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The Vampire Diaries -- Deja Vu

Updated on November 1, 2013

Caroline Dries finishes what she started way back in Memory Lane

I was thrilled that by and large Julie Plec would be leaving the building along with her Originals and hopefully take her toxic presence with her. Unfortunately, she put her Siamese Twin Caroline Dries in charge. I once looked up who wrote the good episodes and who wrote the mediocre ones after being subjected to that piece of trash called Memory Lane, and Caroline Dries episodes were always the mediocre ones, which kind of explains why the writing currently is also very mediocre.

Established facts apparently mean nothing to Dries because everything she wrote in Memory Lane didn't fit with already established facts. Damon woke first as a vampire and he saw them drag Katherine into Fell's Church and set it on fire. Yet Dries revisionist history in Memory Lane has Katherine tonguing dead Stefan after escaping Fell's Church and just ignoring Damon lying there like he didn't exist. There's no way for the two scenes to coexist and both have happened.

This whole doppelganger explanation is right up there with that stuff. Since Amara was killed there was no reason for any shadow selves to be created. And if Stefan is Elena's Silas doppelganger than to make this whole true love's destiny stuff fit, how come Katherine and Tatia didn't have their own? It's bad sloppy writing where you dream up whatever pops out of your mind and you don't even try to make it consistent or believable and that's who has replaced Plec. Oh, joy!

Anyway, that last illogical scene Dries wrote in Memory Lane to prove Damon meant absolutely nothing to Katherine, Dries repeated in this episode to show Katherine means absolutely nothing to Damon as he tried to call her all for the love of Elena. So anyone still having a little bit of hope for Damon and Katherine ever getting together she finally succeeded in stamping out.

I feel like the real Damon Salvatore is dead and in his place is an Elena Bot who lives to make Elena happy. Nothing he does can be considered to be done out of genuine concern for anyone; it's only done because this is what will make Elena happy or what Elena would want him to do. As I always knew putting Damon with Elena would end up destroying this once great character and it has.

Anyway, because it would make Elena happy to have Bonnie back alive, Damon makes a deal with Silas. All he has to do is kill Stefan for him. This was Damon's case of deja vu. Remember back in season 3 when Stefan broke Damon's neck all for the love of Elena? Well, this time the shoe was on the other foot and Damon broke Stefan's neck all for the love of Elena and being able to give Bonnie back to her. He actually did it twice, but since Stefan ended up breaking Damon's neck, the Salvatore Brothers are now even and both have broken each others necks twice. Yuck!

Elena's moment of deja vu was when she met Aaron and compelled him to tell all and he started going on about how he's Graveyard Boy and how everyone around him is always dying. It was like listening to a male Elena. You could definitely see she was intrigued by that.

It turns out Maxfield is Aaron's guardian and he warns him to stay away from Elena. He also gives Elena a little warning of his own, "Drop out of college. We don't want you there." So I guess Maxfield won't be added to Elena's list of devoted swains.

Oetsiyah's moment of deja vu came when Silas starting trying to shine her on, again, telling her he knows she still loves him. Have to say this witch is as dumb as a box of rocks. Actually the rocks are probably smarter. Silas starts holding his head and she can't get he's Silas until Stefan walks in the door and tells her he's Silas. At that point she reaches in his chest and does something and he starts not looking so good.

On another note, for her spell to work she needs an anchor that the Travelers stole when they whacked her. So that's apparently going to be the big mystical object of the season, apparently. Last year it was Silas' headstone. I'm guessing this year it the dagger Matt was told to keep safe.

Katherine's moment of deja vu came when she got to have done to her what she did to Jeremy last year. Remember when she held a bleeding Jeremy to Silas' voracious mouth so he could suck Jeremy dry and she could steal the cure? Well, Damon did the same to her. Unfortunately, she didn't die and still lives.

Earlier, Nadia revealed she's the daughter that was given away. She had herself turned into a vampire to find her mommy.

Jeremy's moment of deja vu is wanting Bonnie to be real. Much like he wanted Ana to be real when her ghost was keeping him company a couple of seasons ago. Despite Bonnie telling him no, Jeremy encouraged Damon to cut a deal with Silas to try and resurrect Bonnie.

And Caroline's moment of deja vu came when Tyler told her he wasn't going to stay. He can't let Klaus get away with killing his mother. So he plans to have his revenge on Klaus the mouse. Caroline tells him if he leaves it's over between them. Don't cry, Care. You still have to spares waiting in the wings. Will it be Stefan or Jesse who will dry her vampire tears for her.

You know, since Plec got a bug up her butt about Klaus and Caroline being a couple she's treated Tyler like crap, constantly sending him off the show for mass episodes at a time. I thought with her baby Klaus on his own show that would stop. Apparently, not. It makes me wonder if she's doing it to appease the Klaroline shippers. Since they can't have their couple, she'll make sure they won't be upset by the Forwooders getting their couple by making sure they don't get their couple. either. I've heard these Klaroliners have been causing a stink trying to stop a possible pairing between Klaus and another girl over on The Originals.


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