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The Vampire Diaries -- Of Doppelgangers And Body Possession

Updated on October 18, 2013

On the doppelganger scale Katherine rates a -5

This was the episode where we supposedly got answers to why the doppelgangers exist, only it was so full of holes it could be Swiss cheese. And I'm excessively naive, as I didn't really think we'd be meeting up with Silas' spurned witch lover. She's made it to this side of the pond and she plans to put down her rabid dog ex-boyfriend. For that I say, "Go girl."

The Ripper's return was relatively short, thank God. It lasted about one scene. He ate one person and took a chunk out of a waitress' neck then told her to run. When he went out in the sun he started to burn because he doesn't have his daylight ring, and I was like, "Come on, Stefan, do the noble thing and burn yourself up in the sun."

Of course, that wasn't going to happen. Enter Oetsiyah to save the day, or in this case our supposed hero, Stefan. She's decided to go modern and call herself Tessa. It's definitely an easier name to say and spell so I wholeheartedly support that decision.

She tells Stefan her side of things. Silas played her pretending he loved her and wanted to marry her, while he was secretly messing around with Amara [another Elena double]. He got her to make an immortality potion and then stole it while leaving her standing at the altar waiting for him. She tracked him down and forced the de-immortality potion down Amara's throat and slit her throat. She also cut the treacherous handmaiden's heart out and showed it to Silas for good measure.

Okay, this is where the illogical explanation for doppelgangers comes in. Tessa explains that because Silas and Amara were immortal the natural order of things created shadow selves of them. But see, since she de-immortalized Amara and slit her throat she should have never had any doppelgangers. So there shoots that explanation full of holes. You know, I can suspend belief as good as the next person if it makes sense, but this makes no sense, at all.

And it just gets better. When Damon arrives where Tessa is keeping Stefan a prisoner she tells him how Stefan isn't the first Silas doppelganger. That all Silas and Amara doppelgangers are hard-wired to find each other as they are each other's true love. Tessa adds insult to injury by tell Damon that people like him and her are just obstacles to make their romance interesting.

Okay, I have to admit I was laughing my head off over the whole destiny thing, because the DE on twitter are always going on about how DE are DEstiny. Guess again, that would be SE. I saw one of them posting on the TV Guide message board when this spoiler was released try to spin this whole thing into something positive about DE and needless to say it made less sense this doppelganger nonsense explanation.

First off, shouldn't some epic true love destined to be together couple be based on this really great love story? Sorry, but Silas and Amara were a couple of sleazebags who got what they deserved. Amara is supposed to be Oetsiyah's devoted handmaiden and this skank is secretly screwing her boyfriend behind her back. Then you have Silas who pretended to love and want to spend eternity with Oetsiyah only to steal the potion she made and leave her standing at the altar. Sorry, but that is not the makings of some epic love story and this is supposed to be the foundation that the Silas and Amara clones love is built on. Once again these show writers don't have a clue what a true epic love story looks like if it bit them on their butts.

Damon and Katherine had the makings of a true epic love story, but the show couldn't have that since they wanted it to be Stefan and Elena or no one. So they did everything the could to destroy Damon and Katherine and present them as a big nothing, and guess what? They succeeded. There's nothing root-worthy about this duo anymore. In the process Damon has been completely marginalized and Katherine's a big nothing. She's such a big nothing she doesn't even rate her own Silas true love clone like the other doppelgangers, apparently.

Oetsiyah says Stefan and Elena are the true love Silas and Amara clones. So basically Katherine is a dish a dog food. Wouldn't it be a hoot if she's not really a doppelganger but just looks like the real doppelgangers? But then all doppelgangers are supposed to be from the same bloodline. Since Silas and Amara couldn't have had an offspring, don't see how any of these Silas and Amara clones could be from the same bloodline. Another fly in the ointment. I think it you are trying to explain something you should see if the explanation works and doesn't have any logic fails, and what was explained in this episode has a boat load of them.

Another doppelganger that didn't rate a Silas clone was Tatia the supposed Original Doppelganger who is about as original as Esther was the Original Witch. The show has vastly improved with the departure of The Originals and Plec, but the writing has to be there to take advantage of that improvement and it isn't there. And none of the stories are very good either.

It just gets better for Miss Katherine. She learns why she's such a wanted woman. Her blood is now the cure, which means she's this season's vial of cure that everyone is after. She really is the female Damon. One thing she didn't learn was all her braying because she and Elena had the same dream about Stefan being in danger which made her think she's as connected to Stefan as Elena is turned out to be a fake. Oetsiyah put the dream in her head hoping she'd be with Damon when he arrived so she could most likely drain her of all her blood, since that's basically all she's good for.

Speaking of Damon, he had me cringing when he declared that Elena was his life. It's stuff like that that shows just how much has been taken from this character. I know the DE's are thrilled by this pairing they've pushed for and threatened to quit watching if they didn't get it, but they're just wrong together. Damon is a watered-down version of who he once was and has little to none of his real personality left to make this thing work. I actually cringed when they were in bed together. They just are wrong together. They should give Damon a new name because the character he's become is not Damon Salvatore any longer. He's more of a ghost than Bonnie is.

Anyway, Oetsiyah links Stefan and Silas' minds so he won't be able to read anyone's mind anymore. He apparently can't compel anyone either. She's afraid with the heightened powers he had she won't be able to take him down. As a result Stefan wakes up with amnesia. Should be fun watching when they explain to him he's a vampire and he's really dead.

Nadia, who killed her boyfriend to prove to Silas he could trust her, popped him back inside of Matt. Matt woke up on the floor of Tyler's house not knowing how he got there with muddy foot prints all over the floor. Matt seems to finally be aware that something's wrong with him, he just doesn't know what, yet. While Katherine ended up in the hands of Nadia.

So to sum it up, Damon had it rubbed in his nose once again he's fooling himself and Stefan and Elena are true love. Stefan lost his memory and Silas isn't as powerful as he once was. Katherine is in the clutches of Nadia and knows she's just a giant bottle of vampire cure. And Matt knows something's wrong, but he's hiding it from people who might be able to figure out just what is wrong.


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