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The TruSoulDj, Saturday Nite, It's Alright Radio Show 2-20-16

Updated on February 20, 2016

We're going to kick it off with a group formed in 1970. From Oakland, California ... On that great Blues label called Blind Pig Records ... Here they are live, with there souped up version of that old chestnut, Old Ship of Zion ... Here's The GOSPEL HUMMINGBIRDS.

Not just the iconic voice of EARTH WIND & FIRE ... He's an acclaimed -- though mocked and scorned for having two jobs -- Contemporary Christian music artist with, I believe, 4 albums in the genre. You know him, you love him ... Encouraging all soldiers to get on the battlefield for our Lord, here's PHILLIP BAILEY!

It may have taken a lot of courage to be a heavy metal "hair" band in the 80s. But imagine being a hair band with the same swagger as QUIET RIOT and MOTLEY CRUE, but with lyrics that glorified the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That's what MICHAEL SWEET, ROBERT SWEET, OZ FOX and TIM GAINES did ... And they did it well. Here with two of my favorites are the boys wearing yellow and black, known as .... STRYPER!!!

The never ending love of God is so amazing, so bountiful, that it can simply leave you speechless ... And then when you get even a minuscule of a grasp of the concept ... You just want Him to hold you in His loving arms and never let you go. ANITA WILSON and JAMIE GRACE say it best ...

From the land of COMMISSIONED ... This brother here can just flat out sing. He's MARCUS COLE and he's letting you know that even when you think that your small effort doesn't count ... Just remember, it is a wonderful life, it's alright, because you have the Lord and He will supply.

Back in 1991, I turned past that station ... You know, the one where you only heard 99.9% Caucasian Christian artists and maybe a sprinkling of LARNELLE HARRIS and BE BE & CE CE ...

But one night, they were airing a cool countdown show which featured exciting Pop and Hip Hop flavored Christian artists. That's where I first heard these lovely ladies and it warmed my heart. And their songs still warm my hard, some 20 plus odd years later.

Before their label, Arcade, went under, these biological sisters sold approximately 50,000 albums and toured with DC TALK, as well as THE NEWSBOYS ... The fabulous Ostrom sisters tell us here that as a Christian, you can have fun and be serious all at the same time. Now ain't that good news? Here's HEATHER & KIRSTEN.

There are many types of habits ... Many bad ... But I dare you to try Jesus ... Because once you taste and see that He is good, like KEITH STATEN, you too will be addicted.

Famed DJ, SCOTT BLACKWELL samples the great DR. S.M. LOCKRIDGE -- a prominent minister who lived to the ripe old age of 87.

Frankly, i'd never heard of Dr. Lockridge until recently, but I'd been hearing his voice for years on this powerful dance track from Blackwell's classic 1992 House/Techno joint called, Walk On The Wild Side. Listen for a little over 5 minutes, as this late civil rights activist attempts to describe how great our God is.

Then pop your fingers, tap your toes and bob your head at melodious vocals, that many people equate with only Pop/R&B artist, BRIAN MCKNIGHT. Instead, this soothing sound is coming through my boy, TIM MINER; who reminds us that even when our life feels like a continuous drought ... if we just hold on to Jesus and trust Him, He can make it rain in our lives. Showers of blessings that we haven't enough room to receive.

Let me leave you with this ... There is no problem too big, no valley too deep, no mountain too mighty that the Lord can't help you to bare, to cross, to climb even. Be blessed in your going out and coming in. God loves you and so do I.


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