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The Vampire Diaries -- Did DE Only Happen Because Paul Wesley Wanted A New Love Interest?

Updated on June 19, 2013

I know Paul Wesley fans might deny it, but whatever Paul wants Paul gets. And he started pushing last season to get paired with a new love interest before the inevitable reunion with Elena in the end.

Paul wanted to play the bad guy on the show and they wrote a story about him being The Ripper. Paul wanted to drive his motorcycle on the show and Stefan suddenly bought a motorcycle and road it for one episode. [After that it seemed to have disappeared.] And now it appears that Stefan will start shagging Rebekah. I guess since she's been resurrected she's gotten over her obsession with Matt and now will become obsessed with Stefan, again.

Of course, how to allow Stefan to have a new love interest so his fans wouldn't turn on him the way they have Elena and for him to keep his hero hair intact? By having Elena break Stefan's heart and bear all the brunt from the Stelena shippers. That's why I wonder if that's the only reason DE actually happened.

For three seasons pretty much nothing happened on the DE front. When something happened, it was quickly unwritten. Stefan was the one Elena always chose. Her love for Stefan was always stronger. And suddenly she becomes a vampire and all that changes in the flash of your eyes.

Let's be honest, this season has been a Delena wet dream. Everything they've always wanted they're getting. Even if some of the stuff they wanted doesn't make much sense given everything that's gone before. There's a whole unreal quality about the whole thing. I can't shake this bizarre feeling that at the end of the season Elena will wake-up in a bed in the hospital and realizing she dreamed the entire thing, including dying and becoming a vampire.

I really don't see this show keeping Elena a vampire for the three final seasons. But if there's an actual vampire cure, why wouldn't all the vampires be cured. Why haven't Damon and Stefan thought about possibly also using it themselves so they could be cured and human, again? Why hasn't Stefan thought once about giving the cure to Damon, since he's supposedly so guilty for manipulating Damon into becoming a vampire? So what better way to eradicate all that then to make Season 4: The Dream Season.

Making it all a dream would have a lot of benefits. The DE's were getting angry because they hadn't gotten anything for three seasons, so give them everything they've always wanted. It won't affect the epic Stefan and Elena romance because it's just a dream. Let Paul have his new love interest, and again, it won't affect anything because it's just a dream. And explore what Elena as a vampire would be like without having her really be turned into a vampire.

The way this thing has been written, I just don't see it being left as real. If not Elena's coma dream then it may be written off as just an effect of the sire bond once Elena is cured of being a vampire. Either way I think the DE's should enjoy this while it lasts, but I don't think it's going to last. In short, I guess only time will tell if Julie Plec and company are playing the biggest mind f#*k on the DE fan base.


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