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The Value of Daytime TV

Updated on November 8, 2010

Weeding Out the Junk

 So much of what's on the television today is of no value, providing entertainment at the cost of others and providing unsavory rolemodels for young impressionable minds to mimic.  Moreover, relationships are met with false expectations after watching talk shows and soaps in both the young and old. 

And if you think you can get away from all of that by watching regular news programs, think again!  Anymore, they are just as gossipy, just as shocking, and often more graphic than other shows.  It really is a sad world we live in when you can't turn the tv on in the presence of children, for fear they will see above and beyond what they should see...and we're not even talking about cable channels!  Just the commercials alone are enough to make you blush or get slightly uncomfortable at the very least.  The very detailed explanations or side effects of certain medications, the scantily clad women and men looking for everything from dates to beer and electronics, and finally the celebrity and political mud makes for some downright depressing scenarios any way you look at it.

Diamonds in the Rough

Yet with all that's bad, there is some worth to what today's daytime television programming has to offer.  Any of the morning shows that air after the traditional newscasts are done often have interviews with inspiring people, tips for the house and garden, and information on where to get great buys.

Mid-afternoon is Dr. Oz's show regarding all things medical.  His show is great for giving medical advice and tips in a practical, easy to understand way.  Following his show is Dr. Phil, who, at times can be insightful in delving into the human psyche (though I admit, some of his episodes can turn into the kinds of drama found on the gossipy shows).

Amidst all the movies, cable has several channels worth watching for their various shows, such as found on The Food Network, The Discovery Channel, Home and Garden TV, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, and occasionally The Weather Channel.  You can learn about recipes, places and people, how to decorate your home, where to find the best deals while on vacation, and how to prepare for various emergency situations.

Knowing When to Pull the Plug

Just like with everything else, there is a limit as to how much television is a good thing.  Even if you keep it on one channel all day, the likelihood that you will continue to retain useful information from it diminishes for every hour that you watch.  It is recommended that children get no more than two hours a day of television, so that they can still function normally.  When you watch tv, your brain goes into a different mode, so that your metabolism slows down.  Doing that to your body long-term is not good for your health, plus it can become boring.  While you might not think so, it may explain why you feel the need to either mute the tv or change the channel when commercials come on.  Two hours or more of consecutive tv-watch is bound to decrease your productivity and prevent you from doing other activities you enjoy.  So when your mind starts to wander, it might be a good idea to take a break and do something else.  There's always tomorrow to see what new program you can enjoy!


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