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The Vampire Diaries -- Damon and Rebekah Could Be A Beautiful Love Story

Updated on September 26, 2012

Only problem is Julie Plec doesn't do beautiful

It's sad but true. Plec's has a very twisted idea of what's romantic and doesn't understand that certain things cross a line and cease making a couple viable. That for two people to get together after that line has been crossed makes them a toxic couple. Like Damon breaking Jeremy's neck or Elena having Stefan break Damon's neck. That's not romantic; that's ugly.

In 3.14 we saw a lot of parallels between Damon and Rebekah. The biggie was having a sibling deride them for feeling too much. That was followed by being rejected by the people they'd developed romantic feelings for. Feeling stomped on and rejected they both ended up at the Mystic Grille and ended up going home to Damon's and burning up the sheets together.

They treated it as a one night stand, then things took a turn for the worse. Damon seduced Rebekah to get information out of her and Rebekah retaliated by kidnapping and torturing him. At that point you'd think this relationship had no chance, but two important things happened that actually give this relationship a chance. Not one of Damon's supposed loved ones even tried to help or save him when they knew he was being kidnapped and tortured and when Brother Stefan finally showed up he just stood there watching Damon chained up and being bled without even making a move to release him. He was too busy having a pissing contest with his girlfriend, Klaus. It was Rebekah who was the only one who cared enough about Damon to let him go, thus saving his life. As for Damon, he didn't know until Rebekah kidnapped and tortured him that she really developed feelings for him and thought his feelings for her were real. Instead of inspiring hate from Damon for what she did to him, she may have inspired respect in him for not letting him get away with the way he treated her.

Afterwards, they got sucked back in by their respective crushes, who were just using them for their own purposes. Caroline asked Matt to play Rebekah and act nice to her to distract her so she could go off and rendezvous with Tyler, not that Rebekah even cared about either of them or what they were doing. While Stefan told Elena he wouldn't consider taking her back unless she could define her feelings for Damon, so the two arranged a situation for Elena to use Damon as a guinea pig so she could explore her feelings for him. They just neglected to let Damon in on the fact he was being used like a lab rat.

The sad thing is even if Matt and Elena had been playing it straight with Rebekah and Damon and not using them for their own purposes, relationships with these two would never work out. Rebekah would have to be on her p's and q's around Matt and not be herself, because he would never accept her as herself. He loved Caroline and he couldn't accept her. As for Elena, she doesn't accept Damon as he is and wants him to morph himself into his self-righteous priggish brother, Stefan. Damon can't be himself with her. Damon is at his best when he's paired with a bad girl like Katherine or Rebekah. He's not as good when he gets stuck with a self-righteous goody-goody like Elena.

Of course, since it was Rebekah standing in the road that caused Elena and Matt's car accident, could that make Rebekah permanently off-limits to Damon? Not necessarily. Damon was flirting with Rebekah when he was well aware she had tried to kill Elena, so would this be any different? Yes, he'll be mad at her, but the anger could give way to passion and possibly allowing Damon to develop real feelings for Rebekah.

Strangely the biggest fly in the ointment could be the fact Rebekah didn't care if she killed Matt as long as she got rid of Elena. This is the type of situation Julie Plec feels is the ultimate aphrodisiac to romance. Klaus ordered Tyler to kill Caroline and he then faked saving her life and since then Plec as been pushing them as a viable romance. Stefan stalked Elena. Tyler did nothing while his wolfie friend kidnapped and brutalized Caroline. Damon has killed and/or slept with nearly every one of Elena's relatives and Plec is still pushing them as a romance, and Elena having Stefan snap Damon's neck was treated as no big deal. This is the kind of junk Julie Plec likes to write and thinks of as romantic.

So, while Damon and Rebekah could be a beautiful love story, would Julie Plec and her taste for ugliness even be capable of writing it as it should be written?

I guess only time and season 4 will tell.


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