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The Vampire Diaries -- A Note To Julie Plec

Updated on June 28, 2012

Stop killing off good villains so you can keep your lame villain around

One of the most frustrating thing to watch on season three of The Vampire Diaries was watching three of the most promising villains this show had all season be killed off within a couple of episodes after being introduced all so Plec could keep her lame poor excuse for a villain Klaus around. I don't buy for an instant she ever planned to kill Klaus off at the end of this season, not the way she's been gushing about him all season and going on about him being a hero and a villain who should be given a hug when he does bad things. I think she was just blowing smoke up everyone's butts.

The villain that had the most potential to be the biggest threat and to add a lot of much needed tension and danger to Mystic Falls was Mikael Mikaelson. It always cracks me up when a parent names a child the same name as the last name. I remember a boy from grade school, I think it was, and his name was Robert Roberts. Although that's better than my unpronounceable last name.

Anyway, Mikael was a different kind of vampire. He was the first vampire and he didn't feed on humans, he fed on his fellow vampires. If he had been allowed to kill Klaus or failing that Klaus had managed to escape and run from town like the little coward he is like he did before, Damon, Stefan and company would have had a real threat to deal with on their hands. They would have had a big problem trying to figure out how to get rid of Mikael now that they'd set him free to deal with Klaus. Instead Mikael was killed within two episodes so Klaus could reign free and we had to endure a pissing contest between Klaus and Stefan that made no sense. Just exactly why did Stefan think he had cause to want revenge against Klaus, anyway? He cut a deal with Klaus to be his slave for 10 years and only had to serve a couple of months. He had no cause for revenge. It was a stupid storyline that basically went nowhere fast. But Plec wanted to keep Klaus around when he wasn't really doing anything much to anyone in town and wasn't even a threat to anyone after he made his siege on the school. But Mikael had to go because he was a threat to Klaus and when he went up in flames so did a lot of story potential that would have been better than the story that was told.

The second best villain introduced was Evil Alaric or as I called him, Dick. Damon and Alaric had a great friendship until Plec spent all of season three ruining it. I still think she did it because she wanted her pet bromance of Klaus and Stefan to be the only male friendship on the show, even though they don't even qualify friends on any level. Every chance she gets, Plec gushes about the great Stefan and Klaus bromance that exists only in her mind, as someone who blackmails you into become addicted again or he'll let your brother die, is not someone you would even call a friend. Nevermind making Stefan bite the girl he loves and making him promise to be his slave for 10 years.

Anyway, Alaric was turned into a super duper vampire killing machine and his prime directive was to kill The Originals. Matt Davis was better at being Klaus than Joseph Morgan ever was, and he was equally good as Dick. The show could have had a great villain. How would Damon deal with his once best friend now being an evil monster set on wiping all vampires off the planet. Would any of Alaric have survived and could Dick and Ric's personalities merge into a less murderess personality? We'll never know, because like Mikael, Alaric was dispatched within two episodes so Plec's Sweet Baby Klaus could reign free.

Granted, Matt Davis had a job on another show, so he couldn't do double-duty. That being the case, why not just keep Alaric as the evil Mystic Falls Council Killer and have Damon be forced to kill him when everyone realized nothing could save Alaric and he was going to go the same way as Elena's ancestor did when she was wearing the same ring? Why take the effort to turn Dick into another fake threat against Klaus? It's not like we haven't been subjected to these fake threats all season long, so we could have done without another one of them.

Of course, the writing was on the wall the instant it was revealed Dick was linked to Elena, which made absolutely no sense. So, Esther went through all the trouble to make Alaric some immortal Original killing machine only to link him to a human that could easily be killed. As I said, that makes absolutely no sense, at all. But it was Plec's way of laying groundwork for the stupid plot twist of Elena becoming a vampire by season's end.

The last potential great villain was Esther. I named her third for all her bad logic fails. She wants Klaus dead, but when her kids are about to kill him, she stops them. Apparently it was so she could kill them all, at once, but she could have still done that and let them kill Klaus, any way. Just another of Plec's lame ways of saving her sweet baby Klaus from being harmed. And her plot to kill her kids made no sense when if she could turn them back into humans, why kill them. Wouldn't she have the children she loved back? It was being vampires that was making them evil. So instead of killing them, why not just turn them back into humans so she can have her children back and let them live out their normal life spans? That way she could right the wrong she did against them. And I already mentioned the stupidity of linking Alaric to that dimwit Elena if she really wanted him to be around long enough to kill all her kids.

Anyway, the upshot is three great villains who could have added a lot of drama to the show have been dispatched so Plec can keep her lame pet villain who is also a hero Klaus around so he can continue to prance a lot and dance a lot and draw pictures of ponies and crush on teenage girls. Oh, the inhumanity!


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    • Timdestroyer8 profile image

      Timdestroyer8 5 years ago from California

      Your hatred makes me strong. While, I agree that klaus needs to go off and die even if that means losing Tyler. As for the turning vampires human plot point, I think it could be written off as a temporary spell fiasco. And the magic thing with alaric can work if you think it's just elena's blood or special nature as a doppelganger which makes her a suitable anchor.

      Honestly, half the annoying issues could be explained with witchcraft but I imagine that leaves a bad taste. But I do agree it hurts the story. For example, damon should've killed alaric like he killed rose. And klaus, eventhough I like, needs to be killed because he'll just drag the story down the same plot threads.

      Also, poor Tyler got his character arc messed with in that he's still a slave to klaus. He must be asking why julie plec hates him, unless there's a big payoff of course.

      Man I'm enraged you seem to have Vampire Diaries cornered here. Ugh, the jealousy.