's probably forgotten when his birthday is, Q is the embodiment of an unrestrained Leo. He is a dramatic show off who revels in his power and insists on being the center of attention wherever he goes. The only positive aspects of Leo that Q demonstrates are creativity and affection (depending on how it's defined) with his pride flowing towards arrogance rather than healthy self-esteem. Lwaxana Troi, with her flashy style and grandiose vivacity tempered with a sympathetic spirit, is a Leo lady. She's quite proud of her titles and won't hesitate to recite them. Their star signs may be why Lwaxana's relationship with her daughter has been so rocky. Leo parents adore their children, but expect the same level of adoration plus the child to have conduct befitting royalty. A Lion can love a lamb, but when the lamb is an independent Aries, there's sure to be friction.

Virgos are the type of people Starfleet would love to recruit with their meticulous perfectionism. They're attracted to service vectors where their talents are appreciated. Virgos will do anything to serve the greater good. If a bit reserved, they have the efficient organizational skills and eye for detail essential for working with the technology used for propelling starships. Miles O'Brien might be sloppy about where he puts his socks, but very precise when it comes to keeping the order of the circuitry needed to keep a life support system or a teleporter working. Virgos tend to prioritize. O'Brien is a practical creature of habit who likes his eggs and coffee just so. Virgos are fundamentally honest people who won't put up with liars or pretense. In fact, if someone makes a mistake in a Virgo's presence, the Virgo will be quick to point it out. Just ask anyone who's ever had to work under Tuvok. Tuvok won't put up with nonsense or even simple underperforming nor is he terribly moved by sentiment. When he says be on the bridge at oh-eight-hundred, he does not mean five after oh-eight-hundred. Virgos take pride in their work. Dr. Leah Brahms, a major developer of the Galaxy class warp drive system, strongly identifies with the engine she created. Ever the critical Virgo, Leah does not find it the least bit amusing to find out Geordie had a flirtation with her holographic replica.

A Libra might have a hard time deciding whether or not they want to join Starfleet. If they do, it will be for the chance to mingle with other life forms. They'd have no problem dealing with alien species. They'd tell an Andorian how well her lavender dress compliments her complexion and discuss Shakespeare with a Klingon. They'll have a sense of justice, but it will be tempered with mercy. Constable Odo, for example, had always been drawn to law enforcement. However, when it came down to a choice, he chooses justice over order. Libra craves the companionship of others. Dr. Beverly Crusher's worst nightmare is realized when everyone on the Enterprise starts to vanish without a trace. The nondiscriminatory Harry Kim easily befriends Maquis members and finds himself falling in love a bit too easily, refusing a cure for lovesickness when offered one. An amnesic Paris identifies him as "This man is my friend." Crusher's old flame Odan said of her smile "it's her kindness, her beauty within and without." That sums up a Libra. Crusher's consciousness of other's feelings makes her a better doctor. Kim would rather sleep with a mask than ask his roommate to turn off the light. Of course, while Libra likes relationships, they don't like unequal relationships. Kim's worst nightmare is dependency on others and he's not afraid to put a belligerent Klingon in her place. (He got a little afraid when said Klingon was turned on by this.) Crusher tells off an unethical doctor and cannot stay silent when she realizes the Brekkians were purposely keeping the Ornarans addicted to the drugs they were selling.

Scorpios may be drawn to Starfleet due to their skills as a problem solver. Their methods of solving problems tend to be drastic, but get results. They may join Starfleet as an opportunity to settle a score. If they do join Starfleet, they'll be lauded for their durability, devotion and determination, but their bad temper and ruthlessness might get them in more trouble than even they can get out of. Guinan is a secretive Scorpio. She listens more than she speaks, allowing only small bits of her past to be known. If you share a secret with her, she'll give you some advice, but what you told her in Ten Forward stays in Ten Forward. However, the Scorpion has a sting, as Q found out the hard way. B'Elanna Torres can be vengeful. Just ask Daniel Byrd, who made the mistake of calling her "Turtle Head" one time too many. Torres used her emerging engineering skills to rig up a gyro swing to spin until he nearly flew to pieces. Scorpios manipulate, whether it's people, situations or objects. Their bad temper can get them in trouble. Centuries of life have taught Guinan how to control herself, but she keeps a blaster under the bar, just in case. Torres got suspended from the academy for starting a fistfight in Astrotheory 101. Scorpio is not only defensive of themselves. If they've decided they like someone, they will defend them to the death with undying loyalty. Should you ever be lucky enough to earn a Scorpio's respect and friendship, do what you can to keep it.

Sagittarius might be drawn to Starfleet out of sheer Wanderlust combined with an opportunity to apply their idealism. Tasha Yar probably decided anywhere was better than her home planet. Neelix is just born to roam the galaxy. Hikaru Sulu was likely excited by the idea of whizzing through space at warp speed. Sagittarius is honest, often bluntly so. Neither Yar nor Neelix is shy about speaking their mind. Sulu will warn a fellow crewmate that trying to out-snark Spock is an exercise in futility. (He probably learned from experience.) Sagittarius can be impulsive. Yar wasn't about to be ordered around by a talking tar pit, an attitude that led to her death. When Sulu found an antique revolver, he just couldn't wait to try it out. (As the symbol of The Archer suggests, target shooting is a popular hobby for Sagittarius.) Neelix has a habit of going with his gut, and occasionally letting his mouth overload his capabilities. Because Jupiter influences a sense of independence, a lot of Sagittarius women are on the tomboyish side, like Yar with her love of martial arts. Sagittarius is ever an optimist, so anything that deflates their optimism is crushing, like Neelix finding out there's no afterlife and Yar realizing she doesn't stand a chance against the godlike Q. Sagittarius is a risk taker who cares more for people than regulations. When Sulu becomes a captain, he takes more stock in a sense of loyalty and family than in mere rules and orders.

A Capricorn will join Starfleet for logical, practical reasons. Cue Mr. Spock! A Capricorn's ambition and desire for self improvement can lead to success in Starfleet. Starfleet would appreciate a Capricorn's reliability. They have a sense of responsibility that makes them easy to depend on. Many a time, saturnine Mr. Spock has to rein in a hot headed Aries and an emotional Cancer. Capricorn is good at managing money, a useless trait throughout the Utopian Federation, but very useful to a sly Ferengi like Quark. He can recite any Rule of Acquisition at any occasion, as Capricorns steep themselves in tradition. If a Capricorn breaks with tradition, it will be because ambition leads them to something better or they realize the tradition simply isn't practical. Spock, though he greatly values and respects Vulan tradition, joins Starfleet rather than the VulcanScienceAcademy as his father did because he felt a desire to be more than what was assumed of him. Ro Laren is not ashamed of her Bajoran heritage, but sees no use in the tediously prolix prayer for the dead. She'll wear the traditional Bajoran earring, but she'll wear it on the left as she does not really believe in the Prophets and she doesn't like getting her ear pinched by the vedeks. The motto "The good of the many outweighs the good of the few" applies to Capricorn. It led Ro to ultimately leave Starfleet and Spock to sacrifice himself.

It's hard to say why an Aquarius would join Starfleet. Then again, it's hard to say why unpredictable Aquarius does anything! They will most likely join out of humanitarian ideals. Whatever the reason, it will be their own as Aquarians are rebellious and off-beat individuals. And you don't get much more off-beat than an android who wants to be human! Unless it's someone who'd become best friends with said android. If an activation date could count as a birthday, then Data's would be February 2. It may be surprising to learn that an android, a mechanical creation programmed to follow guidelines, fits Aquarius, but Data does! He's not content to be a mere collection of circuits and sub-processors. He is a person and demands to be treated as such. If anyone could commiserate with a misfit android, it was the versatile Geordi La Forge. These two put their inventive minds together many times whether to figure out how to save the ship this week or just create an original Sherlock Holmes adventure. As expected of the Water Bearer, Geordi is fond of water sports. Data wasn't built for them, but adapts by installing a device to affect his buoyancy. Of course, if you really want a witty, rebellious, inventive individual with a shade of aloofness, Zefram Cochrane is the quintessential Aquarius. He invents warp drive, balks at the idea of being seen as respectable and tries to introduce Vulcans to rock music and dancing. Aquarius doesn't try to be a great man, they'll just be a man.

What Pisces there are in Starfleet don't usually rise high in rank, at least not quickly. Rank simply doesn't appeal to Pisces, though an opportunity to swim in the vast ocean that is the universe might. His first instinct is to help. If Pisces' altruism gets him a medal, he'll smile and say "Thank you" but it isn't the reason why he does what he does. Dr. Julian Bashir is first and foremost a doctor. When offered an easy job in Paris as chief of surgery, he turns it down, believing he could help more people in Starfleet. He just wants to take care of people and he'd rather they didn't find out about his augmentations. He'd hate it if anyone thought he was superior for something he had no control over. A compassionate and creative person, he asks questions of Data no one else would think to, focusing on how similar Data is to a human than how different. Pavel Chekov is also a Pisces, but there's some Mercury in that Fish, if you'll forgive the pun. It explains why he's more talkative and slightly more grounded than the typical Pisces. Not that he doesn't have his flights of fancy! This is a man who thinks everything was invented by Russians and that beautiful women couldn't possibly be dangerous. His old flame Irini Galliuin was likely a Pisces as well, drawing them together. However, Irini was just too much of an escapist even for the dreamy Pavel. A Mercury ascendant means Pavel will not be as easily led by the beguiling words of Dr. Sevrin and realizes navigating a starship is more helpful than seeking a planet that doesn't exist. She would be Eve, but he would not be Adam.

A Cancer, a Taurus, a Libra, two Aries and two Aquarius lead the next generation....
A Cancer, a Taurus, a Libra, two Aries and two Aquarius lead the next generation.... | Source


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