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The Vampire Diaries -- Ding Dong An Original Is Gone

Updated on February 8, 2013

I usually scorn an Elena plan, but as plans go this was a pretty good one. I’m always up for killing an Original. Although this time around Kol seemed to be a lot less rabid dog. He was actually kind of the voice of reason in regards to resurrecting Silas. I mean, these people can’t even get rid of Klaus and what? They want something worse than him to deal with? Did any of them ever hear the cure that kills you?

Julie Plec was at her most vindictive in regards to the Kol/Bonnie shippers who caused her so much trouble last season. She had a scene where they both gave each other a flirty look, possibly making them think for one moment their shipper dreams were going to come true, and then she did a Mexican Hat Dance all over their dreams and fantasies. First, Bonnie used her dark magic on him to disable him and then he went up in a puff of smoke, just like the Kol/Bonnie shippers dreams did. Mean!

Stefan woke-up in bed with Rebekah and already was suffering from Buyer’s Remorse, as he tried to sneak out. Klaus showed up wanting Rebecca’s dagger, because Kol had stole all the other daggers from him, but Rebekah basically told him to get bent.

Damon was still locked in a cell, and while Stef-Fun didn’t want him to desiccate, he also wanted Damon to stay hungry, so he would only give him blood a test tube at a time. He also gave Damon a bottle of water before he had Klaus babysit Damon. I don’t know if he was aware there was vervain in the water supply placed by there Mayor Rudy or he put vervain in the bottle of water, but thanks to that water Damon was able to resist being compelled by Klaus later in the episode.

If Stefan hates Damon so much he could have let Jeremy kill him or he could have killed him himself, but he ended up saving Damon. And if he gave Damon vervain water on purpose, he was also helping Damon, again. These have been the first real Salvatore Brother moments this season.

Klaus agreed to babysit Damon, because he needed Stefan to get that dagger from Rebekah, so he could stake Kol and stop him from ruining the search for The Cure. As Stefan was leaving to do just that, Elena called him. He still has his motorcycle, as he revved the motor so Klaus couldn’t hear Elena lay out her plan to kill Kol. Wow! Someone actually remembered not to discuss a plan where Klaus could hear it.

Stefan and Matt would stake Rebekah and Bonnie would subdue Kol with her magic so Jeremy could kill Kol. As Elena plans went, it was actually a pretty good one. Unfortunately, things started falling apart because of Mayor Rudy. He was demanding Bonnie have a family meeting with him and Abby and took her phone, so Bonnie was unaware Elena needed her help.

Elena had to invite Kol in the house to try and stall for time, while Jeremy tried to find Bonnie. And while Stef-Fun took Rebekah to the cancelled Decade Dance at the school, Matt was searching Rebekah’s room for the dagger and couldn’t find it. Turned out, Rebekah had it on her.

Back at Casa Salvatore Klaus was probing Damon to find out after all the bad things Damon does why Elena always forgives him. Damon explained he’s a bad guy for a purpose, while Klaus is just a dick without a purpose. That he does bad things because they need to be done, while Klaus just does bad things like killing Carol Lockwood.

Things got worse when Kol figured out Elena and Jeremy were trying to kill him and he called up Klaus and told him, thinking Klaus was in on it. Klaus compelled Damon to tell him about the plan, but unless he’s got better hearing that Klaus or he used the sire bond to put the idea in Elena’s head to kill Kol, he had no idea what was going on. Before leaving, Klaus told Damon to stay in the cell, but since he was only faking being compelled he left on Klaus’ heels.

Jeremy shows up at The Bennetts to get Bonnie’s help and she learns her father took her cell phone so she wouldn’t get any of The Gilberts' messages. When Abby shows up, Jeremy is nearly overcome with the desire to kill her, and Bonnie gets him to stop. She tells Jeremy to head home and she’ll be right behind him. First, the Bennett’s are going to have their meeting.

At the Bennett Family Meeting, Abby tried to make Bonnie see that the kind of magic she did was bad. Rudy and Abby even knocked her out, and Abby is about to give her herbs to get the bad magic out of her, but Bonnie suddenly comes to. She use her magic to leave to help Elena. She knows the magic is bad, but she likes it and has no intention of giving it up. We saw last season how she despised the witches using her to do their bidding and with this magic she’s the one in control.

Meanwhile, back at The Gilbert House, Elena and Jeremy are facing a nightmare as the two of them try to kill Kol. Kol stakes Elena to a wall, and then ties Jeremy to the kitchen table where he plans to cut off his arm. Luckily for Jeremy, Elena frees herself and Jeremy. Then Jeremy squirts vervain-laced kitchen water at Kol and kills him.

Klaus arrives in time to see his brother go up in flames. Bonnie manages to trap Klaus in some invisible cell in the Gilbert living room as he tells them he will hunt them all down and kill them for what they did to his brother.

At the school, Rebekah gives Stefan the dagger, but when she says she just wants to be human, he changes his mind about daggering her. He’s convinced Rebekah won’t seek revenge on them for killing her brother, since it’s the only way for her to become human, again.

The troops meet back at Casa Salvatore, where Damon can’t wait to reveal to Elena that Stefan slept with Rebekah. Then Stefan taunts Damon and he punches Stefan. Before a full-out Salvatore Brother’s fight can break out, Jeremy starts screaming as the tattoo begins to spread all over his body. The troops are planning to go on the road to find The Cure and are aware they only have a few days before Klaus will be freed from his invisible prison.

You know, you really have to feel sorry for Rebekah. Every guy in Mystic Falls has only pretended to be interested in her to get something from her or use her. On the bright side, she’s hopefully stopped stalking Matt. That was just painful to watch.

One final note. I think it’s time for Stefan fans to start facing facts and stop this nonsense about how objectifying an actor whose doing a shirtless scene proves Julie Plec loves them and is obsessed with them. Paul Wesley, who is Julie Plec’s true pet, has to do a shirtless scene and there’s no voyeuristic focusing on his chest. He gets to keep his back to the camera for a two second scene where he puts his shirt on. Compare that to the way Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino and Steven McQueen get objectified when they have to do a shirtless scene?

So Stefan fans here are the facts for you to assimilate. Paul wants to play the bad boy so he gets to be The Ripper. Paul wants Stefan to ride a motorcycle and Stefan gets to rid a motorcycle. Paul wants a new love interest and Paul gets it. Paul has to do a shirtless scene and he doesn’t get objectified like the other guys on the show. Your boy Paul is Julie Plec’s pet and the one she’s obsessed with. Whatever Paul wants Julie gives him, that’s the sign of being someone’s pet. Accept it and stop your nonsense.


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