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The Vampire Diaries -- 3.10 -- The New Deal?

Updated on January 6, 2012

Just What Was The New Deal?

Not really sure. I suppose it could be Elena/Klaus' deal. Otherwise the title didn't make too much sense.

I wasn't really as excited as everyone else about this new episode, as I heard there was going to be a big DE moment and the writers have made such a mess of this DE thing, I just wish they would bury it and let it die. At one point, I thought it had potential, but it's been written in such an ugly and romantic way, I just want it to go away.

I really enjoyed it. Apparently, I'm in the minority on that one. Compared to some of the other episodes this season, I thought it was very good. Although there wasn't much groundwork laid out for the character motivations and a lot of the plot lines were recycled from previous seasons.

One of the biggest WTF moments had to be Elena and Alaric suddenly giving a crap about Jeremy. For the first nine episodes neither could give a care to Jeremy. Elena was obsessed with Stefan and the only Gilbert Alaric cared about was Elena. But suddenly Elena is the concerned and caring sister and Alaric is all concerned about Jeremy. Jeremy got fired from the Mystic Grille [there goes the Matt/Jeremy budding friendship] and Jeremy cheated on a paper for class.

In another WTF moment, Tyler and Jeremy are hanging out together, after dropping the friendship like a hot rock. Turns out Klaus told Tyler to do it to get Jeremy's vervain bracelet from him so Klaus could compel him.

Tyler is apparently public enemy numero uno now that he's been sired by Klaus. Elena and Alaric and rude and nasty to him when Jeremy invites him to dinner. Elena can't grasp the term of being sired anymore than she can the term of being compelled.

Klaus has returned and tells Damon and Elena that as long as they mind their p's and q's he won't bother them. He also wants back what Stefan took from him. He even pays Damon a visit at home wanting Damon to get the coffins back for him, but Damon refuses to be his lackey, so Klaus makes a phone call to show Damon the consequences of saying no to him.

In shades of season 2 when Jenna was compelled by Katherine to stab herself when Katherine called her on the phone, Klaus calls up Jeremy and tells him to go out in the street and stand in front of an oncoming car. The car is driven by Tony the hybrid who earlier had been stalking Elena while she jogged. Alaric shoves Jeremy out of the way and takes the hit himself.

Afterwards, something goes wrong with Alaric's resurrecto ring, but when Elena tries to get Alaric help, Tony the hybrid prevents it. Enter Jeremy who chops off Tony's head. Seems the writers finally decided to listen to viewers who have been saying for some time that one of these invincible Originals could be whacked if you just chopped off their head.

Alaric is taken to the hospital where he meets Dr. Meredith Fell and he recovers thanks to some blood from Damon. Big question is this: Is Dr. Fell any relation to Logan Fell, who was Jenna's ex-boyfriend and who got turned into a vampire when he was killed.

In another blast from the past, this time, season one, Elena and Alaric have Damon compel Jeremy to leave town to start a new life and to forget all about Mystic Falls so he can lead a normal life away from town.

Bonnie has been having dreams about the old mansion in the woods. She sees a coffin and in it is Klaus clutching his dead mommy's necklace. She goes there and runs into Stefan who enlists her help. She tries to open the coffin that she saw Klaus in in her dreams, but it won't open, and she believes it's close by magic and in it may be the key to finally defeating Klaus.

Bonnie tells Elena where she saw Stefan and she and Damon go there to confront him. The bwitches are still butt sucking on Stefan's butt as they do nothing to him while he's in the house, but are still burning Damon if he enters. Of course, there'll never be any explanation why the bwitches are a bunch of Stefan fan girls. Stefan tells Elena he doesn't care if Klaus kills Jeremy and she slaps him. So Damon tells her to let him handle Stefan. He risks being burned by the bwitches to confront Stefan.

During one of their many boy fights where one usually ends up staking the other, Stefan tells Damon why he screwed up the plan; it was to save Damon. He leaves out the fact that it was Katherine that got Stefan to save Damon or that she told him she loved Damon. Damon says he wants to be partners with Stefan. Stefan agrees, but just them and no Elena. The bwitches allow Damon to enter because their beloved Stefan wishes it. Stefan reveals the bwitches are using a spell to cloak the coffins so if anyone enters they can't see the coffins.

In shades of Elena and Elijah, Elena cuts a deal with Klaus. She shows him Rebekah's body and tells him if he resurrects her, Rebekah will want to kill her for staking her and that Rebekah also won't be happy with Klaus, because she now knows Klaus killed her mommy. Klaus unstakes for two seconds, because he can't put her in her coffin face-down so he can shove the stake in her front instead of her back so he can pop her back in her coffin the right way.

Damon tells Elena the real reason Stefan messed up the plan; to save him. Then he says if he's going to feel guilty about wanting his brother's girlfriend he may as well have something to really feel guilty about and grabs her and kisses her. It wasn't a good kiss. It pretty much was lacking on every level.

I've said that the kiss Damon and Katherine shared at the end of Founder's Day was the perfect first kiss, and the kiss Damon shared with Elena on the same spot wasn't even fit to touch the hem of the Damon/Katherine kiss. There was none of the feelings or passion that the Damon/Katherine kiss had. There was no shot of Damon walking away touching his lips because they were still burning from the kiss. It was just a bad kiss. The one-sided death bed kiss was better than this because at least real emotions were involved.

Anyway, I thought it was a good episode. There was an interesting parallel. Stefan kept from Damon that Katherine was the one behind saving his life, while Damon revealed to Elena that Stefan had good reasons for what he did. If Stefan had told Damon about Katherine would Damon had kissed Elena? I guess we'll never know.


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