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The Vampire Diaries -- Not Looking Forward To Original Spin-Off Episode

Updated on April 13, 2013

As the time draws near for the spin-off episode for Plec’s Originals to air, I begin to dread having to sit through it more and more. I’m not a member of the majority that seems to think the Originals are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The only reason I’m excited about them getting their own show, is they’ll finally get off The Vampire Diaries and the show can go back to the real Vampire Diaries. I also have to hope the thing lasts for at least two seasons or Plec will bring them back to pollute the last season of The Vampire Diaries, when the last season should belong to the original cast members that started the show.

I have no intention of watching the show featuring The Originals. My opinion of them is they’re all a bunch of badly developed characters that the Twitter crowd seems to think hangs the moon.

According to the GQ Model Elijah, no one loved the Original Petrova, Katya, more than Klaus. Yet it’s Elijah who’s the one obsessed with anyone who looks like Katya, while Klaus remains totally unaffected by the doppelgangers and only sees them for what he can use them for. Elijah is only enthralled by Katerina and Elena because they look like Katya. The way they’re writing Elijah is how Klaus should be written if we’re supposed to buy that Klaus loved Katya best.

In all the flashbacks we’ve seen Elijah in he’s had no character development. A store window mannequin could have played the part. He claims to be a man of honor, but he’s always showing how dishonorable he is. He spouts some BS phrase about the family forever, and is constantly abandoning his family. The best thing he does is doing his GQ pose while giving you his Blue Steel stare.

Then there’s Klaus who is supposed to be this ultimate villain but somewhere along the line Plec and Joseph Morgan lost the memo and tried to act like Klaus was some tragic hero. He’s a sensitive artist who likes to draw pictures of ponies, when he isn’t crushing on teen vamp Caroline. He’s also more fickle than the ficklest of females. All he wants is a family, but he’s murdered most of his family at one time or another. His hybrids are his family, but then he wants his family family, but then he wants his hybrids, but then he wants his family family. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Kol was a rabid dog foaming at the mouth who needed to be put down. There was no explanation for it. He had no real personality. His most fascinating quality seemed to be he looked like a younger version of GQ Model, Elijah.

The only time I found Rebekah interesting was when she was paired with Damon. They could have made a great couple, but Plec will never let Damon out of her pathetic triangle she’s obsessed with. After that she became a pathetic love stalker stalking Matt because he pretended to be nice to her.

Strangely, of all the Originals, Finn seemed to have the most personality and character development. He also had a real love. Of course, they show quickly killed him off because he couldn’t strike a pose like GQ Model Elijah and his Mini-Me clone Kol or love stalk local high school teens like Klaus and Rebekah.

The two Originals that were the most interesting were Mikael and Esther. Of course, there was no more rhyme or reason to them than their offspring. Mikael wanted the entire family turned into vampires after his young son was killed, but after he became a vampire he began feeding on other vampires as he tried to find and kill Klaus. When he learned Esther had been have doggie sex with one of the local werewolves, he slaughtered the entire pack. And he supposedly wanted to kill Klaus because he killed Esther or because Klaus turned his family on him and made it look like he’d killed his wife. Did he love Esther? Who knows. He never really said much about her when he was around.

Esther was obsessed with killing her own kids. She wanted to undo making them into vampires. If she was so opposed to them becoming vampires, why did she do it in the first place? She was a witch, so if Mikael got nasty about it, she could have easily zapped him with a killer migraine. And what about this whole thing about her using Katya’s blood to make the family vampires to settle the little love triangle between her oldest sons? Yet neither son seemed to hold it against Mommy for killing their love. And if she was a witch why did she need to go to Bonnie’s ancestor for help.

And this is the illogical mess of characters that The Originals will be based on. Of course, what do you expect? Julie Plec is the one that developed them and Plec couldn’t develop a character decently if you stood there holding a gun to her head to make her do it. No, she’d rather be hanging on Twitter seeing which way the fans are blowing this week and writing the show in accordance to that.

Unfortunately, I’m placed in the uncomfortable position of having to hope this show makes it at least two seasons. It’s the only way The Vampire Diaries will finally be free of them and possibly the Queen Hack herself, Plec. Otherwise Plec and her Originals will be back to invade the show, again, ruining its final seasons.

I also resent the fact that an entire show is being taken away from The Vampire Diaries and being turned into a pilot episode for The Originals Show. The fact that it’s happening so late in the season when the dwindling episodes are supposed to be building to the climax for the season finale is very jarring to the plot. And as I said, I’m already dreading having to sit through an entire episode that is nothing but a glorified pilot for this new show.

It’ll probably mean sitting through more of this Katherine/Elijah BS that they were shooting in the last episode. More of Rebekah yapping about how the cure will magically make all her dreams come true. And more of Klaus, who will no doubt be sold as the star of this new show. I hope I’ll be able to stay awake through it all.

On the bright side, though, does that mean after this pilot episode the show will be free of the Originals for the rest of the season? That would be kind of like having to get through the bitter to get to the sweet. Maybe I could look at it like that? That I just have to get through this dreck so the rest of the season will be Original-free. It seems logical that’s the way it’s going to be, because since this episode is serving as the jumping off point for their new series that’s supposedly set in New Orleans, they’d need to explain why they were no longer in Mystic Falls. So it would seem for them to be still on the rest of this season’s episodes would make no sense. So maybe after the dreaded Original Pilot the show will at least be free of them for the rest of the season? To be honest, since we’ve got Silas, who really needs them, anyway.

Are you looking forward to the Original spin-off episode?

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