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The Vampire Diaries -- Before Sunset

Updated on May 6, 2012

I actually enjoyed this episode for sadistic reasons

I know everyone loves Caroline but I've been always the odd duck in the group quacking to the beat of a different drummer and I honestly can't stand her. I loved seeing Alaric snap her neck and drag her across the pavement. I also enjoyed him telling Elena good, too. And the topper, of course, was seeing Klaus put down. So, yeah, I really enjoyed this episode. Not enough to want to rewatch it, but it's the first entire episode I've actually enjoyed since 3.09.

For the second week in a row the episode didn't begin with Elena, which was a joy to behold. I wonder if someone had a little chat with Julie Plec and told her to cool it on the Elena overkill. At least I can hope they did. Because seeing that airtime hog at the start of an episode when I know she'll be shoved in every story and everything is going to be made all about her left a really bad taste in my mouth at the start of the episode.

The episode begins with the new big bad ugly in town, Dick. You know he's not Ric. It's early in the morning and Dick's in Ric's classroom. If it were Ric, he'd be ditching school and bellying up to the bar. His classroom is empty; probably because no one is used to attending his class. Actually, the whole school is empty. I'm not surprised. I doubt many of the students attend school on a regular basis.

Two students are at the school: Rebekah and Caroline are cleaning up the remains of the Decade Dance. Rebekah's not a happy camper because she's cleaning up a dance she planned but didn't even get to attend. Caroline's left her snotty nasty bitch attitude at the door that's she's donned all season long, and is channeling season 2 Caroline who was likable and tolerable. She expressed sympathy for Esther's death and Rebekah does likewise for Alaric.

Dick gets tired of sitting in his classroom alone and comes upon Rebekah in the hall and he goes on the attack. Caroline helps her escape from him and they run out the door. Dick snaps Vampire Barbie's neck and drags her back into the school while Rebekah just watches and does nothing to help. No good deed goes unpunished, does it? Apparently, while Esther was melting Alaric's ring she didn't make some protecto jewelry to replace the ring so Dick could walk out in the sun Or maybe Ric's shiv in the back prevented her from getting the chance of making him some protective jewelry.Whatever the case he's literally smoking when he finally gets Miss Caroline back in the school. Bummer!

So, while Dick is a super duper vampire who is impervious to the magical white oak ash stake coated with the melted resurrecto ring, he does have one weakness. He can't walk in daylight. Which makes him a classic horror movie vampire who walks the night tracking his victims. Might add an air of danger to the nights that they currently don't have in Mystic Falls, anymore.

Meanwhile Damon brought Bibbity Bobbity Bonnie to Elena's where Stefan answered the door. He dropped by for once without Elena having to beg him to come over or to beg him to spend time with her. However, Jeremy didn't roll out the red carpet for him. In fact, he asked if they couldn't have one day without seeing a vampire. Alas, SE hearts around the country broke as they had to mark Jeremy off their tally of being Team Them. They assumed because Jeremy was anti-DE that made him pro-SE. But alas, Jeremy is anti-Salvotore, be it Damon or Stefan. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, Damon tells Stefan that Alaric is alive and out to extinguish the life of every vampire walking the face of the planet. For once the boys aren't worried about Little Elena and the newest threat in town being all about her. And why should they? She's not a vampire. Why would she have anything at all to do with this story? Why? Because Julie Plec thinks she has to be shoved in every story and have it made all about her. The Salvatore Boys aren't up on that little bit of intel or they'd be worried about their dimwitted girlfriend who gets a call from Dick to come to the school or else he's going to kill Vampire Barbie.

Okay, if you think about this, this makes absolutely no sense, at all. Dick supposedly wants to kill vampires, so he's got one in his possession but he uses her to get the Teen Queen to come to the high school. That makes absolutely no sense at all. It was just done to put her into the center of a story that has nothing to do with her. But fear not, Plec managed to link little Elena to this story, pun definitely intended. It seems that Dick is linked to Elena and if she dies, he dies. That's how you kill him. Even though Esther said last week that Dick would die when all the Originals were dead. Which seems to set up the little Martyr throwing herself on the blade to sacrifice herself to save all the vampires from being killed by Dick, and probably becoming one, herself. YUCK!

Anyway, Little Elena doesn't like tip off anyone about Dick so they could set a trap for him. He told her not to tell anyone and she obeys the villains when they tell her what to do. Like last week with Esther.

Esther: Come with me, Elena.

Elena: Sure, lead the way.

Meanwhile, Rebekah rushes home to tell Klaus that Dick is alive and that the white oak ash dagger doesn't work on him. She begs him to leave town with her, but he won't go without his hybrid making machine Elena. She reminds him of their vow, "Always and forever," and he's like, "Pfft!" And this is exactly why this BS this show sells about Klaus only wanting a family is pure BS. He has one in Rebekah and she's not good enough for him. He's dumped her several times and staked her several times. He doesn't have a family because he doesn't know how to treat a family. He thinks a family is to be slaves to all his whims and when they aren't he dumps them for the next best thing or sticks a knife in them and pops them in a casket.

Anyway, he also heads over to Elena's to come and get her. It's actually good she wasn't there, because if she'd come to the door the ninny would have just went with him, too. Just like she did with his mother, last week. This is why the stupid ninny always needs someone to save her worthless brainless hide.

However, Klaus gets Jeremy and you've got to know what he was thinking after his comments upon seeing Stefan and wanting a day without freaking vampires. "Oh, God, another one!" He wasn't impressed with Klaus. Neither was Damon or Stefan. I believe it was Damon who slammed the door in Klaus' face. Plec, by some miracle, decided to be true to the if you haven't been invited in you can't enter someone's house vampire rule, so Klaus was out in the cold.

For some reason, what followed next had me thinking of the old Three's Company theme song:

Come and knock on my door.

I'll be waiting for you.

Where the kisses are hers and hers and his.

Three's company, too.

You'll see that life is a ball, again.

Laughter is calling for you.

Down on our honeymoon.

Three is company too.

That's from memory so don't quote me on it being perfect. But you've got to admit the song goes with that scene. Klaus came knocking on the door and when he got the door slammed in his face, he picked up a ball and threw it. Life is a ball again. Then he started pulling the wood off the picket fence and Damon ducked then popped back up, "You missed me." Laughter is calling for you.

Or a better comparison might be The Three Pigs:

Klaus: Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in.

Damon, Jeremy and Stefan: Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins.

Klaus: Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in.

Actually in this case he got a propane tank and was going to burn them out. Probably something he did in the old days back in Transylvania.

Anyway, the boys realize Miss Elena is missing. Then Dick calls to let them know where dimwit is. So I guess all of this was done to lure the vampires to the school. Wouldn't the direct approach have been easier? If this is how he does the vampire slayer thing, the vampires have nothing to worry about.

This is supposed to be what Julie Plec believes is Klaus' heroism. She says Klaus is a hero and a villain. What she's trying to sell as heroics is the biggest and smelliest pile of hot fresh manure coming out of the horse's butt that you ever did smell and that horse's hind end the manure is coming from is Julie Plec, herself.

The Salvatore Boys ask Klaus to help them put down Dick and save Elena and since he wants Elena's blood he agrees. Someone should explain to Plec that doing something because it's in your own self-interest isn't called heroism or being a hero. Being a hero is what Damon did when Kol was breaking Matt's hand and he saved him, and not only didn't he get a bit of thanks from Matt, everyone disdained Damon for being self-destructive. Guess he should have just let Kol pitch Matt off the balcony like the Original Dickhead wanted to.

Anyway, a plan is made. Bonnie will do the dessication spell Abby did on Mikael and they'll incompacitate Dick and be rid of him. Remember how Abby disappeared and Bonnie had no idea where she was? Well, I guess she must have left a phone number, because Bonnie called her up and Abby was back within the hour to tell her how to do the spell. You really shouldn't try logic when you watch this show. It'll drive you crazy. You also shouldn't remember what happened in a previous show. It'll make your life easier. In short, just go with the flow.

To make the incompacitating spell work. Klaus, Stefan and Damon have to drink Bonnie's blood so they can link with her and lay hands on Alaric while she chants and makes Jeremy's heart stop. As with any Bonnie spell, it doesn't work as planned.

In the school I'm getting my jollies at the sight of Vampire Barbie with pencils stuck in her hands and a vervain-soaked gag in her mouth. None of them lifted a finger to rescue Damon when he was being tortured a whole lot worse because Stefan didn't want to do it, so I enjoyed this beyotch getting a little of her own payback. I also enjoyed Dick telling Elena a few home truths, too. What I didn't enjoy was the revisiting of this show trying to make her Buffy The Vampire Slayer when Dick wanted her to stake Vampire Barbie. That whole story was one big miss.

Instead of staking her vampire BFF, Little Elena threw vervain in Dick's face, instead, and released Caroline. Okay, get ready for Hero Klaus's next act of heroism. He grabbed Caroline as she ran into the hall and told her to go home. He promised to save Elena. The airhead believed him and thanked him. For what is still a mystery. Actually the big hero wanted her out of the way so she wouldn't stop him from kidnapping Elena and bleeding her dry. What a hero! But you have to remember Klausy is one of Plec's special ones. When he murdered Tyler and turned him into a hybrid Plec was going on about how everyone should hug Klaus because he wasn't given enough love as a child, while Tyler didn't even get an honorable mention and he was the victim.

In the hall, Dick grabbed Elena saying she didn't deserve to live, but then he let her go and I'm like, "Oh, God, not another one enthralled by her magic vajayjay." Even as Evil Dick the magic of Elena has touched him and he just can't go through with killing a magical and wonderful creature such as she. I wanted to puke at the thought of that. Then little Elena had a burst of brain power and figured out Dick's motives for not killing her were selfish, because Esther linked them and if he dies she dies. She tested her hypothesis by cutting her throat and he freaked out confirming her belief. This sickened me for a completely different reason, besides the fact it made no sense for Esther to do that. What if Elena dies before Dick completes his mission?.

You know it wasn't bad enough Elena's blood is so magical and special it can make hybrids and vampires, now it's linked her to Alaric. That way she can martyr herself by killing herself to kill Dick and becoming a vampire. The thought of her as a vampire sickens me. It'll be the worst thing to happen to this show if that's what happens. I also think if it happens both Katherine and Vampire Barbie will be put on the endangered species list because Plec wants no one to be as special as Elena so Vampire Barbie and Katherine would be standing in the way of Elena being the most special vampire ever. Again, I truly pray that that's not where this story going. Boring Elena would make an equally boring vampire. Please, Plec, don't go there. At least not til season six, which is supposed to be the last season for this show.

Klaus and Stefan have another of their chats. Stefan taunts Klaus about how close he and Damon have grown despite all of Klaus' attempts to come between them. Klaus says once they save Elena, he's taking her away with him. Stefan says he'll come too. That, plus the suggestion Stefan makes at the end of the show, is why I'll never be Team Salvatore. He loves Damon so much he has no problem leaving him all by himself.

The boys arrive and Dick easily snaps the necks of Damon and Stefan. Klaus manages to lay hands on Alaric's heart, but can't keep his grip, so the plan doesn't work. But it does give Klaus the chance to kidnap Elena and escape with her. Dick is standing over the Salvatores when they wake-up and he tells them they'll have to go over to Klaus' since he can't leave the high school until the sun goes down.

Back at Klaus' house, he's bleeding Elena dry so he can take her blood with him when he goes. He knows that to kill her will kill Dick, so he's cutting his loses, even though it'll limit the amount of hybrids he can make. Wanting to chat while he sucks her dry he wants to know which Salvatore brother she'd choose. She tells him to get bent.

Okay, flashback time. My own, not the show's. Remember in New Deal how both Elena and Ric treated Tyler like dirt and like he was something that crawled out from under a rock? Well, we should forget all that, because Elena was actually nice to him like that whole scene never even happened. When Klaus has got his back turned, Tyler frees her, only Klaus comes in and catches them. Elena whacks her head during the scuffle. Tyler reveals he's no longer sired to Klaus. Then the Salvatore boys rush in. Damon goes over to play handmaiden to Elena, while Stefan lays hands on Klaus [which no doubt gave Klaus a cheap thrill] and for some reason Bonnie thought it was Dick, she started chanting, she stopped Jeremy's heart and Klaus dried up like an over-ripe piece of fruit.

Bonnie starts to freak when she can't get Jeremy's heart started, again. He wakes up and they touch foreheads. I liked Bonnie and Jeremy because the pairing made sense being they both have lost most the people they loved and together they finally found someone to love. Unfortunately, the Bonnie fans want some supernatural super dude for Bonnie and trashed and bashed the pairing. I wonder if Jeremy will be able to see the dead any longer since Bonnie brought him back again, and that's how he originally began seeing ghosts when he died and she brought him back. If he's just normal again, the Bonnie fans will be even more deadset against the pairing. They want her paired with someone who killed her mother or tried to kill her. That's what they apparently find romantic.

The Salvatore boys walk Elena to her front door and she says she knows she must choose between them, but she hasn't because she knows she'll lose one of them. Stefan's answer to that is to suggest to Damon that the brother who doesn't get picked should leave town so Elena's fears can come true and Damon reluctantly agrees to it. Yep, Stefan finally has his brother back, and not once but twice he's thinking of leaving his brother. In short, Stefan never heard the saying of bros before hos.

Elena comes home to all her teen buddies having a booze party in her kitchen to celebrate the demise of Klaus the louse. Later, she's repainting Alaric's room when she keels over with blood gushing from her nose. Guess she should have had her head injury looked at instead of doing shots with her friends.

Finally, since night has fallen, Dick is out and about. He's convened a meeting of The Council. Damon's not there, because he's on the putting Klaus on ice mission. Dick calls out Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes because their kids are vampires. Strangely enough, he doesn't reveal that Damon is a vampire, too. Just what is his intentions? I don't know, but I doubt this was what Esther had in mind when she made him a super duper vampire. Sounds like the town will be looking for a new mayor and sheriff, not to mention planning a little staking party for Vampire Barbie and her hybrid boyfriend.

I actually enjoyed this episode, but like I said it was for sadistic reasons. I haven't been able to stand Vampire Barbie all season so seeing her gagged with pencils stuck through her hands felt a little payback for all of her crap I've had to endure. I loved hearing someone telling Elena her parents would be disappointed in her vampire loving ways opposed to everyone going on about how special and wonderful she is. And I just loved seeing Klaus dry up and fall to the floor like a withered leaf off of a fall tree. But knowing how in love Plec is with the character, she'll probably have him prancing around by next episode. But it was nice after all the family members this freak has staked he got a taste of his own medicine for once.


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    • profile image

      Deathofelena 5 years ago

      Yup i too enjoyed the brat elena being slammed into the wall and her blood being drained. She is worser than worse for a heroine. Unfortunately she is the main of the show so she wil be shoved into every story line. Glad that vb got some torturing. Was proud of tyler standing up to klaus. I am right there with you on this being the good epi since 3x09 .