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The Vampire Diaries -- Oh, Bloody Night

Updated on December 19, 2012

It looks more and more like we may be headed to the Zombie Season. Shane talked about his wife and child he can't forget. He's promised Hayley that she could be with her family even thought they're dead. and Pastor Young's comments also seem to hint at resurrection. If that's the case, here's hoping Carol Lockwood also returns and gives that pansy Klaus a fright night he won't soon forget.

Everyone was going on about how Klaus was Da Man for mass-murdering his hybrids. Well, Da Man didn't even suspect his hybrids were no longer under his control, and the big dummy should have suspected something when one his slaves was lippy to him. Hayley had to tell him what was up, because he was too dumb to figure it out himself. It's one of the many reason this doofus sucks as a villain. Big deal he was able to kill a bunch of people that were too weak to have a fighting chance against him. Let's see him take on someone just as strong as he is and then you can cheer how he's Da Man. Oh, wait! He did take on someone just as strong as he is and he was too much of a coward to face them in a fair fight. He cowered in the Lockwood mansion while Mikael dared him to come out and face him like a man, but he cried and squeaked like the little mouse he truly is. The hallmark of a coward is picking on people weaker than you and running away from someone just as strong as you are.

Go back and paint your snowflake, little Klaus. I find nothing the least bit interesting in watching someone slaughtering people that are weaker than they are and who don't even have a fighting chance. What it is is extremely boring to watch. What's so great about watching lambs being led to the slaughter?

Hayley, however, got extreme hatred from the TVD fans for having the nerve to snap nasty little Cacaline's neck. Me, I enjoyed it. They were both evenly matched and the snotty blonde piece of fluff ended up the loser. I'm just sorry Hayley didn't also rip Cacaline's head off her body and throw it in an unflushed toilet. If anyone deserve a fate like that, it was her.

This episode she proved the only person she has any loyalty to is Stefan. She needs to stop claiming she's Elena's friend when she ratted her out for sleeping with Damon. When she did the same thing to Jeremy, last season, at least you could say it's because Bonnie was her friend and Jeremy wasn't. Even though Jeremy was her good friend, Elena's, brother. But blabbing to Stefan showed she's no friend of Elena, but then was she ever? She was always envious that Elena was always everyone's first choice and she wasn't. It seems that jealousy has been reborn now that she and Elena are both vampires and she's no longer top vampiress on the block.

Of course, it was no surprise she betrayed Tyler for her beloved Stefan. She's been a crap girlfriend to Tyler from the moment they become lovers. She didn't even try to help Tyler adjust to being a vampire. She dumped Tyler when she learned he was sired to Klaus. And recently, she thought nothing of Stefan killing Tyler's hybrid friend and acted like it was no big deal. So no big shocker.

I guess the most shocking was what a snotty beyotch she was to April Young when she was compelling her. She sounded jealous because April was now Miss Mystic Falls instead of herself. Let's be honest. The only person this beyotch isn't snotty to is Stefan. She's seriously become one of the most ridiculous and unlikable characters on the show. She's definitely the perfect companion piece for self-righteous dick Stefan.

Anyway, the whole thing went down like this. Tyler stupidly confided his plan to have a witch put Klaus' essence into him so Tyler could give the hybrids a chance to scatter to the four winds to be free to live a good life. The minute Tyler was out of earshot, Cacaline was on the phone to Stefan ratting Tyler out and teamed up with Stefan to stop Tyler, because they needed Klaus to cure Elena. Tyler had his hybrids keep Cacaline and her sire master, Stefan, out of the way until the plan could go down. Then Cacaline came up with a better plan to shove Klaus' essence into Dead Rebekah's body. Only Hayley was having none of that, so she snapped Cacaline's head and went to Klaus and let him know his hybrids were no longer sired to him and planning Viva La Revolution. Shane needed for Klaus to slaughter 12 of his hybrids for whatever magic spell he's trying to make happen to free Silas. Then April walked in and found Cacaline dead, but then she popped up and was real snotty as she compelled April. Only Matt informed Cacaline that April was wearing a vervain bracelet so Cacaline's compulsion was worthless. So what does she do?

Does Cacaline try to find Tyler to tell him all is not well with his buddy, Hayley, who snapped her neck? No. Does she try to find April, who is now a loose cannon thanks to her, and about to do god knows what? No. She goes over to sit with Stefan and talk about how Klaus isn't that bad and they shouldn't try to kill him as she rats out Elena for shagging Damon and super glues her lips to Stefan's butt. It would take a bulldozer to pry her lips off Stefan's backside.

While Cacaline was taking her super glue out, April was finding Rebekah's body, right where Cacaline told her it was, and about to remove the stake from her. So because of Cacaline not trying to fix the mess she made the psycho love stalker Rebekah will be back. Congrats, Cacaline. Oh, and by her not telling Tyler about his friend, Hayley, he had no way of knowing his mother was in danger from He's Not So Bad Klaus, who drowned Carol Lockwood to pay Tyler back. In the words of Cacaline, "Cacaline, you're eeeewwww, ugh and like the worst ever."

You should have seen the look on my face when Stefan and Cacaline were saying that Klaus wasn't any worse than they were and they should stop trying to kill them. When did Stefan come to this realization? About the time he found out that Klaus was just like him and keeping souvenirs of his kills. Yeah, not bad enough Klaus kills these people, then he violates them further by keeping their personal possessions as trophies.

I think the writers have been listening too much to these fan girls masquerading as legitimate journalists, because that's the same crap they've been spewing since last season. Why do they want to kill Klaus? What has he done that's so bad. Well on the Cacaline front her beloved Klaus kidnapped her and planned to sacrifice her on his altar of blood, while Damon the guy she villifies non-stop and who took a werewolf bite for her and almost died, saved her miserable life. He also murdered her boyfriend, Tyler and ordered Tyler to bite her. On Stefan's side he made Stefan become an addict again to save his brother's life and tried to bleed his girlfriend dry and is ultimately the reason Elena hit her head and got vampire blood in her system. Yeah, Klaus isn't that bad, is he? Most ridiculous scene of the whole episode done by the two most ridiculous characters. They can spend episodes trashing Damon because Elena is sired to him, but they can sit there free passing Klaus and claiming Klaus isn't any worse than they are and doesn't deserve to be killed. Sure, whatever.

Speaking of Stefan trashing Damon, didn't you just love how nice he was being to Damon because he thought Damon had made Elena have no more feelings for Damon anymore. In short, Stefan got what he wanted, and Damon lost again, so he could afford to be nice to his brother for a change. All was happy happy in Stefan Land until big mouth Cacaline told him that Elena had taken a ride on Mt Damon. Then he's having a hissy fit throwing things around.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was taken up to the cabin and Elena makes one of her classic hallmark bad decisions. She asks Dr. Evil aka Professor Shane to come up there to help him. She also asks Damon to go with her. Even though Damon didn't send Elena away, he's ended his sexual relationship with her. While they spent the night in the same bed together, they were fully-clothed and didn't have sex. By the end of the hour, and probably due to the fact Stefan was actually being nice to him making Damon feel guilty, he finally sent Elena away. He said he'd stay up at the cabin with Jeremy to make his tattoo grow so they could find the cure for her, and ordered her to go home.

Meanwhile, the efforts to undo the damage Stefan did to Jeremy weren't going so well. Shane hypnotized Jeremy and let's just say he let loose on how he really feels about Elena. It may not just be because she's a vampire and he's a hunter that he wants to kill her. Under hypnosis he reveals he blames her for losing every person he's loved and he's right. It is her fault.

Then Damon has an idea. I thought he was going to try and get Jeremy to focus his vampire hatred on to Damon instead of Elena, but apparently Damon was playing matchmaker for Bonnie and Jeremy. I didn't mind, because I've always liked Bonnie and Jeremy as a couple because they make sense, there's no gross ugliness between them and they have chemistry. Anyway, it seems that Bonnie is Jeremy's touchstone and she can make him conquer the darkness that's now inside of him THANKS TO STEFAN.

I wonder if Jeremy will also have to do the same for Bonnie. She has no idea that Shane is getting her to perform black magic. So when the darkness begins to overcome her like it has with Jeremy, maybe it'll be Jeremy whose able to pull her back from the abyss.

Bonnie and Jeremy were actually the only good thing to happen on this dismal little Christmas episode. Although I'm sure the Bonnie fans jonesing for Bamon, Klamon, Stamon and whatever other couple they dreamed up that they feel is better than Bonnie and Jeremy weren't happy about this. Although, maybe now that Jeremy is supernatural [which seems to be a prerequisite for them] and he's become quite the hot little stud in his own right, they'll think Jeremy is finally good enough for their girl.

So in closing, Bonnie and Jeremy may be on the road to reunion, as both are being/have been led into the dark abyss by two men whose names start with S and whose goals may be the same. Stefan want to bring back Elena, the girlfriend he let die, and Shane may want to bring back the wife and child he lost. The only time Damon actually used his sire bond was to send Elena away. Tyler knows Hayley betrayed him and will most likely blame her for his mother's death. Stefan knows Elena took Damon for a ride. And because it can't be said enough, Cacaline is like the worst, seriously, ugh!

Anyway, fans are thrilled that rabid dog Kol and pathetic love stalker Rebekah will be back when the show makes it return in January. Me, I say next time these two are staked, cut their damn heads off so they can't be resurrected. Let's see how they come back from the dead with their heads missing.


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