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The Vampire Diaries -- Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Updated on January 13, 2012

Ah, Free Pass Stefan Has Returned!

Let me say this, I'm a Damon fan, and I didn't have a problem with what he did, last week. But his behavior in the shower made me ill. He was all smug and proud of himself for kissing his brother's girlfriend. So much for him feeling guilty. He came off as a totally conscienceless bastard. I think that scene was done for one purpose. To turn people off DE. I don't like DE, but I actually loathe the possibility after that shower scene. After that scene, no way are DE written as the root-for couple. Especially if you compare how they totally whitewashed what Stefan does to Elena later in this episode.

Then we went to Elena: Warrior Princess. I'm sorry, seeing her all macho punching a bag just makes me roll my eyes. Someone least believable as a Buffy wannabe will never be found. It seems the one feeling all guilty about the kiss is Elena. But, of course, Elena [like Stefan] always must get a free pass, usually at Damon's expense.

I begin to suspect the real reason for the DE kiss last week was so when Stefan finds out, he'll be furious with Damon for macking on his girlfriend. We couldn't have Stefan all mad at Elena for kissing Damon when he was dying now could we. In fact, I bet Stefan never learns about Elena kissing Damon anymore than Elena will ever learn that Stefan shoved his blood down John's throat and threatened to kill him to make him leave town. That would put our hero and heroine in a bad light and mustn't have that.

When Stefan shows up, Damon doesn't mention why he's so pleased with himself, that he kissed Elena and basically betrayed the brother that saved his miserable life. They head over to where the coffins are and discover a hybrid is snooping around Damon rips his heart out. After that, Stefan is determined to make all of Klaus' hybrid leave town. He threatens to start disposing of the coffins unless Klaus gives in to his demands.

Klaus counters by telling Tyler he wants him to bite Caroline in the neck. Tyler refuses. Klaus seems to accept that. So it moves on to Plan B, where he cozies up to Carol Lockwood, who thinks he's Tyler's savior. Not sure if she actually buys it or he has her compelled, but since she's supposed to be on vervain, guess that means she's all pro-Klaus on her own even though this slug murdered her son. Damon tries to talk sense to her, but she tells him to get Stefan under control.

That's a little hard to do when Damon catches Stefan at the same party trying to whack another of Klaus' hybrids. Damon mentions that Klaus can still make more hybrids via Elena, so Stefan goes after Elena.

It's Caroline's birthday and Miss Perky is down because she'll never really turn 18 or grow-up. She's stuck at 17 forever. So the gang decides to throw her a funeral in the graveyard so she can let go of her old life and embrace her new one. Pardon me while I go eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! The only bright spot in this scene was Bonnie telling Elena she can't control everyone and taking her to task for having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town.

Tyler shows up and Caroline goes outside with him. He thinks because he refused Klaus' order, the siring thing is no problem. He even tells Caroline he loves her, but when he kisses her he bites her, just like Klaus told him to. Matt finds Caroline and rushes her back to her mother's house, while Stefan kidnaps Elena.

He takes her on a wild ride in the country, shoves his blood down her throat and threatens to drive her off the same bridge her parents were killed unless Klaus agrees to his terms, and Klaus finally gives in.

Okay, flashback time to last year when Damon shoved his blood down her throat to save her miserable life. He got slapped, she told him she hated his guts and ordered him out of his own house. Stefan brings back the horror of the night her parents died and he's threatening to kill her and turn her into a vampire and he's gets none of that. Elena thinks he did it to make her hate him, so it's basically a-ok he did this to her. This is why I hate Stefan. He always gets a free pass, and you can bet when this whole Ripper story is over, he'll get a free pass on that, as well.

Meanwhile, Klaus shows up at Liz's and promises to save Caroline if Liz will support him in town. Then a really creepy and gross scene happens when Klaus gets Caroline to bite him and feed on him. It was romantic with Damon and Katherine, but it was totally yucky with Klaus and Caroline. Caroline finds a bracelet he left behind. It seems Klausy may be in love, even though to the best of my knowledge Klaus and Caroline never shared a scene before this.

We got DE on the porch, again, and I'm like, "Oh god, not again." But she tells him he can't kiss her again because it's not right, and he replies not right now. Whatever, Damon, long as I don't have to endure another icky kiss between you two, and no I'm not a SE fan.

We finally get a good Damon that washes away the ickyness of the first Damon scene when Liz calls him in to investigate a murder victim found in the woods. For once, a vampire didn't kill someone. It was so nice to see Damon away from Elena in a story that doesn't involve her, crossing my fingers. It was his best scene after that gross behavior he displayed in the shower.

The murder victim was fighting with Alaric's potential new girlfriend, Meredith. So it seems she may not be all that she appears to be, but then who is in Mystic Falls.

I really disliked this episode for the most part. I can only hope next week's episode is better.


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