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The Vampire Diaries -- It Was The Moment DEs Have Been Waiting For...Only Not!

Updated on December 6, 2012

It took me a few hours before the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries to actually watch this episode. It was all due to an overload of one of the worst vampires on the show, Cacaline. If you've read any of my recaps last season, you'll know how loathsome I find her. And she topped herself in loathsomeness this episode.

She's the Mary Sue of vampires. Her transition only took one vampire lesson and she had mastered what takes other vampires years of struggling to overcome. She can beat up older vampires because she has super strength when she's mad. She's just the perfect little plastic Barbie doll vampire. And in this episode she resembled one of those frenemies that the brides bring to go wedding gown hunting on Say Yes To The Dress. They act like their your friends, but if you don't pick the dress they like they cut you down and tell you you're fat in the dress that you like. The only person she's actually a friend to at the moment is her buddy Stefan.

Speaking of which, Stefan's going around acting like he's the one who got dumped, when he was the one who dumped Elena. Of course, it's no skin off his nose. He figures he can fix Elena and make her turn back into being a human again and all their problems will magically go away. Then she'll come back to him and all will be right in his world. But does he think that it will also wipe her mind of what happened to her as a vampire? The fact that he just dumped her because it was easier for him; just like he let her die because it was easier for him to do that then risk her being mad and saving her life?

Anyway, Stefan decided to go to the local hospital and see who he could find to murder in cold blood and turn into a vampire, so he could force Jeremy to kill them and make his slayer tattoo grow. Lucky for the dude in for heart surgery Steffy found a patient who was a convicted killer, cause if he hadn't Mr. Heart Patient would have probably been his victim, instead. They tried to put a pretty bow on what he was doing by having him compel his victim and have him admit he was guilty of his crime, but Stefan was no different from any other serial killer stalking the halls for his next victim. They also had him say how much he hates this, but I think he loves it. He didn't have the free pass excuse that he was on blood and wasn't responsible for his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing. After this episode, I've come to wonder if the real Stefan isn't The Ripper and the fake person that Cacaline and Dead Lexi worship the pretty little fantasy he puts on to fool everyone from knowing what lurks inside his cold dark heart.

I mean, if Stefan is all he claims to be, shouldn't the first head he cut-off have been enough to have him embracing his sobriety and never falling off the wagon, again? Unless the horrible truth is that deep down he got off on it. I mean, the guy mass-murdered an entire settlement of people in one night. You don't do that unless you like it.

Anyway, he gets Jeremy to come and meet him and then he forces Jeremy's blood down his newly-minted vampire to complete his transition, then he orders Jeremy to kill the vampire or he'll release him to attack Jeremy. Having no choice Jeremy does it. Then Stefan orders Jeremy to tell him how much of the tattoo has revealed itself. It was really appalling the way Stefan treated Jeremy. He treated him no different than the man he decided deserved to be murdered for his cause or the hybrid that risked his life to help Stefan and Stefan rewarded by murdering him. When Jeremy refused to tell him what he wanted to know, he tried to compel Jeremy and that's when the best moment of this episode took place. Jeremy told the little punk he can't be compelled by him anymore and shoved a stake in his guts. Guess, Steffy didn't think that would happen. I guess he thought Jeremy would show more regard for him than he showed for Jeremy. Guess again, Hero Hair.

Jeremy, who earlier had a nightmare about murdering Elena, goes on the hunt for her. Matt arrives on the scene and tries to talk sense to him. We don't know if he would have gotten through to Jeremy, because Hero Hair rushes in to the save day. Never mind, he's to blame for the whole thing. Then he admits to what he did to Jeremy, and Elena basically tells him to stop what he's doing. She doesn't want him to make Jeremy lose his humanity just so he can fix her. I think this conversation more than anything is what caused Elena to decide to forget Stefan and jump into Damon's arms. Steffy pretty much said he couldn't accept her as she is. And what kind of love is that, really? Certainly not this great love his devoted sycophant Cacaline was yapping about.

An upshot of the whole Jeremy thing is Matt moves in with Jeremy and Elena moves into the Salvatores. Stefan is in the process of moving out because he just can't stand being in the same house as Damon because Damon did...what? Actually, nothing. He just did what Stefan couldn't do. Accept Elena as she is now. And let me add again that Stefan is the one who dumped Elena. Also, by moving out and leaving Damon and Elena alone in the house he had to know what would happen. He's practically handing Elena to Damon on a silver platter, yet he's going around acting like the victim.

Stefan moves in with his devoted sycophant, Cacaline, and as Damon and Elena are dancing and having sex, the dimwit declares that Elena is sired to Damon and that it's all Damon's fault that Elena isn't behaving like they want her to behave.

I'm not a DE fan, but I thought I could maybe get into the sex scene, because Ian Somerhalder has yet to do a bad sex scene. However, it was impossible to do with the scenes constantly being cut to the ever-annoying Cacaline and her big light moment where Stefan can say, "Of course, I knew she could never want Damon when she had wonderful me. She's been sired to Damon." I never thought Julie Plec would allow DE to have sex, but what she did was far worse. She couldn't even let fans of this pairing enjoy the scene. She had to tell them while it was happening the only reason it was happening was because Elena was sired to Damon.

In other news, it was the Miss Mystic Falls contest and April won. Not sure where the show was going with the April/Elena, Matt/Damon and Stefan/Jeremy parallels.

Romance wasn't the only thing on Damon's plate. He was also growing ever-more suspicious of Professor Shane, who showed up at the Miss Mystic Falls contest. He wondered what Hayley was doing talking to Shane and shared his suspicions with Tyler, who later questioned her and she blew it off. Little did Tyler know Hayley is in league with Shane and behind the unsiring of the hybrids. So he sent a vampire hunter to Mystic Falls to kill vampires, to perhaps complete his tattoo and he's got Hayley unsiring Klaus' hybrids. What is the man up to? And is Damon right that Shane got Pastor Young to mass-murder the members of The Council? And if so, why?

The two smartest people in this episode was Matt and Damon. For some strange reason I hope Matt and Damon become the new Damon and Alaric. Yes, Damon tried to kill Matt once, but he also saved his life twice. After all, that's kind of how Damon and Alaric started.


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