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The Vampire Diaries -- Operation: Make Elena Feel

Updated on May 4, 2013

Silas toys with Caroline

Original Airing: May 2, 2013

Now that the Originals pilot was over, it was time for Operation: Make Elena Feel to go into full-motion. First, Damon put a fake dream in her head of being at school and chirpy little Caroline going on and on about graduation. The hilarious thing about that was when chirpy little Caroline came to visit Elena she started saying the exact same stuff as Damon had her say in the dream he put in her head.

It seems that interfering in the witches trying to help Bonnie and causing the death of 12 witches taught chirpy little Caroline nothing. She wanted Damon and Stefan to cease the torture of Elena, because she knew better. She even gave Elena some blood. Elena gave her back a boatload of truth in return. Tyler may be thrilled to get away from her because she’s such an annoying control freak and she’s been a total tease with Klaus. Then she tried to kill chirpy little Caroline until chirpy little Caroline broke her neck and told Stefan to do whatever was necessary to Elena.

Then chirpy little Caroline tried to get Bonnie to come over and be there for Elena. Bonnie wasn’t interested after the psychotic vampire tried to murder her. Actually, she was meeting with Katherine. Seems Katherine stole Silas’ tombstone and Bonnie promised to give Katherine the same immortality that Silas enjoys so no one can ever harm her and she can finally stop running in return for it.

Next up in the Elena Torture Tour was burning her with the sun. The DE’s were so happy that the promo made it look like Elena threatened to kill Stefan. Sorry, girls, she was threatening to kill Damon. Elena also said it was the sire bond that made her say she loved Damon and that if her feelings turn on maybe she and Stefan will give it another try. Then Elena turns the tables on the boys and breaks the bonds holding her to the chair they have her tied to and stands in the sun. They knock her out of the sun and put her out as she’s about to go up in flames. Afterwards, she tells them she knows they’re not going to hurt her, so bring it on, she won’t crack.

Rebekah is back in Matt love stalker mode, following him around. When Matt heads to the Salvatores, she follows him there and reveals to Caroline that Matt’s failing and might not graduate. She goes into Miss Fix-It mode and goes off to get her flashcards and has some not so very nice encounters of the Silas kind. There was some big Klaus/Caroline moment pimped, but it was just Silas as Klaus. See, chirpy little Caroline shouldn’t have called up Bonnie, because Bonnie was hiding from Silas and Silas wanted to know where she is. Silas mind you know what chirpy little Caroline by making her think he’d staked her, which made her pass out. When she woke-up Silas was then Matt and basically said unless she gave him Bonnie he would kill her mother. Caroline rushed up and Liz was there, but it was really Silas. Luckily, Bonnie showed up, but that didn’t help Liz who was lying dead on the floor. Caroline had a hard time bringing her mother back to life, but she managed it.

Damon decided to bring Katherine in, figuring she was more hardcore than Elena, to torture Elena. Katherine was trying to blame Elena for Elijah dumping her. Sorry, sugar, but he dumped you for his brother. Just like he hunted you down like an animal for Klaus because he didn’t want Klaus to be mad at him. He’s of the bros before hos school, even though his bro is a total psycho that likes to stake him and stick him in a casket. Doesn’t say much for his supposed great feelings for you.

Elena gets nasty and says what man would want Katherine with all the baggage that comes with her. Katherine fires back she couldn’t survive as a vampire without someone coddling her, and leaves the door on Elena’s cage open so she can escape. Then she goes upstairs to see Damon to be nasty to him, telling him he never gets the girl.

Damon has one more trick up his sleeve. He sends in Matt to try and get through to Elena. Matt tells her she’s the girl he’s pretty much loved forever. She, in turn, attacks him and nearly bleeds him dry. Stefan has to pull her off. Then Damon threatens to murder Matt before her eyes unless she turns her feelings back on. Elena says he’s bluffing, but when Damon’s snaps Matt’s neck, it snaps Elena out of it and her feelings come back on. Luckily, Damon put the resurrecto ring back on Matt and he’ll be coming back to life.

When the feelings begin to overwhelm Elena, Stefan talks her through them. He tells her to concentrate on one thing to handle it. Only what she concentrates on is killing Katherine for killing Jeremy and for all the rotten things she’s done.

Neither the DE’s or SE’s want to hear this, but since this vampire nightmare began with Elena, it’s been Matt who has given Elena what she’s needed, not either Salvatore brother. It was Matt who was able to feed her his blood so she wouldn’t die and the thought that Matt was dead that made her feel, again.

I said this a couple of seasons ago, this triangle should be between Matt/Elena/Stefan and the romance should be Damon and Katherine. When Elena was a teenager she wanted someone more exciting than Matt and she found Stefan. But she’s older now and in a much different face and in the end she may realize the right guy for her is Matt, whose always been there for her and given her what she’s needed when she’s needed it most.

To viewers complaining about why they keep Matt around, this episode was a prime example of why they do. Elena, Stefan and Caroline can miss every day of school and get straight A’s and if Matt does it his grades suffer. While Elena never has to worry about something so mundane as paying rent or getting a job, Matt has had to work all through high school to support himself. In short, Matt always keeps it real.


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