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The Vampire Diaires -- Graduation

Updated on May 18, 2013

Julie Plec's Going Away Present?

Original Airing: May 16, 2013

I checked into Twitter before going over to the CW to watch the finale and when I saw the DE’s weren’t acting like rabid dogs foaming at the mouth that needed to be put down, I figured they’d gotten what they wanted. When they don’t get what they want they act like two year olds having a temper tantrum because someone took their favorite dolly away from them.

The episode began with Kol addressing the empty venue where the graduation was to be held. In attendance were all the sacrifices that were used to create the Expression Triangle. I’ve never liked Kol and thought he was a rabid dog with no personality and didn’t get why all these fans were wetting their pants over him, but I’ll give the devil his due. I agreed with what he said. The so-called heroes of this town were willing to sacrifice anyone and bring hell upon earth and raise Silas all to make sure Elena got the cure. He’s right. They deserved payback. Unfortunately, they didn’t really get it.

All they got was a two second vampire migraine before Klaus showed up with his hero hair and used one of the graduation hats to decapitate one of the dead witches, then threatened to do the same to the others, so they gave up and ran away. Seriously, they couldn’t also give Klaus a migraine? But it was all so Klaus could show up and be little Caroline’s little hero and give the Klaroline shippers one more episode they could pant about. Not only did he give his blood to cure Damon of a werewolf venom and let Tyler free, kissed little Caroline, vowing he’d be the last man she loved and hopefully took off permanently never to be seen on this show, again. Bye, bye, worst villain ever to grace this show. I don’t mean that he was a good villain, I mean he was a poor excuse for one.

The group of ghosts that were the most threatening where the Borg Vampire Hunters, but they were also taken care of relatively easy. Connor called up Elena to threaten the people at the Mystic Grille, and Ric showed up and took took him on a wild goose chase for where he dumped Silas only for Ric to show up and take care of him, too. Basically all the ghosts were pretty much much ado about nothing. You never got the feeling anyone was in any real danger from them.

You also didn’t feel any real fear Damon was going to bite it from his the werewolf venom, knowing either Klaus would give him some more blood or Damon would be given the cure. It was pretty much a big nothing.

Bonnie concealed from everyone she was dead. She went to graduation and received her diploma and was non-committal about going off to college with Elena and Caroline. Seriously, why are they even considering going off to college, when they never went to high school and they must have compelled their teachers to give them passing grades.

Bonnie eventually revealed to Jeremy she was dead. When she kissed him goodbye he came back to life. After closing the veil, Bonnie left with her Gran and told Jeremy to tell everyone she was spending the summer with her mother. But is Bonnie really dead? Look at Jeremy. His body burned up in the Gilbert House but he’s suddenly alive even though his body was destroyed. You don’t think they’ll find a way to bring her back when no one even knows she’s dead? I mean, can the show really operate without their Miss Fix-It to get them out of the writing corners the writers write the show in?

If this really was the last time we see Bonnie, it was a craptastic send-off for a season one character. She didn’t get to say a tearful goodbye to Elena or anyone and just slunk off with her grandmother? It does give credence to Bonnie fans complaining over the way Plec has always treated this character. Even in death she got no respect.

Plec also gave the Rebekah/Matt shippers their pay-off, even though the characters have no chemistry between them and the shippers for this duo are of the convenience shipper variety. Alexander made Matt stand on a time bomb, but Rebekah kissed him and saved him. Then he agreed to spend the summer traveling with her, but then afterwards it would be all forgotten cause he doesn’t want a vampire in his life. Whatever!

We also got a game of hot potato where the cure was involved. Damon gave the cure to Elena, then when Elena found out he had a werewolf wound she wanted Damon to take the cure but he refused and took it back from her and gave it to Vaughn the hunter, then Ric wanted to shove the cure down Damon’s throat but he’d rather die than be human again. Then Elena had the cure back, again, and gave it to Stefan, but Stefan gave it back to her. Which was a good thing, since having that cure ultimately saved her life.

Plec said she wanted to have a Dynasty moment between Elena and Katherine and when I read that I rolled my eyes in disgust. Katherine was about to kill Elena when she shoved the cure down Katherine’s throat. Yep, Katherine is now human. Who cares? She’s nothing but a recurring character that sometimes doesn’t appear for almost an entire season.

I guess I’m more curious over her ranting that Elena stole her life. Yeah, how? I can blame Elena for a lot, but just how did Elena steal Katherine’s life from her? Katherine was the one who played dead, if she means because Elena is now the girl between Stefan and Damon. If she’s still whining about Elijah choosing Klaus over her, that’s not Elena’s fault, either. Face facts, dummy, that’s your wimp@ss Elijah’s fault. He chose Klaus over you even though Klaus wouldn’t even stop hunting you for him when he asked him to. Doesn’t say much about his feelings for you, does it?

Damon was the one who should have gotten the cure, but Plec caved into the Internet fans whining they didn’t want it to be Damon. Damon never chose to be a vampire. He was killed by his father and manipulated by his brother to complete the transition. If Damon had become human again, he could have journeyed to the point he made the choice to become a vampire of his own freewill. But God forbid Damon actually have a good story that isn’t about DE, and actually about Damon as a person, right?

Speaking of DE, Elena chose Damon because he made her feel alive when she was dead. So unlike what Katherine taunted Damon about a couple of weeks ago, he finally got the girl. Hopefully, this will lead to some kind of character development for Damon. Hopefully, it’ll build up his self-esteem because he finally got picked over Stefan. One can but hope.

Speaking of Stefan, he went to dump Silas’ body and Silas revealed that Stefan is his doppelganger. He staked Stefan, shoved him into a box and threw him in the water. You can’t know how disgusted I am that he’s Silas’ doppelganger. I wanted it to be Damon, instead. The best villain this show had was season one Damon. If Ian Somerhalder got to play Silas, you’d have a real villain on the show. With Paul Wesley playing Silas it’ll just be Stefan being called Silas. Ian Somerhalder has created several different versions of Damon: innocent human Damon, Damon after his transformation into a vampire, emotionless Damon, and bad@ss Damon. Paul Wesley plays human Stefan, vampire Stefan and Ripper Stefan no differently. Despite all the hype from the media and fans, I couldn’t even tell Ripper Stefan was on blood unless he told me so, that’s how ungreat his performance was. But Paul wanted to play another bad guy and Mommy Julie gave her baby what he wanted. Hopefully, it was a going away present, and this woman will be leaving with her precious Originals and she won’t be back.

So what’s to look forward to for next season: if Bonnie is truly gone, how the gang actually deals with their problems without relying on magic to fix everything for them. In short, actually having to fight their own battles and finding their own solutions to their problems. Will Human Katherine, if she sticks around for long, remind Damon of the woman he originally fell in love with and be a threat to this DE relationship? And since Silas can’t reunite with his true love, who will he pick as his new epic romance?


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