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The Vampire Diaries -- 10 Reasons I'll Never Root For DE To Be Endgame

Updated on April 11, 2013

To see the way I constantly trash the Damon and Elena pairing, you’d never know at one time I was actually rooting for them to get together. I’d only seen a few episodes from the end of season two. Then I watched all of season one and two, and let’s say the thrill was gone. Anyway, here are my top ten reasons for why I’ll never root for them as a couple.

10. The writers sabotaged their first love scene: By this time I’ve gotten the message the show has no interest in doing Damon and Katherine, so I thought I’d watch the Damon and Elena love scene to see if I could get into it and them. Only the writers totally ruined it by constantly cutting away to obnoxious Caroline yammering on about a sire bond. They could have had her yammer before the love scene happened or after it happened, but to constantly interrupt it to have her yammering completely ruined the scene. The constant cutting away made the scene feel choppy and talk about ruining the mood. There was absolutely no way you could even get into the scene.

9. The fake flashback in the season 3 finale: There is no way the Damon who supposedly met Elena first is the same Damon that came to town in season 1. The flashback is completely bogus and just added to throw DE shippers a bone when Elena chose Stefan over Damon, again. Unfortunately, it seriously comprises the integrity of the story having done it. It’s not the first time Julie Plec has pulled rubbish like this. She did the same when she added the fake scene of Katherine coming back to kiss Dead Stefan and pretend like Damon didn’t exist. Only problem is in season one Damon described seeing all the vampires taken to the church and burned alive, so there’s no way that scene could have happened.

8. A horrible first kiss: A first kiss is usually romantic or passionate, but Damon and Elena’s first kiss happened so Damon would have something to really feel guilty about over lusting after his brother’s girlfriend. There was one word for this first kiss…YUCK! Damon had the perfect kiss with Katherine when he mistook her for Elena. Too bad when the real thing happened it was lacking on every front.

7. Elena doesn’t understand or accept Damon: If Damon acts like himself, Elena doesn’t like Damon or want him around. You can’t love something who you don’t accept. Accepting someone as they are and loving them in spite of it is love. Wanting them to behave like their brother isn’t.

6. Damon has screwed or killed practically every member of Elena’s family: Maybe before Damon knew Elena it was okay him sexing up and killing her bio-mom, but after he was supposedly in love with her he snapped her brother’s neck right in front of her because he was upset Katherine rejected him. Sorry, but if you truly love someone, they’re family is off limits. And you don’t whack a member of their family because another woman hurt your feelings.

5. Damon likes to have sex with women who have harmed Elena: Yeah, nothing says love like having sex with a woman that kidnapped or tried to kill a woman you claim you’re in love with. It’s another ridiculous element in this so-called DE romance. Usually when someone harms the one you love, you want to kill them, not bed down with them. Damon wanted to kill Mason when he almost harmed Stefan. So what’s wrong with this picture? Maybe it’s because Damon only thinks he loves Elena. See the next reason…

4. Damon was brainwashed into loving Elena: In one ear he had people telling him that Katherine never loved him, and in the other ear he had people telling him that he loved Elena. There was never a defining moment we actually saw Damon falling in love with Elena. He was still holding on to Katherine as of 2.01 and after that there was no point where he would have suddenly fallen in love with Elena.

3. Elena had Stefan break Damon’s neck for her: When Elena got Stefan to break Damon’s neck because she found him to be a nuisance to her that should have been the end of this DE nonsense. To add insult to injury she wasn’t the least bit guilty or sorry for what she did. She told him if he was mad about it to get over it. Unfortunately, Julie Plec won’t let go of this nightmare triangle and keeps beating a dead horse. Of course, she always manages to find a way to make DE substandard to SE. SE fell in love naturally, while it took a sire bond to supposedly bring Elena’s feelings for Damon out in the open.

2. Elena makes Damon miserable: Damon has to turn himself inside out trying to be what Elena wants him to be. He can only pretend what she wants him to be for so long before he cracks and behaves like himself, and then Elena scorns and derides him for his behavior. It’s a completely unhealthy relationship from Damon’s side of things. You can’t be happy trying to be something you’re not. You have to be yourself in a relationship and be accepted as you are.

1. Damon and Elena don’t hold a candle to Damon and Katherine: I highly doubt the writers planned it this way, but Damon and Katherine have had the most romantic relationship on this show. It’s managed to escape the ugliness that most of the relationships this show pushes wallow in; that probably why the show has no interest in pursuing it. What made it so romantic is Damon and Katherine accepted each other as they were. Damon was willing to become a vampire just to be with Katherine, forever. Damon was faithful to Katherine for decades. He spent a century and a half trying to find a way to rescue her from the tomb. Then you have Katherine giving up her chance for freedom from Klaus to save Damon’s life. That’s the stuff real romance is made of and Damon and Elena are lacking in every category.

The sad fact is the writers have never written Damon and Elena as a real couple. For the people who are so convinced they’re going to be the couple standing at the end of the show, I think they’re going to be in for a very nasty surprise. You don’t write a couple you see as the couple ending up together by sabotaging their first sex scene so it’s anything but sexy and romantic. You don’t have their first kiss be about feeling guilty about having feelings for someone. That’s just not how you write a couple you intend to end up together in the end.

I realized that fact a long time ago, and I jumped off the DE ship, because it’s the Titanic. Like that fateful journey people took on that ship, this couple is doomed. This is not a couple that has happily ever after written on them. A more appropriate epitaph for this couple is, “Rest in peace.”

Who do you think will be endgame when all the dust from the triangle finally settles?

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