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The TruSoulDJ, Saturday Nite, It's Alright Radio Show 3-05-16

Updated on March 5, 2016

What is it with people who praise something and put it down at the same time?

Recently I read an article in a parenting magazine that was supposed to be about a mother and daughter bonding over Hallmark Channel movies. But it was peppered with descriptive terms like "cheesy", "bad acting", "over acting", "predictable plots" ....

Just the other day we were watching the first episode of Fuller House that a co-worker had already seen. But I could hardly enjoy it as she kept providing unwanted commentary throughout the viewing; deeming certain parts as"hokey", "sappy", "cheesy" ...

There are so many negatives in this world. Here's hoping that the TruSoulDJ can add a dose of positive good cheer into your life.

This here is my jam. The one and only CECE WINANS on a joint that was so hot, the label dissolved soon after it was released. No lie. Check it out.

Here is one of those underrated entities in all of music land. A brother act known as DAWKINS & DAWKINS [Eric and Anson], with a little help from the bad boy of Gospel, Mr. J MOSS. 'Cause don't you know that the ordinary just won't do? And not just anybody can make me feel the way God makes me feel.

Eyes have not seen, neither ears heard what the Lord God has truly in store for us. So you ought to just go on and take His hand as He moves those mountains of despair out of your life. Because quite frankly, I'd rather have Jesus more than anything.

Darius McCrary - Move Mountain

Romans 5:3-5 helps us to understand that we might as well rejoice when problems come upon us. You know why? Because they build endurance. They build strength of character.

So when those sinister people -- you know the ones -- come along to rub you the wrong way, do like my girl, TAYLOR SWIFT, and just shake it off. Because once they see that they can't disturb your groove, they'll move on to someone else ... I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, this is your boy, TruSoulDJ. And its been a pleasure to serve you another few slices of musical pie. Keep your head up and God bless.


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