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The Vampire Diaries -- Damon and Katherine vs Stefan and Katherine -- Part Two

Updated on June 21, 2011

The Present

If the past makes you wonder what the real truth is, the present makes you wonder even more so. To say Katherine's behavior towards Damon makes no sense when she repeatedly claims she only loves Stefan is the understatement of the year.

I could accept her not loving Damon, except... Why does she intentionally seek him out. I could accept she only loves Stefan except... Why has her attempts to seduce him been so lame and ridiculous?

After going to Damon and provoking him to the point he finally breaks and kiss her, she tells him she never loved him and it was always Stefan when he wants to forget the past and start all over, if she'll tell him the truth. From there she goes over to Damon's ex-lover, Caroline, who he fed his blood to, and kills her so she'll turn into a vampire and gives her a message to deliver to the Salvatore brothers. The message gets delivered to Damon and he understands what it means while Stefan doesn't. Interesting enough, before Katherine hit town, Damon sent a message to her through his ex-lover, Isobel, a woman he'd turned into a vampire. Coincidence much?

When Katherine is next seen she's threatens Matt to get Caroline to help keep Elena away from Stefan's for the day, while she makes his big move on him. Her big move consisted of putting fake dreams in Stefan's head that mainly consisted of Damon and Elena getting together. Reading his diary. Talking about the past to try and convince him he really did love her. Threatening to kill his girlfriend. And ending it with stabbing him in the leg. Coincidentally, the last time she talked to Stefan telling him she knows he loves her, she also ended that conversation by stabbing Stefan in the stomach that time. Is anyone really surprised her seduction attempt, if you could call it that, didn't work?

At the Halloween Masquerade, Stefan and Damon trap her in a room where they plan to kill her. She spends most of the time insulting Damon, but strangely at one point, she tries to get Damon to kiss her. She also claims she's been watching Stefan all the years they've been apart, and even talks about a Bon Jovi concert he went to with Lexi. Here's the rub. When Stefan asked what he was wearing, she doesn't answer, and instead mouths, "I love you." It was also only a few episodes before she was reading Stefan's diary, so it's very possible she read about the concert in his diary and lied about having been keeping an eye on Stefan through the years. Damon and Stefan finally get the upperhand on Katherine and Damon locks her away in the tomb he thought she'd been rotting in for 145 years.

A few episodes later through a twist of fate, Stefan gets trapped in the tomb with Katherine. It's Katherine's big chance to finally land Stefan. So what does she do? Puts more dreams in Stefan's head. She's alone and trapped with this guy, and instead of putting actual moves on him, she only does it in his dreams. When he's awake, she again taunts him about Damon and Elena possibly getting together. Stefan issues her a challenge to prove herself to him, and she tells him to look into Isobel's research, and that's pretty much all she does to prove herself to him.

After Stefan escapes from the tomb, Damon visits her, bringing blood and fresh clothes for her. He wants to know if the dagger John Gilbert gave him will really kill Elijah, and she says if he kills Elijah, she'll be trapped in the tomb, forever. Damon doesn't care, all he cares is that he can kill Elijah. What Katherine doesn't tell Damon is that dagger will also kill Damon. Of course, since Damon didn't care if she'd be stuck in the tomb forever, she may have decided he deserved what he got. Once Elijah is dead, Katherine is free of the tomb, and what does she do?

She goes to Damon's room to take a shower and makes sure she stands in front of him naked and wet. Question is, if Stefan's the one she really wants, why didn't she do that to Stefan. During her stay in the Salvatore house, she spends all of her time with Damon, instead of using this chance to try and go after Stefan, again. She even crawls in Damon's bed in her sexy nightgown trying to seduce him.

In Katherine's last act with Stefan before Klaus gets his hands on her, she stabs him with a hypodermic needle and kidnaps Elena. She leaves him laying in the bushes and takes off.

So it really begs the question who does Katherine really love? Her attempts, and few they were, to land Stefan consisted of playing with the guy's head and physical violence against him. No surprise that she got no results with that kind of game play. Instead, she used her real seductive moves on Damon, the guy she claims she cares nothing about. She also ended the season saving Damon's life. So who does she really love?


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    • profile image

      Stefan ;) 5 years ago

      When Stefan asked what he was wearing, she doesn't answer, and instead mouths, "I love you."

      He didnt ask her that.He asked from who she was running from.If you dont belive me,watch the scene.

    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      Liked your hub. Great job!