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The Vampire Diaries -- Countdown To Shipper Armageddon

Updated on May 10, 2012


It started up a bit yesterday on Twitter. Members of the Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena fan groups were already starting to make threats if they aren't the chosen ones. If Elena doesn't choose Stefan I'm never going to watch the show again. If Elena doesn't choose Damon I'm never going to watch this show again. Both groups have been threatening for some time to take their marbles and go home if they don't get what they want. The problem is only one group can emerge the winner so the show was kind of in a damned if they do and damned if they don't situation. Although it wasn't helped by the revving up of both these groups by tossing bones to each group on alternating weeks. Unfortunately, the entire Vampire Diaries viewership is going to have to suffer as neither one of these groups will go gently into that dark night.

Even though the show wrapped filming weeks ago and what will be will be, both shipper groups have been madly trending their couple messages on Twitter. None of them had said this, but it seems they believe if they can keep trending their messages it has some power to get them what they want. Two of the most memorable and strange trends recently that stuck in my mind came from the Stefan and Elena fans. One was the creepy, "SE Are Undead." That really doesn't build a very romantic picture in your head upon reading it. It kind of makes you think of corpses. The other was, "Elena is in Stefan's pants," and that was just plain gross. It was a trend in response to the Damon and Elena fans trending, "Elena is in Damon's head." The Stefan and Elena fans, aka the SE's have even teamed up with the Bamoaner aka the Bonnie and Damon fans and they help each other trend their stuff, thinking it's going to get them what they want. They must think that or why do it over and over again.

Threatening to quit watching the show unless they get what they want isn't the only kind of threats both groups have made. A few have even crossed the line by making death threats. I don't like Julie Plec and I've made that abundantly clear, but I'm got going to tweet her, "Give me what I want or I kill you." That was an actual tweet a DE fan tweeted to the woman when she held an impromptu question and answer session on Tweeter awhile back. Maybe it's just me, but if someone tried to threaten me to get what they want, I'd make sure that was the last thing they got.

As the days have dwindled toward Finale Day or The Big Choice Day most of the spoilers that have been revealed have all been predominantly pro-Stefan. Elena and Stefan will share a kiss. Elena and Matt will get into an accident and the person that saved her from her parents' car accident will save her now. According to Stefan that person was him. So everything is in Stefan's favor. And unless Plec pulls a complete 180 Elena will choose Stefan since she's thought of nothing but Stefan since she met him. The only place there's been some grand Damon and Elena romance taking place on the show has been in the minds of the DE fan base. Damon and Elena have never shared a pure kiss for the sake of just wanting to kiss each other. Either it's because Damon's dying, or Damon wants something to really feel guilty about or Elena is experimenting to see what she really feels for Damon. Yet, the DE fan base is still holding out hope that because they believe they're the self-anointed supreme number one fan group they will get what they want.

Personally, I don't think either of the two dominant shipper groups will get any satisfaction by the time the credits roll. Yes, I think the SE's will be able to crow that Elena chose Stefan, but I also think something will happen to make that choice null and void, perhaps in Julie Plec's attempt to hang on to both shipper groups so neither will stop watching the show. Spoiler journalists have been hinting about some twist in one of the flashbacks that I have a feeling will give DE shippers hope that it's not over for them and they still have a chance. Plec may not be a great writer but she's a master at playing shipper groups for all their worth. She's kept the DE fan group hanging on believing they were going to get what they wanted for three years on pretty much nothing but nebulous fumes that have never emerged into anything really solid or real.

And for some reason I don't think the SE and DE fan bases will be the only shipper group that won't be happy campers by the time the finale is over. I'm still predicting Tyler dies in tonight's episode. If for some reason Plec brings back her lame pet character Klaus then there will be nothing standing in the way of the Klaus/Caroline pairing she seems more interested in writing than the Tyler/Caroline pairing she's given the shaft most of the season.

In less than eight and a half hours the finale will have aired and after it ends total shipper melt down may occur. To be on the safe side it may be best to stay off the Internet until the masses have cooled down. Or if you're the ghoulish type like me, pop on over to Twitter and have a front seat for possible Shipper Armageddon.


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