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The Proclaimed True Story Behind Annabelle the Doll

Updated on September 29, 2014
The movie's design of the possessed doll, Annabelle
The movie's design of the possessed doll, Annabelle | Source

Okay, I will be the first to admit that dolls creep me out. This is especially the case with a porcelain doll that possesses bizarre supernatural abilities and hosts a demonic entity that terrorizes its owners. While this concept is certainly the perfect premise for a horror movie, the fact that it is supposedly based on an actual account is truly terrifying.

As with its source, The Conjuring, the upcoming prequel, Annabelle, is proclaiming to be based on a true story. While the film is obviously a loose interpretation, as Hollywood does not think it enough to just recreate the story, the actual tale is quite horrifying in its own regard.

I'm not going to conduct a comparison of the two, or even really touch on the movie for that matter. This is purely a summarized version of the events that inspired this sure to be terrifying cinematic adaptation.

Annabelle in The Conjuring
Annabelle in The Conjuring | Source

While the movie appears to be taking a completely different approach, the activity surrounding the real Annabelle involved a pair of college students in the 70s. Donna was originally given the doll by her mother, while sharing an apartment with a fellow premed student, Angie. Although the film has redesign it with a more chilling and demented-looking porcelain design, the original itself was actually a Raggedy Ann Doll.

While the occurrences were initially tame in nature, the girls would soon realize the horrific powers surrounding the doll. Annabelle started moving, but was only barely noticeable at first, as they would find the doll in a slightly different position of the room from where they had left it. However, the coeds soon realized that Annabelle’s unexplained relocations began to expand, as the doll would soon travel between different rooms during their outings.

As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, strange notes began to spring up around the house, without a credible source. Only then did the girls find themselves more inclined to listen to their mutual friend Lou, who had pleaded with them to be rid of the eerie paranormal object. Not only were the movements increasing in frequency and distance, but the troubling notes were as well. Also, the doll began to produce a crimson substance from its hands that resembled blood.

The personification of evil residing in Annabelle
The personification of evil residing in Annabelle | Source
Loraine Warren carrying the real Annabelle, which was a Raggedy Anne doll.
Loraine Warren carrying the real Annabelle, which was a Raggedy Anne doll. | Source
The real Annabelle's imprisonment in the Warrens' museum.
The real Annabelle's imprisonment in the Warrens' museum. | Source

As the paranormal activity only grew in intensity, a medium was brought in to try to make sense of the madness. This is especially the case, as Lou started having terrifying nightmares involving the doll. The very nightmare that was used to help convince Donna of the seriousness of the situation was where Lou dreamed the doll crawled up his body and strangled him. After examining the object, the medium classified the activity surrounding the doll to be the spiritual work of a deceased seven-year-old, who only wanted to be close to the girls. Although Lou was obviously unconvinced, Donna and Angie took comfort in this and the doll remained with them.

Lou’s hellish dreams only increased in intensity and after awaking with three claw marks in his chest, Donna was persuaded to further pursue help. She contacted the well-known paranormal investigators, Ed and Loraine Warren. Upon arriving, the pair denounced the medium’s findings and concluded that the college students were dealing with a demonic presence that was manipulating the doll, in an attempt to claim Donna’s soul.

The two demonologists were permitted to confiscate the doll, but had some apparent difficulties during its transfer. The entire apartment was subsequently exorcised to purge the demonic forces. The doll can now be found in the Warrens’ museum of the occult, where it is imprisoned within a case to prevent any further unexplained occurrences.

While some would feel the original account were not scary enough, I for one feel that the closer to the source material, the more terrifying the movie. It is a creepy notion just knowing that this is how it happened. The Amityville Horror is a prime example of this where the movie is only a loose adaptation of the book, which is not only closer to what the Lutz’s claim to have experienced, but is actually scarier in my opinion. Either way, I am extremely excited to see this flick, in hopes that it will possess the same shock value as its predecessor.

Do you believe the original unexplained event surrounding the real Annabelle to be fact or hoax?

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