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The TruSoulDJ, Saturday Nite, It's Alright Radio Show 2-27-16

Updated on February 27, 2016

What's up. This is your boy, TruSoulDJ coming at you with music and fun. But you better be careful, 'cause you might be ministered to before I'm done.

We started this thing off with one of the CROSS MOVEMENT's finest soldiers, AMBASSADOR. Followed by those fabulous sisters from the South, known as OUT OF EDEN.

But I am persuaded that if you love the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind ... For the rest of your life, you have the option -- the free choice even -- to make Him not only your all and all, but your everything. Yolanda's gonna speak on that in a minute. But right now, here's FRED HAMMOND with I Am Persuaded. Hold on to that spot that you've got.

Do you know Him? It's all about the relationship ya'll, not the religion. Fred Hammond protege, KIM RUTHERFORD is going to hip us to this trippy thought process.

Then another friend of Hammond, PAMKENYON DONALD, admonishes us to anoint ourselves daily. Because you can't wait for others to validate, motivate or encourage you. Trust, you'll be waiting for a long time my friend. See, you have to take a deep breath and find the strength to encourage yourself; to grab hold of your dreams and do whatever it takes to make them happen. I like what the late Dr. ROBERT SCHULLER used to say: "By the yard its hard, but inch by inch, anything is a cinch."

That was one of my favorite rap groups, THE PREACHAS aka PREACHERS IN DISGUISE with that BUSTA RHYMES sort of flava on that one right there, called, Time Ta Get Live.

Before that we had RAVING LOONATICKS with Pounding Music Culture. And we kicked this last set off with The WINANS and Money Motive.

But oh snap ... According to the old clock on the wall, its time for me to get on up out of here. Might find me a western or a Spenser For Hire rerun to watch before I turn in for the night. But until we meet again, you must remember this ... We all get a little lost sometimes. But hey, don't worry, the Holy Father is waiting with outstretched arms, because you can always come back home. Closing us out is the late great D-BOY RODRIGUEZ with a little help from that silky Soul singer, TIM MINER. And I'm your boy, TruSoulDJ. God bless.


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