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The Vampire Diaries -- Just How Is Stefan Pure?

Updated on July 14, 2012

Since the moment Emily declared that Stefan's curse was have a pure heart, the whole pure thing has left me stymied. We got it again when Rose declared that Stefan's love for Elena was pure. And for the life of me I don't see how pure can be applied to Stefan in any way, shape or form. It all just seems to be part of The Stefan Myth this story tries to sell.

Back to Emily, if Stefan was so pure-hearted why didn't she make her deal with him to protect her family lineage, instead of lying to Damon that Katherine was in the tomb so Damon would protect her family instead? Surely, someone as pure-hearted as Emily declared Stefan was would be more trustworthy to protect her precious family lineage. And all the witches just love love love Stefan even though he was one of the worst vampires around while they burn Damon if he tries to enter their precious Witch House. Of course, having a two-face lying snake like Emily Bennett declare you're pure-hearted may not mean the same thing as if a decent person did it. Maybe being declared pure by someone of her ilk means something entirely different.

As a vampire Stefan was a blood fiend that didn't just kill his victims; he dismembered them, as well. Now if Stefan is this pure-hearted little wunderkin, then shouldn't the first time he dismembered someone shouldn't that have also been the last? Shouldn't his pure little heart be so horrified by what he'd done it made him go cold turkey? After all, Lexi had shown him the way to drink animal blood and not harm humans? But instead he would just write down the person's name he killed on a wall and continue dismembering his victims. Hardly the actions of someone as pure-hearted as Emily claimed he was. You don't keep doing something you supposedly feel so horrible and guilty about unless you derive pleasure while doing it.

His behavior in regards to Damon doesn't come off as the behavior of a pure-hearted person. It comes off as the behavior of a pious self-righteous dick. He was the one who killed their father, yet the first time he sees Damon he suggests Damon killed a member of their family. He goes out of his way to put Damon down and make him feel worthless. He also tries to make everyone view Damon as the bad brother and him as the good. He even lied to Elena when he was telling her about his Ripper past that he and Damon had gone after the council members for what they did to Katherine, when he was the only one that was attacking them.

In regards to his pure love for Elena, that's probably the biggest crock of bull the writers have tried to sell. It might be believable if he had fallen in love with Elena and she didn't resemble the woman who had made him a vampire. He stalked his prey and bedded her without mentioning she looked just like his vampire maker. And any shot of selling this as some kind of pure love was gone after what he did to Elena on the Wickery Bridge.

I think the show was trying to sell Stefan as some pure-hearted little soul who suffered for each life he took. However, it doesn't wash. If he was so guilt-ridden he would have stopped doing it. Not just writing a name on a wall and continuing what he was doing. Or any of the other things he's done. I'm sorry, but the word pure and Stefan do not belong in the same sentence. Stefan is as pure as much as Elena and Caroline are untouched virgins.


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