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The Vampire Diaries -- Katherine Plays Her Games With Damon, Again

Updated on March 16, 2013

Original Airing: March 14, 2013

I really enjoyed this episode, and wasn’t watching the clock to wonder how much time was left before it was over. It had a lot of stuff I liked. Katherine seemed to be playing a game with Damon, again, by who she chose to do her dirty work. Klaus was actually interesting away from Vampire Barbie. Damon spent much of the episode with Rebekah. And Vampire Barbie got a beat down. Is it possible Julie Plec has left the building and is off working on her new project?

Bonnie and Silas weren’t on, this week, and since Rebekah told Damon that she found Professor Shane dead in the woods, looks like Silas is going to have to find a new body to use to disguise himself. Unless, he just remains seen by Bonnie, then he can stay as Professor Shane. Although it would be interesting if that’s what he really looks like.

All the blood supply was vanishing from the Mystic Falls Hospital. Elena was the first suspect, since she’s become a do what feels good kind of girl, since turning off her emotions. But when blood was vanishing from other hospitals Stefan suspected it was Silas who was the culprit, since he’s been so long without blood he needs a lot to revitalize himself.

So what is no-emotion Elena like? Well she walks around naked in front of the Salvatore brothers, telling them it’s not like they both haven’t seen it before. She’s not like Katherine. Strangely enough, no-emotion Katherine isn’t as soulless as Elena is. Katherine does what she does for a purpose, while Elena is just doing whatever to gratify her needs, wants, desires and whims.

Damon took Elena out hunting, and had her pull a Damon by lying in the road and waiting for a car to stop so she could attack the driver. However, Damon had to pull her off her hapless victim before she bled her dry. Later, Stefan suggested she return to school and she told Caroline she wanted to rejoin the cheerleading squad. She wasn’t there five minutes before she cornered a rival cheerleader, saying she wanted the blue ribbon she had in her hair, and then took a chunk out of her neck. Afterwards, she came back wearing the blue ribbon in her hair. When Vampire Barbie found out what she did, she started getting in Elena’s face. As a result, while they were doing a cheerleading routine, Elena let Caroline drop to the floor as payback.

Elena fans were justifying the things Elena did and said to Caroline, saying she didn’t mean it. You know what? I think Elena meant every one of them. Good Elena just sucked up all the crap Caroline shoveled her way, but no-emotion Elena was giving back to Vampire Barbie as good as she’s gotten for her. Caroline has been no friend to Elena the instant Elena got off of Team Stefan. From that moment on she’s glued her lips to Stefan’s backside and been his friend and Elena’s frenemy. Which is why I enjoyed everything Elena did to her.

Because Elena didn’t obey Damon’s command before she went to school not to munch on anyone, they figured out that the sire bond has been broken from the moment Damon told Elena to turn off her emotions. That means Damon doesn’t have the power to command her to turn them back on. Something else will have to make her turn them back on, and I don’t think that something will be Damon. With Stefan, it was Damon that got him to turn his emotions on. Maybe it’ll be Bonnie, since she’s Elena’s true BFF. Although Elena didn’t seem to like Stefan and Caroline dancing and might even have been jealous. It’ll be interesting to see now the sire bond isn’t an issue just which Salvatore brother truly holds her heart. Right now, she’s gone off with Damon, but she knows he’ll let her be as bad as she wants, while Stefan won’t, so it’s hardly any proof of her great love for Damon.

After the cheerleading stunt, Stefan vervains Elena to take her back to the Salvatore mansion. It’s interesting to note that Elena was more than happy to go off with Stefan when she thought he was going to indulge in debauchery with her. So DEs shouldn’t make any great deal out of her going off with Damon to do the same thing. She was more than happy to go off with Stefan, first.

No-emotion Elena is a very cunning and manipulative girl. When Stefan was lecturing her, Elena was texting kids to come over to the Salvatore’s for a party. When Liz showed up, Elena vamped out and attacked her. Luckily, Caroline stopped her and saved her mother, but afterwards it was on. After seeing that ridiculous scene last season of Caroline beating up Damon, it was a joy to see newbie vamp Elena beat the crap out of her. She also suggested Caroline turn off her emotions so she can stop whining about Tyler and stop feeling guilty about all those nasty thoughts she has about Klaus. As it turns out, Elena didn’t just want to beat the crap out of Vampire Barbie, she wanted to kill her. If Stefan hadn’t arrive, they’d have been picking dead Vampire Barbie off the ground. At which point Damon decided to take Elena off to New York.

While all this was going on, Damon was trying to track down the vampire that Katherine sent after Hayley to kill her. He ended up having a companion in his search in the form of Rebekah. When he finally tracked down the vampire he was shocked to see it was someone he knew named Will. It was obvious that Will was someone Damon was close to in the past. He had a picture of them together in a trunk he keeps. Not sure if Katherine actually turned Will into a vampire or if he was a vampire when Damon knew him, but it definitely has shades of Katherine turning Caroline into a vampire because she had Damon’s blood in her. In short, “Game on, Damon.”

Damon rips Will’s heart out because he was infected by wolf venom thanks to Klaus. Rebekah accuses Damon of doing it so she couldn’t find Katherine. Since Rebekah had a vial of Klaus’ blood, she could have cured Damon’s friend. So did Damon do it to protect Katherine? And is Katherine leaving Damon a trail of breadcrumbs to follow so he can find her?

Later, Damon tells Rebekah that not taking the cure is the best thing that has happened to her. That if she takes the cure she won’t be special, anymore, she’ll just be ordinary. He seems to be suggesting she won’t really be happy if she becomes human, again.

Klaus saved Hayley from Will and brought her back to Mystic Falls to protect her. He wants to know what she knows about Katherine. If Katherine wanted Klaus hot on her trail, again, she’s certainly succeeded in doing it by taking that cure. Hayley claims Katherine has allies and that’s how she’s stayed one step ahead of him, and she also reveals Katherine said she’d tell Hayley who her family is if she helped her. Hayley’s price is for Klaus to not kill Tyler. He says he doesn’t intend to kill Tyler, yet. It’s more fun to let him be on the run for centuries.

It turns out Hayley is as delusional as Klaus is. She thinks she’s still got a shot with Tyler. Yeah, after ratting Tyler out to Klaus, which lead to a slaughter of all the hybrids and Klaus killing his mother. Sure you got a shot with him, honey. NOT!

I actually liked Klaus with Hayley. He’s such a pathetic love sick puppy with Vampire Barbie, not to mention the incredible ick factor that he’s tried to murder her twice. Klaus and Hayley end up having hot werewolf sex and Klaus notices a mark on Hayley’s back. Says it’s the mark of a wolf pack in Louisiana. So Klaus may be able to tell Hayley who her family is. Looks like he just found a way to get her to turn on Katherine for him.

Finally, Matt reveals that Tyler has deeded him Lockwood Mansion and sends Caroline a letter telling her he isn’t coming back. So maybe she can stop her one-sided calls to his cell phone, now.

Am I the only one who would like to go through Damon’s trunk and see what’s in there? Like is there any souvenirs of Katherine.


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