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The Vampire Diaries -- Heart Of Darkness

Updated on April 20, 2012

DE Actually Share A Hot Kiss For Once

This episode was a good episode for throwing shippers bones to keep them hanging on and believing their couple was the one. This week, Julie Plec threw a big bone to the Damon and Elena fan base, as well as the Tyler and Caroline fan base, and the newly-emerged convenience ship, Matt and Rebekah. Personally, for me the only really good part of this episode was the last few seconds of it.

Let's talk about the least of the shipper groups Mama Julie Plec was giving out presents to this episode. There was no reason Matt had to keep an eye of Rebekah so Caroline could sneak off to meet Tyler; Rebekah could give a crap about Vapid Barbie's love life. It was to toss a bone to the newly-formed Matt and Rebekah fan group. If Mama Julie hears there's a shipper group out there, she makes sure to toss bones to them. Matt was just putting on an act as he drove Rebekah home but she was immediately smitten with him, again, not realizing her knight was using her just like Damon did. This is why I loathe Plec's writing. It isn't story dictated but appeasing whatever shipper group that pops up.

The second biggest shipper group was Tyler and Caroline, who haven't gotten much this season since 3.01. Mama Julie has been more interested in pushing this gross and disgusting, Klaus and Caroline pairing. Anyway, they had a romantic reunion, if you forget what a crap-ass girlfriend Vapid Barbie has been to Tyler all season. She turned on him because he was sired and when he got turned into a vampire she didn't even try to help him adjust to it, just bitched at him for drinking human blood. If you're a fan of the couple, I'm sure you forgot all that; as I'm not, I didn't. Romantic times ended when Tyler found a sketch Klaus gave to Crapoline and wanted to know what was going on between her and his hybrid master. You know, if you found out some guy got your boyfriend to try to murder you all so he could save you and he gave you some sketch he'd done, a normal intelligent person would throw it in the garbage; not keep it on your nightstand to look at every night before you go to bed. Want to bet she still has the dress hanging in her closet that Klaus gave her?

Of course, the main course was the big DE kiss to appease the DE fans and keep them hanging in there with they're belief that they're couple is going to be the big couple. Stefan decided Damon and Elena should go on a road trip together to go fetch Jeremy. He wanted Elena to do it to explore what she feels for Damon. And explore she did. She basically leaped on him and shoved her tongue down his throat. I'll admit it was a hot kiss; the only hot kiss DE has even shared, but the reason for it leaves a lot to be desired. Later, when Damon tried to move in to kiss her, she basically pushed him away and admitted she did it because Stefan thinks she has feelings for him. Apparently, even after trying to suck Damon's tonsils out she still doesn't know what she feels. So, basically she was playing with Damon's head, again, with little care or regard for his feelings. It was all about her and Stefan, basically. Damon says he isn't going to make it easy for her, this time, by acting out. Says for once she's going to have to make a choice. Seriously, the only thing she really cares about is Stefan. She only gave Damon a tongue bath because Stefan wants her to know what she feels for Damon and if she can't tell him, he won't take her back. Choice seems pretty clear-cut. The kiss did nothing for me, since I haven't forgotten how she had Damon's neck broken and told him his love was his problem and if that upset him to just get over it.

Post-nookie Vapid Barbie informed Tyler that if Klaus is killed, he'll die, too. While she says they all want to kill Klaus, she makes it like Damon is the only one who couldn't care less if Tyler dies, too. Sorry, but Alaric and Elena treated Tyler like crap because he was sired to Klaus when it was no fault of his own. And Stefan's hot to kill Klaus. Yet it's only bad Damon who Vampire Bimbo blames for not caring if Tyler dies, too. Only Damon who'll get the blame for it while all the rest will get a free pass. More of Plec's biased writing.

In Denver, Damon and Elena learn that Jeremy has made a new friend: Kol. Kol hits Damon with a bat and Damon shoves a stake in him, that unfortunately, doesn't kill this obnoxious loser. Jeremy contacts Rose, who doesn't know which Original sired her. She just knows the person who made her was someone named, Scary Mary. Unfortunately, Kol gets to Mary first and stakes her, so she can't reveal which Original sired her and then he beats Damon with a bat to pay him back for breaking his neck and whatnot. Can someone just stake this sociopath already? Frankly, I don't see what people see in this ugly and vile character. He's like a rabid dog someone needs to just put down.

Meanwhile, back at home Stefan is waiting for Ric to change into his murderous alter-ego, Dick. Stefan tries beating Ric up but it doesn't work. Klaus arrives and kills Ric. He's died so many times this season I don't even blink when it happens, anymore. But it does the trick. When he wakes up, he's Dick. I actually like Dick. He's not a Stefan butt-kisser. In fact, he's telling Stefan a few home truths that Mama Julie wouldn't allow under normal circumstances. She's only letting Dick bash Stefan to show how mean he is to be trashing her plaster saint. The gist is he hid the stake in the Lockwood caves where no vampire can enter. Rebekah takes Dick to the caves to retrieve it.

Earlier, when Rebekah got home from school, Esther was waiting for her. Esther told Rebekah she was dying, because she was leeching energy off the Bennett witches but when Abby was vampirized it broke the link. It's actually a nice mother-daughter moment. She tells Rebekah she's It's only when Rebekah takes Dick to the caves, we learn what really happened when Esther took Rebekah's hands. She possessed her daughter's body. She wants Dick to help her kill all the Originals.

Damon also got reunited with Rose via Jeremy. They connected for one brief moment when he reflected on how he gave her the dream of basking in sunshine and being happy as she died. Unfortunately, surrounded by that one brief moment was Rose shaking the DE pom-poms. She was going on about how Elena makes Damon better than he is, but totally ignored the fact she doesn't accept Damon as he is and plays with his head and makes him miserable. She also said Damon could be the best or worst thing to happen to Elena. Well, Rose, honey, that's no question in regards to Damon. Elena is without a doub the worst thing to happen to Damon. JP and her stupid shipper games need to stop.

She also needs to stop pushing this Stefan and Klaus bromance that exists only in her head, because Klaus going on and on about it make it seems like he wants to be Stefan's lover. He sounds like a betrayed lover because Stefan doesn't appreciate him and want to be with him. For god's sake, just pin Stefan to the floor and have your way with him, already, dude.

I actually needed a three-week hiatus to have to sit through this episode. The Esther/Rebekah moment was nice, but it was all a fake so Esther could take over her body. The brief Rose/Damon moment was nice, but the rest was ruined by making Rose shake the DE pom-poms. The ending scene with Rebekah revealed as Esther was the best scene of the night. Otherwise this episode was just an excuse to pander to shippers by throwing them bones.


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