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Why Anyone Can Sing. True Facts About the Voice

Updated on October 7, 2018
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Audrey Hunt, author of "Anyone Can Sing," explains how we make sounds. Develop a better singing/speaking voice.

5 Reasons We Think We Can't Sing

I've heard these words a thousand times. "I can't carry a tune in a bucket." This is nonsense. You can't carry water in a bucket if it's rusted and the bucket hasn't been cared for. So it is with singing on key.

You can be trained to carry a tune. You can learn to sing on key. The #1 reason for thinking you can't sing is because you think you can't learn to carry a tune. And here are 5 more reasons we think we can't sing:

  • I wasn't born with a good voice. You weren't? I could have sworn you announced your entry into this world with a well-projected, confident cry supported by proper breathing. You didn't give a hoot what anyone around you thought about how your sound.
  • I sound terrible when I try to sing like my favorite singer. Why not sing with your own, unique voice? Do you really only want to be a duplicate of someone else? Sing with a new and original sound - your own. Give up the notion that you need to be a carbon copy of someone else.
  • People tell me I can't sing right. Where did these folks get their teaching degree? Refuse to give your power away, especially to someone else. Prove to others, if you must, how well you can sing. Be passionate and unstoppable about this.
  • When I sing in a choir I have to follow the person next to me. And they follow the person next to them. What are you worried about? This is called "ear-training" on a beginning level (providing the person is singing on key.)
  • I don't like the sound of my voice. Well I don't like the way I knit. So I take lessons. If I can't find a free or inexpensive group to join then I pay for professional instruction. No one will keep me from learning how to knit...especially me!

You Can Sing ~ It's right inside of you.
You Can Sing ~ It's right inside of you. | Source

I Wish I Could Sing

Once there was a little frog

who wished that he could sing

He took a vocal lesson

But it didn’t do a thing

He’d croak and croak

the whole day long

And ribbit with all his might

And still he couldn’t sing a song

Just couldn’t get it right

“Why, oh why can I not sing?”

He asked the cow one day

"Just listen to my beautiful moo

Then sing it just that way."

The little frog, he tried and tried

But not one moo came out

He was so mad he couldn’t sing

He sat right down to pout

"Why, what is wrong?", ask mother bird

"And why are you so sad?"

"I want to sing", replied the frog

"I want to sing so bad."

"Well I will help you, and you will see

How easy it can be

Just listen to my lovely tone

And try to sing on key."

The mother bird sang oh so sweet

it seemed so easy to do

But when the little frog tried

Away the mother bird flew.

"I’ve had enough, I’m giving up

I’ll never learn to sing

I cannot moo, I have no tone

My sound it has no ring."

Then he heard a speaking voice

The sound so pure and true

"Little frog, dear little frog

Your songs inside of you."

A hypnotic nightly ribbit

Brings natures song to others

Connecting all gods children

as sisters and as brothers

So now you see you’ve had it here

Its right beneath your chin

You have the rarest instrument

It comes from deep within

So sing with joy dear little frog

Be confident and bold

Sing out for all the world to hear

Your story has been told.

By Audrey Hunt/vocalcoach

Five Facts On Why Anyone Can Sing

Here are the facts 'mam - or Mr. Take a good look. Or if you like, make up a tune of your own and sing each fact:

  • Sound (singing or speaking) is produced by vibration of the vocal bands (cords) set into motion by air. We all have vocal cords and we all have air.
  • The first sound you ever made was in the form of a cry (vibration and air.)
  • A baby's body, naturally forms sound by correct placement of vibrations (in the mask area) and inflates the abdomen and lower ribcage to inhale air.
  • Humming is a form of singing.
  • Singing on key involves ear-training which professionals practice regularly.

How to Correct A Vocal Problem

Increasing The Vocal Range
Add more breath support
Use Diaphragmatic Breathing
Singing on Key
Hear a pitch in your head and match it
Record your singing along with a recorded song
Exercise Consonants
Learn to shape your mouth properly
Acquire a Beautiful Tone
Make space for the tone to resonate and Breathing Skills
Control your voice with breath support

Read from left to right.

There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva. ~Josh Groban

Cancer Claimed Her, But She Sang. Oh How She Did Sing.

As a Vocal Teacher and a Judge at Vocal Competitions throughout the United States, I have witnessed both singers and non-singers approach me, with tears in their eyes, asking me if I felt they could sing. Each waited with bated breath for my answer.

Megan was 10 years old, dying from cancer, but with a dream to fulfill. She wanted to sing. She wanted to be on a stage and experience the thrill of singing to an audience. This is all she asked for. This was the one thing she wanted to do before she passed on.

"I want to feel the emotion that comes from singing. I want to know that my audience is out there just to hear my voice. I have something to say, but I can only deliver my message through my song and with my voice."

I agreed to take Megan under my wing and train her. We met five days a week for four months. I transcribed her song and recorded for her an arrangement of piano background music that would weave in and out behind the notes of her precious voice. I wanted my arrangement to decorate her singing and not distract from it, or overpower the lyrics.

After four hard-working months, I entered Megan in the California Youth Talent Competition held in San Jose, California at the Fair Grounds. Her family and relatives attended along with a packed crowd that filled the auditorium.

Megan was so excited she could barely contain herself. She had lost all her hair during the chemo treatments and refused to wear a wig. She was determined to be an example for everyone who could see her. Then her name was called. It was her turn to perform. She was about to live her dream. Her little heart was beating so fast that it felt like it would burst.

She walked proudly and confidently out on the huge stage. Her little body was weak. Her sweet smile stirred something deep within me. Oh, how I wanted her to do well. Not for the glory of it, but as a gift to herself.

The music began to play - it was my music. I wanted so much for this arrangement to be perfect for her. Then an angelic sound seemed to come out of know where. The audience hushed and complete silence remained during her performance. The clarity and range of Megan's voice rang out and tears spilled over and down my cheeks. Her own joy permeated throughout the audience, striking the very core of her listeners.

When she took her final bow, the audience rose from their seats, shouting and clapping and wiping uncontrolled tears. Megan won the competition. She lived her dream. She saw her name and picture in newspapers. She died three weeks later.

The Late Karen Carpenter

When you feel like giving up do you -

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Our Maker did not intend for a selected few to sing.  Anyone and everyone can sing.
Our Maker did not intend for a selected few to sing. Anyone and everyone can sing. | Source

Summing It Up

Singing is both a mental and physical action. Fear enters it's ugly head when we lack knowledge and confidence. Fear takes on a variety of forms. Mental confusion, forgetting lyrics, negative inner dialogue, shaking, sweaty palms, and dry mouth are a few symptoms of fear.

If you have doubts about your voice and you want to sound better, for goodness sake get some singing lessons. If you can't afford a qualified teacher, grab a CD from or download some lessons. It's a very inexpensive way to improve on your present voice. And your confidence will soar. And the more confidence you have, the better your voice will sound.

Enjoy your own singing voice. Stop giving others the power to judge your singing and confine your joy. Negative comments are not truth. They are simply an opinion. Believe in yourself the way I believe in you.

Music is the purest form of art... therefore true poets, they who are seers, seek to express the universe in terms of music... The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside.”

Rabindranath Tagore

© 2011 Audrey Hunt


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