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The Vampire Diaries -- Rest In Peace Little Gilbert

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 21, 2013

As this episode began, Elena and Stefan brought home Jeremy’s body with them. Elena was in deep denial that Jeremy was really dead, and she was still waiting for the ring to resurrect him. Meanwhile, Damon stayed behind in Nova Scotia to try and find a missing Bonnie.

The most ridiculous line in this episode had to be Elena claiming that Damon loves Bonnie. It seemed to be pure shipper fodder for the delusional Bamoaners who are still holding out even though there’s never been anything of a romantic nature between Damon and Bonnie.

On the bright side, we got some nice Damon and Rebekah scenes. These two have great chemistry and if this show wasn’t so driven by appeasing shippers and was more interested in pairing characters that have chemistry together, they would have put these together in a romance. The scenes weren’t romantic, but it was nice to see the two of them together all the same.

Meanwhile Bonnie was with Psycho Shane. He was trying to convince her they needed to sacrifice one more group of 12 people to complete so sacrifice triangle that Silas needs. The promise of being able to bring Jeremy back was what finally convinced Bonnie to get on board with the idea of killing 12 people. What Bonnie didn’t realize is the Shane with her wasn’t really Shane, but Silas. I don’t know if he just took on Shane’s identity or if he really looks like Shane, because Vaughn said no one ever knew what Silas looked like since he had a mask over his face. Rebekah actually found a wounded Shane.

Bonnie let Damon find her and he brought her back to Mystic Falls, but he was horrified by what she had to say. He told Stefan that Shane had brainwashed her and she wanted to kill 12 people. When Bonnie was telling Elena how she was going to bring Jeremy back, it seemed to finally shock her back into reality. She couldn’t go along with murdering 12 innocent people just to bring Jeremy back and when April Young called asking to speak to Jeremy, Elena told her he was dead.

Afterwards, Elena had a complete breakdown saying the Gilbert House was like a tomb for the dead, since everyone she’d ever loved had died. She decided she wanted to burn the house down with Jeremy’s body inside. At that point, Stefan got Damon to use the sire bond, but not in the way he hoped. Damon used the sire bond to tell Elena to shut off all her feelings.

Damon explained his reasoning to Stefan. He basically told him that they could handle their humanity because they had each other, but with Elena losing her brother the only way she could survive is by turning her feelings off.

An emotionless Elena still decides that the best cover story is to say Jeremy died in a house fire. She sets the place on fire and walks away as fire consumes the house and Jeremy’s body.

We learned in this episode the purgatory that the supernatural go to was created so Silas would go there and wouldn’t be reunited with his true love in death. Silas’ big plan is to bring back all the supernatural dead.

I thought both Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig gave great performances as they grieved for Jeremy. Once again, Matt gave Elena what she needed more than either Salvatore brother was able to do. I’m really starting to like Matt and Elena together. I think they make a better couple than either Damon and Elena or Stefan and Elena.


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