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The Vampire Diaries -- Did Human Stefan Have Something Dark Buried Inside Of Him?

Updated on August 26, 2012

When Damon transitioned into a vampire all the hate and resentment he felt towards Stefan came bubbling to the surface. Becoming a vampire unleashes and intensifies what was always buried inside of you. So what does that say about Stefan? Just what was buried inside of him that turned him into The Ripper.

I never bought the BS Julie Plec tried to shovel in the Stefan flashback story she claimed was a Damon flashback story. That because Damon got Stefan to feed on a human it was his fault he turned into The Ripper. Stefan is blamed for making Damon complete his transformation into a vampire, not because of this it was supposed to make Stefan and Damon even and thus her goldenboy was blameless for getting Damon to turn into a vampire.

Since we'll never have an honest exploration of Stefan's character since Plec will never allow any dirt to tarnish her pure-hearted tragic epic hero. Either she free passes it or pretends it doesn't exist. So let's take a good look at Stefan ourselves without the tainted pen of Julie Plec interfering and making excuses for why Stefan did the things he's done.

One of the things I've always wondered was why did Stefan go to see his father after he awoke in between still being a human and becoming a vampire? One of the things we've seen with other newbie vampires when they first awaken after dying is they're incredibly hungry for blood. So when he thought of feeding on someone to complete his transformation did his father immediately come to mind?

Giuseppe made it perfectly clear exactly what he thought of vampires. He even made Stefan go get men to take Katherine away to be killed even though she'd been living in his house as a member of his family. I believe he also saw that it was his father that killed him and Damon for helping trying to rescue Katherine. So knowing all that, why would you go to see your father?

Did Stefan think Giuseppe loved him so much he'd just overlook what he was, even though he didn't love Stefan enough not to shoot him dead for trying to help the vampire escape? Or is it possible Stefan went to see his father always intending to kill him. Did his dark twisted Ripper personality that he may have always possessed as a human but suppressed it think it only fitting that Giuseppe should help him complete his transformation into becoming a vampire?

Could the darkness inside of him want revenge on his father for killing him? It's more than possible when you recall the flashback in The Dinner Party when Stefan attacked Jonathan Gilbert's house wanting revenge for what they had done to Katherine. So wouldn't he have also wanted revenge for what his father had done to him and Damon. If he wanted revenge in one case, wouldn't he want it in the other? And if that's the case he went to see his father with the intention of killing him.

When Stefan returned for murdering their father, he wasn't filled with any remorse or guilt. He was filled with euphoria and going on about how great it was to be a vampire. Stefan's reaction hasn't been the regular reaction we've seen of other people who completed their transformation. Take Caroline, she was appalled by what she did. She felt instant guilt and remorse, while Stefan didn't feel any. Then he went and got a woman to wave beneath Damon's nose to get him to complete his transformation into becoming a vampire when Damon made it clear he didn't want to do it. Stefan didn't finally feel guilty about Damon and his father until 145 years later when he was ashamed that Elena saw the true Stefan and not the self image he likes to project.

We all have a self-image that we believe about ourselves. I had a friend whose self-image of herself was that of an independent woman, but she was the most dependent woman I've ever seen. The same kind of goes for Stefan. He has this self-image of himself as the good brother. He told Caroline how as a human he always cared for people and felt guilty. But when Rose was dying in his house he didn't even give her the time of day. A lot of times what Stefan's says about himself doesn't match with the way he acts.

In The Dinner Party he claimed Damon was with him and that together they were going after the Founders for what they did to Katherine, but Damon wasn't even with him. That was a complete lie he told Elena to try and make himself look good to her and not seem as bad because Damon was with him. The really scary thing is I don't think Stefan even realized he was lying. It's like when he met up with Damon in 1912 and he asked Damon if he had killed their relative, when it was Stefan who murdered their father. It was almost like in his mind Stefan rewrote what happened and it was Damon that killed their father, not him. What Stefan says about the past can't be trusted unless there's an actual flashback to backup what he's said. Like when he told Elena in Lost Girls that he and Damon didn't know that they were both involved with Katherine, but the last night Stefan was with Katherine in her room he asked if Damon had given Katherine the necklace she had, so he was definitely aware of Katherine carrying on with Damon, as well. But it made Stefan look better to Elena that he was Katherine's dupe and he had no idea she was also messing with Damon. The really eerie fact is Stefan may have even convinced himself that's the way it was. He seems to have an amazing capacity to rewrite the way things really were and remember them in a way that is more palatable, with him coming off looking better than the truth would make him.

On this web page, The Psychological Phases Of A Serial Killer, the Totem Phase kind of puts a whole new spin on Stefan really had that secret room with all his victims name on it and it's not pretty:

The next phase Norris described is the totem phase. After the kill, murderers sink into a depression, so many develop a ritual to preserve their “success.” This is why some killers keep news clippings, photographs, and parts of the victims’ bodies, or eat parts of the victims, wear their skin, or show parts of victims’ bodies to later victims. The trophy is meant to give the murderer the same feelings of power he experienced at the time of the kill.

The show sold Stefan writing down names on the wall as him feeling guilty, but I always had a problem with that. If Stefan felt so horrible and guilty about what he'd done, instead of writing someone's name on a wall, why didn't he just stop. The first time he decapitated someone's head that should have been enough to make him go back on his animal blood diet and to never drink human blood, again. The fact that he kept doing it suggests he derived some kind of pleasure out what he was doing. You don't keep doing it over and over again unless you derive some kind of pleasure from what you're doing. And The Totem Phase explains why Stefan was writing his victims name down on a wall.

Another disturbing aspect of Stefan's character is the way he loves to make Damon feel like he's nothing compare to him. In the three seasons the show has been on I don't think there's ever been a time that something nice has come out of his mouth when he's spoken to Damon. He's always putting Damon down as not being as good as him and being bad. It explains Damon's low self-esteem and his believe he's doesn't do good like Stefan, because Stefan is the one whose brainwashed him into believing that by repeatedly telling him that.

Stefan told Caroline himself that becoming a vampire heightens what was already there. Unless Julie Plec is going to say Stefan is special and the basic rules of The Vampire don't apply to Stefan, that means The Ripper was already inside of him when he was a human and being a vampire brought it out. Of course she could, as she writes Stefan like the bad stuff he does doesn't count because he's her pure-hearted tragic epic hero. And in a way the show has already tried to do that by suggesting it's only human blood that makes Stefan the way he is, but why is that so?

To me the logical answer is it's the pleasure he derives from drinking human blood that releases the dark side of his nature. By drinking animal blood and deriving no pleasure from it he can keep himself tightly under control and keep the darkness inside of him. And since being a vampire intensifies what was already there, that means as a human the darkness was already inside of Stefan.


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