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The Vampire Diaries -- A Brand New Day?

Updated on October 5, 2013

Can the show turn itself around?

I'm not even sure why I'm still watching this show as this show has practically ruined everything I cared about on the show. However, the two big things bringing the show down appear to be gone for the moment, so I'm hoping the show might get back to the quality it once had in season one and season two. Of course, Caroline Dries, who I believe is the new show runner could be a cosmic twin of Julie Plec, so I'm not really expecting much.

With The Originals gone the show can finally get back to The Vampire Diaries. It also means the end of some pretty repulsive pairings that never made any sense. Like Caroline and Klaus. He tries to murder her then develops a crush on her and sick creature she is she starts returning his feelings. YUCK! It just made the character seem like a total airhead more so than usual. Most people do not find being almost murdered by a psycho twice to inspire romantic feelings in them.

Speaking of Caroline, she's still an unlikable bitch. She and Elena are off at college and she was acting all bitchy to their roommate. The dimwitted blonde apparently never heard of something called protein water. She thought she was cute getting into the roommates stuff until she got a mouth full of vervain, which made me cheer. Too bad it didn't melt her tongue off. Might teach her a lesson to keep her hands off other people's stuff.

It also means an end to the ridiculous Elijah/Katherine rubbish. Daniel Gilles has been practically wetting himself pushing for a romantic pairing on the show with Nina Dobrev. For years Elijah has worshiped Elena. Then in a blink of an eye he was willing to kill her for his great love for Katerina [who he promptly abandoned to go play wet nurse to his psychotic brother who'd been trying to kill his beloved Katerina for 500 years.] Yeah, that was some believable romance. Julie Plec wouldn't put her precious triangle in jeopardy to give her Sweet Baby Daniel what he wanted, so she just drummed up some unbelievable insta-romance with a woman who tried to murder him and who he tried to imprison for the rest of her life. Another of those sick icky romances Julie Plec thinks is romantic.

Speaking of the now human Katherine [what a waste of the cure and what could have been a good story], she showed up at Damon's wanting him to protect her. He was willing to oblige. He even offered to make her a vampire, again, but she's afraid if she dies she'll stay dead because she took the cure. She said someone was after her. And that someone happens to be Silas. I'm going to call him Stylas since he's a hybrid of Stefan and Silas, sort of. He tried to drown her in the bath tub when she started coming on to him. That moment gave me a good chuckle. But even though she's not a vamp, she managed to get away from him.

Stylas got outted pretty quick to Damon when he touched Jeremy and Jeremy could tell he was an imposter. Stylas wants to kill Katherine for some reason. He offered to trade Stefan for Katherine and for once in his life Damon actually decided bros before hos was the way to go. Unfortunately, Katherine caused Jeremy's car to crash and nearly killed him while she hobbles off into the nether.

Damon came upon Jeremy and gave him his blood to save him. He actually acted like he cared if Jeremy lived or died. Unfortunately, since the show has reduced everything Damon feels into relation to Elena, he probably only cared because he was worried how it might affect Elena if Jeremy died, again.

Speaking of Jeremy, it's ridiculous that he's alive. His body was burned up. The only reason people like Damon, and Katherine and Silas and The Originals are still alive is because they still have their original bodies. Just another little fact Plec decided to ignore. Plec has made death meaningless on this show. I didn't cry about Bonnie dying because she's still hanging around as a ghost. Since keeping Silas down requires Bonnie to be alive, she'll probably also be resurrected somehow.

Jeremy still hasn't told anyone she's dead and presumably he's sending postcards to her father from her on her world vacation. Actually, turns out her father may be able to see Bonnie, after all. Stylas wanted to prove he can mass mind control a crowd so he slit Bonnie's father's throat in front of a crowd and made them not react to that. So now all of Bonnie's family are dead. Seriously, she should stay dead so she can stay with her family. So the town will be needing a new mayor.

Julie Plec as a writer has the worst flaw a writer can have in that she's a coward. She's too afraid to take risks as a writer. If you want to kill a character off, kill them off and write them off the show. Don't find some lame way to bring them back to life or have them hang around as Casper the friendly Ghost.

Bonnie truly is the Rodney Dangerfield of characters. By having no one know she died, her passing didn't even get mourned by her so-called friends. Even her mother got mourned. That's really kind of sad and pathetic. She doesn't even get a grave stone where people could put flowers on it.

Unfortunately, in the season five premiere one infestation still remains. Good old Rebekah hasn't flown the coop yet and we have to endure her ridiculous fling with Matt. Matt dumped Caroline even though he loved her because he didn't want to be with a vampire. But he can get involved with the chick that nearly murdered him and is the reason the girl he still loves got turned into a vampire. Yeah, that's really believable. But some people tweeted Plec on Twitter they wanted this, so Plec wants to make her Twitter buddies happy. Who cares if it makes no sense story-wise.

Some girl Matt met on the road with his bed buddy Rebekah came to town and Matt followed her down an alley. Then some guy grabbed Matt and they did something to him and his eyes turned black before going back to normal. Maybe this is how the Original Sister will be sent packing and we'll be free of the last Original at last.

The roommate Bitcholine doesn't like gets killed by a vampire and it isn't Elena or her, so they realize there's another vampire at college. The local law claims the girl killed herself. Hopefully this chick is been mind controlled or she's a worst cop than Liz. Yeah, sure, she has a chunk bitten out of her neck. That's absolute proof she killed herself.

Going through the girl's phone Elena finds a picture of her father. So now she's determined to stay and investigate to find out how her father is involved in this.

Stefan is still trapped in his underwater tomb and keeps dreaming of Damon who urges him to shut his emotions off. He's about to do that when a vision of Elena begging him not to turn it off for her comes to him.

My dearest wish is Caroline Dries stops catering to Paul Wesley's whims the way Plec does. He wants to play another villain so he gets this Silas storyline. I'm sorry, but I never bought into the hype about how great he was as The Ripper. He didn't play the part any different than he's played human Stefan or Animal Blood Stefan. I'll just be glad when this Silas stuff is over because it's not Must See TV.

Neither is the Human Katherine story. The cure should have been given to a vampire who didn't choose to become a vampire and was given a second chance at being human. Katherine chose to be a vampire. There's no real pathos and story to her being human, again. Someone like Damon or Caroline or Stefan would have been better. After they'd been a vampire could they go back to being a human? But this is more of Plec's storytelling cowardice. She thought if she had made it Damon, who was the logical choice since he was so against it, her Twitter followers might get mad. So a potentially good story is ruined.

Despite my complaints I actually enjoyed this episode. It was so nice having the show back and the Originals gone from it. It felt like the hijackers had been taken away and the show could finally get back to where it left off two years ago before the Original invasion. It'll be interesting to see the show goes from here. In a real way the show is getting a fresh start. Let's see where they take it.


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