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The Vampire Diaries -- Demons Of The Mind

Updated on November 19, 2012

Well, apparently not only are these tattooed vampire slayers hooked together by a hive mind like Star Trek's Borg, they also have quite a shelf life after their expiration date has come and gone, in the form of becoming a mind demon to the person who whacked them. I'm still curious which show Plec ripped the idea off for this story. The 1 of 5 does seem like the Borg, since that's how they referred to themselves. Like 7 of 9. But the whole tattoo thing reminds me of this rip-off of The Power Rangers that my local THIS TV channel was showing called, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. They have this big alien blob who was their leader and boss. Why do I have a feeling that this immortal witch named Silas is the boss of the Tattooed Borg Vampire Slayers From Mystic Falls.

Anyway, Connor, who I wish they hadn't killed off because he was the best new villain since Damon, is having a grand old time calling Elena a monster and urging her to whack herself. He messes with her mind so much she actually stabs Jeremy in the neck. Lucky he's wearing his psycho serial killer resurrecto ring and he wakes up the next morning. I was glad Damon mentioned the ring turned you into a psychopathic serial show they at least remembered that plot from last year and what could happen each time Jeremy dies and is brought back by that cursed ring. The ring coupled with the tattoo will probably be enough to turn Jeremy into a total whack job by season's end. I'm calling it now. Jeremy will have to be put down like Alaric was by season end. Yep, add another one to the body count that Elena's responsible for.

Meanwhile, VB, Hayley and Tyler decide to put a little dinner theater on for Klaus as Caroline pretends to be breaking up with Tyler because of Hayley. After Klaus leaves Caroline brags how they fooled old Klaus. This is the point we have to tell a how dumb is Klaus joke? How dumb is Klaus? He's so dumb he didn't use his supersonic vampire hearing to see if they kiddies weren't shining him on. And how dumb were the kiddies to start chortling about fooling Klaus two seconds after he was out the door. But by the way Hayley seemed bothered when Caroline and Tyler were kissing in front of her, I'd say while nothing may have happened between her and Tyler, she wouldn't mind if it did.

Meanwhile, Klaus pops over to Elena's house to tell Stefan that Elena will be suffering from Connor delusions telling her to end it all. It's a side effect of killing one of the Tattooed Borg Vampire Hunters. He whines about how he suffered the same delusions for 52 years. Yeah, and you hunted Katherine down like an animal for 500 years, so I'm really not feeling sorry for you. He wants to take Elena somewhere safe so his little hybrid making machine doesn't harm herself. And when Crazy Elena comes running out of the house, Klaus does a snatch and grab and locks her in a windowless room.

When Connor sees his bloody visage isn't working on getting Vampire Elena to whack herself, he then morphs into Katherine. Katherine made my Steferine hating heart beat in glee when she told Elena that when Stefan found out who she was he hated her guts. I know it was only a mind phantom saying it, but what it said was true. While Plec has been trying to sell the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle she's been unknowingly pissing all over the bad joke known a Steferine and I couldn't be more thrilled. First, a vampire drinking blood from a human means nothing, other than they're hungry and using you for food. It bonds them to the human host as much as you're bonded to a piece of steak you're eating. Now Stefan hated her when he learned who she really was, while Damon accepted her.

VB tells Stefan that Chris [a hybrid Hayley knows and the reason she came to town] has also broken his sire bond and he wants to use Chris so he can rescue Elena from Klaus' clutches. Tyler promises Chris they'll protect him from Klaus if he does it, but that's actually a promise Tyler won't be able to keep thanks to his girlfriend, VB. See, to make Elena's bad acid trip go away, Jeremy needs to kill a vampire to activate his tattoo and become a member of the brotherhood of the Tattooed Borg Vampire Slayers Of Mystic Falls. So VB and Stefan decide after Chris helps Stefan try to rescue Elena he should be offered up as sacrifice to make Elena all better. So after Chris lets Stefan in to rescue Stefan, Stefan returns the favor by staking him and having Jeremy cut his head off. When Tyler confronts VB about killing a member of his wolf pack who just wanted to be free of Klaus and helped them, she doesn't really see what the big deal was. After all, he's just another in a long line who've been offered up on the sacred altar of Elena. She acts like Tyler is overreacting to the way she and her bud Stefan betrayed someone who risked his life to help them and they repaid him by murdering him in cold blood.

When Stefan went to rescue Elena she escaped him, so Stefan asks Damon to go after Elena and tries to reason with her. Since Katherine was unsuccessful in convincing Elena to end it all, he dons her mother's visage who convinces her it's the right thing to stand out in the sun so she can be burned alive, Elena even tosses her daylight ring into the water. Damon grabs her and dives off the bridge as the sun rises, saving Elena. He also tells Elena that Stefan has been lying to her because he's trying to find a cure to turn her back into being a human.

Stefan's noble efforts don't seem to impress her much as she tells Stefan her feelings for Damon have grown since she's been a vampire and Stefan says he can't do this anymore and they break-up. And that sentence alone should send off alarm bells. Why hasn't being a vampire intensified her feelings for Stefan. Being a vampire is supposed to intensify all your feelings, not just feelings for one person. Something is definitely up. For all the DE's celebrating the end of Stefan and Elena and thinking their ship has just come in, I suspect the writers are going to say that the reason Elena's feelings for Damon have intensified is because she drank Damon's blood. In short, it's kind of like being sired and the feelings she's having for Damon aren't genuine.

In other Mystic Falls news, Professor Shane comes to lecture Mystic Falls High about an immortal witch name Silas who got buried alive when he was cheating on his girlfriend with another woman. Yep, it's gotten so bad that even this story is at the heart of a triangle. At least it's two women and one man opposed to the usual two men and one woman. Seems Silas may be the new big bad coming to town.

Meanwhile April tells Matt she remembers where she's seen the Prof before. He was connected to her father. Matt does further investigation and learns Pastor Young made several calls to the Prof on the day he died. He reports this to Damon. As bad as the history between Damon and Matt is, I actually like them together and nominate Matt to fill Alaric's seat as his new drinking buddy.

In closing, I was against Elena becoming a vampire and the ones in favor of it claimed if Elena became a vampire innocent people would stop dying to save her. That she's be able to save herself. Tell that to Bonnie's Gram, Chris the hybrid and Jeremy [who sacrificed himself for Elena after she stabbed him in the neck.]. Nothing has change Vampire Elena lovers. People are still dropping like flies to keep her alive. Turn her back into a human. She sucks as a vampire.


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