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The Vampire Diaries -- My Finale Predictions

Updated on May 6, 2012

Elena's Choice:

Well, the big story is, and it really shouldn't be so, Elena's big choice. Julie Plec is pimping it. The network is pimping it. The stars are pimping. The media is pimping it. And even the characters are starting to pimp it. You really can't avoid hearing the question, "Who will Elena choose?"

I have to admit I got sucked into believing the triangle might finally be coming to an end, because it's really bringing down the show and it needs to end. Ian Somerhalder has been very vocal of not liking what's been done to his character and it's because of the triangle. The bad @ss Damon Somerhalder likes to play came back for a few episodes, but when Damon got sucked back into the triangle of doom bad @ss Damon disappeared again, so I thought Somerhalder might have possibly requested to be let out of the triangle, since he started giving negative Damon and Elena comments and talking about how Damon was repressed and stomped on. He said Damon had no chance with Elena, basically.

At the same time you had the re-emergence of Matt Donovan who was barely getting any airtime since Plec took his love interest Caroline away from him and gave her to Tyler. His feelings for Elena have also come back. He's even been made a member of the secret gang and has helped them with their plans, when before he was always excluded from the plans.

Since last year I've said since Elena has made it clear she doesn't want to become a vampire and just this weekend at the Barcelona Vampire Diaries Convention Nina Dobrev reiterated that Elena doesn't want to become a vampire that the triangle shouldn't be between two vampires but a vampire and a human. Elena could be torn between the human who could give her the human life she wants and the vampire she loves. So if Damon is taken out of the triangle I fully expected Matt to replace him.

The fact is Stefan and Elena can't just get back together and stay that way for the next three years. They used the whole Elena being a sacrifice thing to put off Stefan and Elena having a conversation about their future that they were about to start in 2.15 and never got picked up. There needs to be a reason to delay that conversation about their future for at least another season or two. It's why it's too soon for Elena to become a vampire, if she ever becomes one. What story would there be of her being a vampire for the next three years?

Anyway, as I said I got sucked into this whole media blitz about Elena's choice and the triangle of doom finally being over. Then I watched the way Julie Plec kept playing both SEs and DEs and I don't think she's going to give up keeping both groups on the hook when the show has three more seasons to go before it finally wraps up. Both groups have threatened to quit watching if their couple isn't the chosen one and she's not going to want to lose the viewership of a whole group of fans, so I think while Elena will make a decision, it'll be done in such a way to keep the losing side believing they've still got a shot.

The DE fan base is extremely arrogant in their belief they are the chosen fan group and that every other fan group is in the minority compared to them. The latest I saw one DE declare is they make up 85% of the viewing audience. It's this extreme arrogance that's allowed Julie Plec to play them like fiddles for as long as she has. She throws them a bone and they think it means they're endgame.

Anyway, I think Elena will choose Stefan. Plec has been yammering on forever about Stefan and Elena being an epic couple. You can't be an epic couple if you choose someone else. Not to mention she's as biased against Damon as she is against Tyler, and I don't see Plec ever allowing anyone to pick Damon over Stefan. Katherine did in 3.09 and she got shipped to outter Siberia for that one.

Elena is supposed to call one of the brother's up and that brings him back to town from the dealing with Klaus' road trip. I think it'll be Stefan and that will be the big choice she makes. However, when she learns of the deal Stefan got Damon to agree to about leaving town, I think Elena will rush to stop Damon from leaving [thus giving the DE their crumb of hope to keep hoping it'll be DE in the end]. From the promo it appears Elena and Matt get in some kind of car accident on the Wickery Bridge [if the promo isn't being deceptive]. So I think as Elena's rushing to stop Damon from leaving town, she and Matt get in an accident and when she wakes up she'll have blocked out everything that's happened since she met Stefan and believe she and Matt are still together. Jump starting a Stefan/Elena/Matt triangle.

Alaric's Big Announced At The Council Meeting:

Things seem pretty dismal for Caroline and Tyler now that Alaric has outted them. However, I think they'll be able to use the fact that Alaric is The Council killer to make everyone think what he said was a lie; especially with the fact that Alaric is a vampire. Since Caroline and Tyler can walk in the daytime and Alaric can't, they can claim they're not vampiresm and The Council won't believe a thing Alaric has to say. They'll realize he's a vampire and think this is his latest attempt to get members of The Council.

Bye Bye Tyler:

While Caroline and Tyler survive the little bomb Alaric dropped on The Council about them being vampires, I think ultimately Tyler doesn't survive the season. From what I've seen Plec has no real interest in writing the Tyler/Caroline relationship. Plec has even tried to put the blame on Tyler for Klaus going after Caroline. And Plec's had Tyler off the show this season more than she had him on.

Klaus claimed he was the Original who sired the line of vampires that created Katherine, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline will be put to the test. I think he's lying, but I think because of what he said Klaus will really be killed in the finale so there'll be a big will they or won't they did moment in the finale. Ultimately, the only one who will die when Klaus is staked with the white oak ash stake will be Tyler. Which will leave Caroline man-free. So I think they'll turn the Stefan/Elena/Matt triangle into a quadrangle. That way the shippers who have been pushing for a Stefan/Caroline romance will be appeased.

Jeremy appears to make a deal with Alaric and Bonnie is also supposed to make a secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences. In a sneak peek Damon shows Bonnie where he stashed Klaus. I think that will prove a big mistake.and Jeremy will convince Bonnie to tell Alaric where Klaus is stashed. I think Jeremy will reason that if they don't get rid of the vampires Elena will be turned into one next, pointing out how many people they've known who have been turned into a vampire. Bonnie's mother got turned into one. Caroline and Tyler got turned into one. So did Vicky. If the vampires hadn't come to town all those people would still be alive. Bonnie tried to get rid of the vampires in season one, too.

Who Does Damon Leave Town With:

I think Damon will leave town, but I don't think it'll be alone. I think it could be one of two people. The first possibility I think is Alaric. Even though he's become Dick, maybe somewhere his feelings for Damon as a friend have survived it all. When he was outting members of The Council he didn't tell anyone that Damon was a vampire, as well. Maybe now that Dick's a vampire he doesn't want to die after killing all the Originals. Maybe he and Damon team up to kill the Originals, minus the Original that sired Damon's line.

The other possibility is Rebekah. The show struck gold again with the pairing of Damon and Rebekah [much like Damon and Katherine]. Klaus and Kol have claimed to have sired Damon's line and others have suggested Elijah, but what if it's really Rebekah. If Damon finds out Rebekah is the Original who sired his line he'd want to keep her close to make sure she stays safe from Alaric, because if she dies; he dies.

My Dream Storyline:

While I hate triangles, I would love it if the show did a Damon/Rebekah/Katherine triangle. Now that would be an interesting triangle, especially with the fact that there are some ways Damon is just like Rebekah and other ways he's just like Katherine. Rebekah wants love and isn't afraid to go for it, while Katherine runs from love.

Anyway, we'll find out Thursday if any of my predictions come true. Happy finale viewing.


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