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The Vampire Diaries -- Homecoming

Updated on November 12, 2011

Drats! Foiled Again!

I have to admit I was almost dreading the final episode before the winter break. The show hasn't been good this season. It's been riddled with inconsistent writing. The undermining of established vampire mythology. Stories that have gone nowhere. And Elena shoved into every story and made front and center. From the promo, it seemed like it was going to be another episode of Elena the end all and be all of everything. Thankfully, that didn't prove to be the case.

From the promo it appeared that Mikael needed Elena to kill Klaus for him, and I was like, "You've gotta be kidding me?" Are there no lengths this show won't stoop to to make it all about Elena. I mean, this dude has been hunting Klaus for 1,000 years and he needs Elena to kill Klaus for him? Thankfully, that's not how it played out.

To lure that coward Klaus back to town, Mikael needed to appear to be dead. So he had Elena dagger him. Then compelled Stefan could honestly tell him that Mikael was laying on the floor with a dagger sticking out of his chest. Rebekah even got in on the act by verifying that Mikael was indeed dead. Little does Rebekah know that Miss Elena has a very special thank you planned for her help.

But first, Mikael is unstaked and Rebekah has a little father/daughter reunion. Mikael declares it was Klaus who killed Esther and she says she knows, but Daddy is the one that killed them all and turned them into monsters. In short, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. Little does Becky know this will be the last time she sees her father and that he sees her.

She's dressing for the dance and is very emotional. It's the first dance she's ever gone to. Elena seems moved by this. She even gives Rebekah her mother's necklace. It's a great girl bonding moment. A moment of true sisterhood. Then Elena goes and ruins it by literally stabbing Rebekah in the back. Sorry, Becky, no dance for you. Sorry, Matt, no date for you.

Damon says what she did was worthy of Katherine. Elena isn't amused. Damon says he meant it as a compliment. He also says he wants to find a way so she's keep out of harm's way during the killing of Klaus. Elena's afraid she's the weak link and it'll be her fault if something goes wrong. Seems Stefan telling her a few home truths about her bad plans penetrated her. That's one of the good things about compelled Stefan. He's not Elena's little yes man, anymore. He says what he really feels.

Damon's remark about keeping Elena out of the plan, added to Damon saying that Katherine told him about Mikael's unique diet, had me wondering if that was Katherine at the dance instead of Elena. They also hadn't shown the scene from the promo of straight-haired Elena standing next to Damon as he throws a glass into the fire. I think you have to hand it to Nina Dobrev because she played it as Elena but an Elena that was a little off, especially in the scenes with Klaus.

I have to say I was thrilled Super Bionic Vampire Barbie was kept out of the plan. Her daring-dos and fetes of strength has made the character totally unbelievable and almost cartoonish and by keeping her out of it it kept the edge of danger and realism to the plot to kill Klaus. Tyler vervained her and got Matt to carry her out of harms way.

Bonnie, however, was involved for a token moment, as she mind-zapped Damon and Tyler who were fighting. Damon complained she wasn't supposed to zap him, but she wasn't going to let Damon kill Tyler. Tyler tried to bite Damon, again, and after the trouble it caused last time, he wasn't about to let it go unpunished this time.

Klaus promised Stefan if he delivered Mikael's corpse to him, he'd set Stefan free. However, Damon didn't trust Stefan not to betray the plan to Klaus, and Mikael fed on Stefan to take him out of commission. Damon had to knock Tyler out and get in the Lockwood house, so he could stake Klaus. Mikael couldn't get in, because he hadn't been invited in, and Tyler wasn't about to do the honors what with his loyalty to his master Klaus. So Mikael taunted Klaus from outside the house, and Klaus, little coward that he is, wouldn't come out and play with Daddy. Daddy even threatening to stake his key ingredient to making hybrids, Elena, wouldn't tempt him. Klaus told him to go ahead and kill Elena, because he wouldn't come out, so Daddy stuck a knife in Elena, and that's when I knew for sure that that was Katherine. She popped right back up and Mikael revealed he thought he had actually stabbed Elena.

While Klaus was staring open-mouthed at Daddy, Damon snuck up behind him tried to jam the white oak ash stake in Klaus' chest. He almost succeeded until Stefan showed up and knocked him off of Klaus and gave the stake to Klaus, who promptly staked Mikael who went up in burst of flames. While both Damon and Katherine got the hell out of dodge. Afterwards, Klaus kept his word and set Stefan free.

Earlier Stefan predicted someone's humanity would end up ruining the plan and it turns out he was right. It was Katherine's. At the party, Klaus had told her he had instructed his hybrids to kill Damon if Klaus was killed. She rushed over to Casa Salvatore and revived Stefan and told him if he didn't help her stop Damon from killing Klaus, Damon was going to die. She also reveals to Stefan that she loves Damon, something that was pretty obvious from the moment Klaus told her if he died so did Damon. Of course, that seems to be something she never plans to tell Damon.

Meanwhile, Damon is furious the plan didn't work, since he planned for every eventuality. Damon laments that they're never going to get Stefan back. Elena says then they'll just have to let Stefan go. The moment is interrupted when Katherine calls to say goodbye. As Elena watched Damon on the phone with Katherine, she seems to realize Damon isn't as over Katherine as he likes to pretend.

Before parting ways with Stefan, Katherine gets him to steal the bodies of Klaus' family from him. This was actually a very dumb idea. Klaus was happy to let Stefan go. This is only going to set him off and cause more trouble.

Meanwhile, Caroline pulls a Matt on Tyler. Matt couldn't accept her as she is, and she can't accept Tyler as he is, it seems. He tries to explain how he feels being a hybrid and that he can't help he's been sired to Klaus. But she just can't seem to accept he's now Team Klaus.

The reason why I think Damon and Katherine is the only real love story on the show is because they can love not just the good about each other but the bad as well. Has Elena even tried to love Stefan as he is now. Maybe if she did, she could break through to him. Instead she condones torture to try and make him what he was. She won't even try to accept and love him as he is, so what kind of love is that. The same goes for Caroline. Has she even tried to help Tyler adjust to being a vampire the way Stefan did for her? Is she supplying him with blood bags? No, the one that seems to be making sure Tyler knows how to feed himself is Rebekah, the evil blood slut she spits on.

If you can't accept and love someone the way they are, how is that any kind of real love? That's why I loathe this Damon/Elena nonsense their pushing. She doesn't accept Damon as he is anymore than she can accept the way Stefan is now. There was even that scene in 3.04 where she basically told Damon if he can't behave the way she finds acceptable, in other words just a human with fangs, she doesn't want him around her.

In a rather not very good season so far this year, the show redeemed itself a lot with this episode. The twist with Katherine giving up her chance to be free of Klaus to save Damon was great. However, the Stefan plot twist really doesn't make much sense. Klaus was going to let him go free without any trouble, and by stealing his family Stefan has insured that Klaus and his hybrid army will declare war on everyone. This plan tops any of Elena's bad plans for the sure stupidity of it.


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    • profile image

      Neno 6 years ago

      Finaly! someone who isnt all delena stuff -.- i agree on so many points their! but one, the plan was just..stupid? why didnt they use bonnie? she's a witch and last season she was ready to kill kluas, oh wait it doesnt consern her anymore.

      they must really work on their plot..

    • profile image

      Palina 6 years ago

      So true what you are said!Datherine is for me too the only real love in the show.And I agree that it was soo stupid from Stefan to steal the coffins with Klaus family.Klaus now was happy and had no interest in them anymore but Stefan screw it up and made Klaus more than mad.

      But in one point I want to disagree,Klaus is not a little coward XD,he is awesome,I love him!