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The Vampire Diaries -- Ghost Story

Updated on October 29, 2011

Even a fantasy show needs to have a base of reality

I see a lot of fans declaring this season as the best written season of the show, but for me the writers are really not doing a good job. Especially with the matter of being consistent to facts they established to be true. Apparently they don't apply to super bionic newbie vampire Caroline, who they think it's cool for her to be able to beat of vampires and ghosts that should be able to make mincemeat out of her and who are supposed to be far stronger than she is.

A fact they established about vampires was the older they are; the stronger they are. That was established way back in season one when Pearl gouged Damon's eyes and told him, "I'm stronger than you. I've got four hundred years on you, little boy." But this season we've seen Caroline beat up Damon who is 145 years older than her and the excuse being because she was angry. Yeah, whatever! And in this episode after seeing Damon knocked out by Mason and Stefan knocked out by Lexie, Super Bionic Vampire Barbie is taking on three ghosts and she's winning the fight. Utterly ridiculous. Writers, you established the older a vamp is the stronger they are, so stick to the rules. Just because fans oohed and aahed over Caroline taking on her mother's human cops to rescue Damon and Stefan, doesn't mean you should throw out facts you yourself established to repeat this over and over again. It destroys both character and story integrity.

Aside from Damon, who the writers are getting some perverse thrill out of having him beaten up every episode and treated like crap by everyone, the character I feel most sorry for is Jeremy. This kid has no support system, at all. The only support he's getting is from a ghost. The ones who should be supporting him treat him like crap. His girlfriend, Bonnie, who bought him back from the dead, and caused him to see dead people, has given him no emotional support. She's just miffed because he's seeing his dead ex-girlfriends. She also isn't worried what they might want from Jeremy or the possibility they might want to do him harm or to try and find out why they're there. She's just sitting around feeling sorry for herself.

Then there's his devoted sister Elena. She tried to get Alaric to talk to him when she caught him smoking a joint. She couldn't do it herself, because she was too busy panting after her vampire boyfriend. Alaric blew it off, because the only Gilbert he wants to mentor and play daddy to is Elena. Elena had no reaction to Jeremy seeing dead people and didn't even seem to care, until she had a use for it, herself. She asked Jeremy to contact Lexie for her. When she caught Jeremy kissing Anna, she had no empathy for him, she was judgmental and all on Bonnie's side, the girlfriend who has shown him no support. She also demanded that Jeremy send away the only person who was there for him and giving him any support. Also, because she blabbed to Caroline about the kiss, Caroline blabbed to Bonnie, and Bonnie wants nothing to do with Jeremy now that Anna is gone. With a sister like Elena you don't need an enemy.

One of the ghosts I'd prefer never to see again was Lexie. She came back to detox Stefan. I've never cared for her, because this chick makes no sense. Back when she showed up Damon was the good vampire and Stefan was the bad one, but she treated Damon like he was so bad and beneath her contempt, while doing anything and everything to save Stefan. Because of that, I never minded that Damon caused her death. One less Stefan butt-kisser always sounds good to me, since there's so many of them, already.

Anyway, Elena doesn't want to send the ghosts away until Lexie has been able to fix Stefan. You know, these two chicks are total nitwits who just don't get it. Stefan being on blood isn't the problem. The problem is that Klaus compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions. He's under that spell, and unless you can break it, blood or no blood, Stefan isn't going to be fixed.

Of course, Elena's usual selfishness comes back to bite her in the butt, but I'm sure she won't accept any blame for it, when she sees the tomb vamps are back and their intent on killing all the founding fathers that caused their deaths. Then and only then does she put the good of everyone over her own selfish needs and makes sure Bonnie gets that infernal necklace so she can send all the ghosts back.

It was nice seeing Bonnie reunited with her grandmother, but I think Grams should have advised her to hang up her magic hat. She's a lousy witch. If her nose isn't bleeding when she's doing some spell, she doing a spell that allows all the ghosts of Mystic Falls past to come back and wreak havoc on the town.

The main ghost story seemed to be Mason and Damon. Damon woke up to find himself tied to a chair with a fire poker stuck in his chest. Damon thinks it's Stefan's work, but Stefan claims innocence and leaves Damon tied up. Then Mason opens the curtains and Damon is burnt by the sun. Mason claims he's back to help Tyler and because he wants an apology from Damon for killing him. Damon doesn't do apologies and the best Mason gets is that Damon sometimes does things he shouldn't do. Mason then takes Damon on a magical mystery tour of the Lockwood cellar where there's supposed to be a clue on how to kill Klaus. During their journey into a cave Damon gets a bunch on wooden spikes stuck in him. Writers, this is getting so old.

I'm sorry, but I remember reading Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon, had a problem with the direction that writers were trying to take his character and thought it was out of character and he got things changed. But since then practically ever week Damon is getting beaten up and treated like something everyone scraped off the bottom of their shoes. Someone even tweeted the writers had Somerhalder doing a fight scene when he was already injured and it caused him to get injured further to the point he's now on crutches. It's really starting to sound like the writers are taking petty revenge because someone didn't go along with their inconsistent writing and demanded they write consistently.

Anyway, Mason and Damon find something. It's a bunch of cave drawings, but Damon can't see them because he hasn't been invited in. A rule the writers only remember when it's convenient. When it's not convenient Stefan can enter Alaric's apartment without being invited in. And Katherine can enter the Salvatore house even though the writers made a big thing that since Elena now owns the house she dictates who can just walk in.

When Bonnie destroys the infernal necklace, all the ghosts go back whence they came. Since Damon can't enter the cave he calls Alaric and they make up. Why they messed with Damon/Alaric's friendship to begin with makes no sense. It seemed it was all so Elena could be injected into this upcoming cave drawing story. God forbid, she not be shoved in every story in some way.

One of the nice moments of the night was Anna finally being reunited with her mother. Anna's entire story has been trying to find her mother and be with her. That's why she wanted to rescue the tomb vamps so she could free her mother from the tomb. Then Pearl was killed and Anna lost her again. So it was a very touching moment.

Biggest hypocrite of the night was Elena and her hypocritical speech to Jeremy about how Anna is dead and Jeremy can't love her. She does understand her boyfriend the vampire is also dead, doesn't she? And that everything that she said to Jeremy applies directly to her. I also got a huge chuckle over her telling Stefan she's going to start looking after Jeremy. Sure, now that all the ghosts are gone and he doesn't need looking after, she can look after him. She also claimed she wasn't giving up on Stefan, even though that's what she told Jeremy to do with Anna.

Of course, one of the big questions of the night is are Bonnie and Jeremy on the skids so Bonnie and Matt can become a couple. I actually like them together. I noticed they shared a look. Unfortunately, since this show can't do a relationship unless it's part of a triangle, Caroline's gushing admiring little speech about Matt may single a new triangle in the offing. I mean, remember last season when Bonnie could barely tolerate Caroline's presence because she was a vampire? Now she seems to be better friend with Caroline than she is with Elena. Insta-triangle.

And the most unintentionally funny moment had to be Lexie's little speech to Stefan about the necklace and how it brought him hope. Hello? That necklace belonged to Rebekah? Does that mean Rebekah is what gives Stefan hope? I guess the writers think we've gone back to thinking the necklace is just a necklace Stefan gave to Elena and that we've forgotten it really belongs to Rebekah.

Speaking of the necklace, after being destroyed it regenerated itself and didn't have a scratch on it. You know. Grams acted like the witch on the other side was bad for trying to stop Klaus' in his tracks. Me, I say more power to her. It's Elena's fault her curse was broken, so she's trying to undo the damage the nitwit did when she wanted to play martyr. If she can find a way to correct the wrong that was done, she should do it by whatever means possible.

By the way, I found out after this episode aired that there's two more episodes before the winter break. I hope the writers aren't so delusional that they have another Elena in peril moment as the big cliffhanger to keep people hanging until new episodes return. I mean, come on. That's pretty much what we get in practically every episode and we all know the writers are too in love with the character to ever kill her off. Here's hoping they actually make it a good cliffhanger.


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