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The Vampire Diaries -- Elena Already Has A Love That Consumes Her

Updated on July 9, 2012

The latest spoiler that's come out for season 4 of The Vampire Diaries is Vampire Elena is going to want a love that consumes her. It's being spun to mean that that means Damon, but Elena already has a love that consumes her and that's Stefan. How else to describe how she puts Stefan above everyone else as a love that consumes her. And as a vampire that love she only be intensified.

Before Elena fell in love with Stefan she had an actual relation with her brother, Jeremy. She cared about him. If she saw him smoking a dubie she would have done something about it. After falling in love with Stefan she sees Jeremy smoking a dubie and she pawns the responsibility off on Alaric because it would take too much time from her obsession for Stefan. And when Alaric didn't want to deal with it, either, and shrug it off, she forgot all about Jeremy to go and obsess over Stefan. And she didn't even care that Jeremy was seeing ghosts until it could help her with Stefan. It was only when she finally accepted she had lost Stefan forever when he ruined their plan to kill Klaus and told her he didn't care if Jeremy lived or died that she finally had time to be worried about Jeremy and decide to compel and send him away to find a happier life.

Her friends don't fare much better since Elena fell in love with Stefan. Before she fell for Stefan she had real relationships with her friends and actually knew and cared what was going on in their lives. After falling in love with Stefan she doesn't have a clue what's going on in their lives unless it should intersect her relationship with Stefan. It's only if some drastic happens in their lives that she can actually manage to spend a few seconds thinking about them before her mind automatically goes back to Stefan, Stefan, Stefan. A couple of times BFF Bonnie, who will do anything for Elena including dying for her, has pointed out what a lousy friend Elena's being. Elena says she'll do better but she never does once Stefan distracts her again.

While Elena stopped Damon from killing Caroline and insisted she be given a chance to prove she can handle being a vampire, that was the sum total of the help she gave Caroline. She definitely wasn't there as a supportive friend. She got upset when Damon didn't tell her Andie was dead, but after giving him two seconds of sympathy she was back to talking about her favorite subject...Stefan.

Elena also has no problem putting people's lives in danger for Stefan. She manipulated Alaric into going into the woods with her when a full-moon was coming to hunt a pack of werewolves because she hoped she'd find Stefan. She put the whole town in danger when she got Bonnie to hold off sending the ghosts back so Lexi could help Stefan. And since she thought Stefan was going to die that may have been the reason she didn't even make a token attempt to escape Matt's car and just sat there and drowned because she didn't want to live in a world without Stefan.

If all that doesn't add up to someone who is consumed by her love for Stefan what does? So Vampire Elena is going to want a love that consumes her even more than her love for Stefan? Is that possible? She's pretty insufferable now so how much more will she become? And since your feelings as a vampire get intensified that means her love for Stefan will even be stronger than when it was when she was a human. Yet people still think Damon has a shot with her now she's a vampire just because she'll remember she met him first?

Bottom line, Elena thought Stefan and Damon were both dying and she preferred to let Damon die alone so she could be with Stefan. That really says it all as to which brother's love consumes her and it sure isn't Damon.


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    • profile image

      bubby 5 years ago


      In the scene where damon meets Elena first, he compels her to "find all that she is looking for".

      Then when she met Stefan she says she "fell for him instantly".

      Stefan did such crazy stuff to her this year and she forgave him in a matter of seconds.

      I think she is on some level "compelled" to love Stefan.

      Of course she does but there's a level of compulsion going on because it simply makes no sense. Damon was there for her all year long and that kiss in the motel wasn't normal. They have so much chemistry and an unremarkable bond. And it was so hard for her to admit it for even say out loud that she has feelings for Damon because she "found" Stefan, and is compelled towards him.

      And now she will forget. She will still love Stefan, but that bond that was with them bc of that compulsion will be gone and all the memories that were erased with Damon will be restored THUS remaking the love triangle.There's no way they put that scene in just to show that they met first!