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The Vampire Diaries -- Klaus Hybrid Plan Has A Major Flaw

Updated on October 6, 2011

Why I can't take Klaus seriously

Okay, so Klaus intends to build some master hybrid race. Only he's doing it out of a breed that seems to be on the verge of becoming extinct. Between Elijah and Damon, last season, and Klaus, this season, the werewolf population has been pretty well decimated, and it didn't seem like there were that many before then. Yet, this is the species he's going to turn into hybrid and create his master race.

A few werewolves or a few hybrids: what's the big difference? There still will only be a few of them. The vampire and human races will still be larger than the nearly extinct werewolf-cum-hybrid race. And this is supposed to become the master race? Does Klaus have jelly beans for brains or something? It just makes no sense, at all.

And that doesn't take into consideration Klaus wiped out a whole [whatever you call a group of werewolves] trying to turn them into hybrids and turning them into The Night of the Living Dead, instead.

Now he's going to this witch Gloria to find out why he can't make a tribe of hybrids. The suggestion is it'll be because Elena isn't dead, but I hope that's not why the newly minted hybrids had blood dripping from their eyes. I'm sorry, I had enough of the whole Elena is the center of the universe junk, last season. What I hope is the cause is that it's because Damon force fed Elena his vampire blood.

They went on and on about pure doppelganger blood and that Damon couldn't be a vamp sacrifice because his blood wasn't pure because he got bitten by a werewolf. Then the ritual goes off without a problem, even though Miss Pure Doppelganger Blood has vampire blood floating through her veins. The fact they did nothing about the vampire blood in the doppelganger's blood thing pissed me off endlessly last season, and it still does.

Everyone is going on about this great Stefan/Klaus bromance [god, I hate that phrase], but the only times Klaus is interesting when he's up against Damon. If they make that Damon's blood screwed up Klaus' great hybrid plan, it would aid in making Damon Klaus' greatest enemy. To be honest, this whole...puke...bromance between Stefan and Klaus is really rather boring for me. Really see no chemistry between them and their scenes lack the intensity that Damon and Klaus have.

Speaking of this Stefan and Klaus thing, Klaus claiming Stefan taught him how to be evil is ridiculous. The Klaus in the Klaus flashback was already plenty evil. He murdered Katherine's entire family. Look, I know Julie Plec is a total fangirl when it comes to the character of Stefan, but there comes a time you need to step back and write with some objectivity. What? Now Klaus' hatred for Damon is because he's Stefan's brother because Klaus wants to be Stefan's brother and Stefan was his mentor who taught him to be evil? Stefan, a newbie vamp, taught a 1,000 year old vamp how to be evil?

That, added with the Katherine stuff is going too far. Katherine has run from Klaus for 500 years, but even though Stefan is running with Klaus, Katherine is stalking him and risking being caught by Klaus, just so she can be near Stefan, because anyone who gets touched by Stefan can't get over him? Even Klaus?

Back to this hybrid stuff. If this is Klaus' big attempt to take over the supernatural underworld, the dude needs to come up with a better plan for domination, than relying on a species that's practically extinct. It's why he's kind of laughable as the big villain. His plan just seems pretty lame.


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    • profile image

      angel 6 years ago

      some of the points u made make sense eg: klaus's paln of world domination by making a hybrid army but I don't totally agree.I think u r a big Damon fan who just got frustrated that this season is focusing on stefan more than stupid damon and that is why u are getting biased here and blaming Plec....