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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- 2.7

Updated on July 25, 2011

Operation: Scat Kat!

Katherine has become a problem everyone wants to go away; so they team up to make the Kat scat! She's making Caroline be her mole. She's caused the break-up of Stefan and Elena. And she compelled Jenna to stab herself. Of course, no one knows about her latest victim, Matt, who she's compelled to basically commit suicide so she can activate Tyler's werewolf gene. They also don't know she's got her own witch, Lucy, to help her do her bidding.

The episode begins with Katherine sending another message to Damon and Stefan through Caroline. This one isn't so cryptic that even Stefan gets this one. She wants the moonstone back, and she wants them to hand it over at the Lockwood Masquerade. Of course, Damon reacts in typical Damon fashion. He declares they're giving her squat and vowed to make sure his ex-lover takes a long deserved dirt nap. However, Stefan steps up claiming he wants to be the one to do it, instead. Okay, does anyone really believe Stefan is going to do it?

Meanwhile, Katherine has compelled her landlady to spend oodles of money on her and she's visited by an old witch friend named, Lucy. Lucy becomes key in this episode for many reasons. First off, proving she learned a few things from Klaus, Katherine has a back-up plan. She gets Lucy to link her to Elena, so if anyone tries to kill her, it'll be Elena who ends up taking the dirt nap, instead. Lucy is also a relative of Bonnie and when they get together it's blood is thicker than water time and Lucy turns on Katherine, double-crossing her and cancelling the linking spell. And also doing some hocus pocus that knocks our nasty vampira out for the count.

Of course, before Katherine gets knocked out for the count, she causes plenty of mayhem at the Lockwoods' masquerade party. Not only has she compelled Matt to kill, she always has a back-up to move in for the kill is Matt fails, and he does. Caroline hears Matt and Tyler fighting and comes in and knocks Matt out. However, Katherine's Plan C goes into effect as a girl stabs Tyler and he shoves her and she hits her head and die. Hello replacement Mason.

Katherine also gets Stefan to dance with her and as usual her seduction attempts leave a lot to be desired with the Junior Salvatore brother. She kills a girl who comes up to them and dumps the dead girl in Stefan's arm, declaring she'll paint the town red with blood unless he gives her the moonstone. While her seduction attempt failed, as a method to get Stefan to tuck his tail in and run, it works like a charm. Stefan no longer wants to kill Katherine. Damon has to talk him back into it.

Using their own witch, Damon and Stefan seal themselves in a room and everybody was kung fu fighting. The boys are no match for the much older and much strong Katherine. She tosses both boys around like their dolls and at one point almost sticks a stake into Damon, before Stefan pulls her off him. Damon is about to return the favor and stick a stake in her, when Jeremy rushes in to tell the boys Katherine is linked with Elena and if they try to kill Kat, Elena will die.

If Ms. Pierce wasn't smug before she is now. She and Damon spend most of the time exchanging barbs, while Katherine comes on to Stefan. She even claims to have been stalking Stefan through the years watching him from afar. To prove it she tells him about a concert he and Lexi went to. To that, I say she read it in Stefan's diary when she was reading it back in Memory Lane and she hadn't been watching Stefan, at all. Damon finally snaps and shoves Katherine against the wall, threatening to stake her, which actually makes Katherine hot, and she tells Damon how hot he is.

Just then, Lucy enters, announces the seal has been broke and Katherine can leave with her moonstone. Only Lucy is a tricky witch and as soon as Katherine gets her hot little hands on the moonstone she falls to the floor in pain and passes out. While Stefan rushes off to see Elena, who doesn't want to get back together now that Katherine is history; Damon decides instead of killing Katherine, he'll just lock her in the tomb he thought she'd been imprisoned in for the last 145 years.

As Damon is closing the lid on Katherine's coffin, Katherine is screaming that Damon needs her and that Elena is the doppelganger and he needs her to keep her safe. Damon isn't listening it and slams the lid on her and walks away.

This was a good episode. Probably one of the top ten of the season. It seems what Katherine said to Damon in The Return was true; Damon isn't capable of killing her, even though he talks a good game. He had the perfect opportunity to kill her. She was passed out cold. And instead he opted to lock her in the crypt.

Damon claimed he did it because death was too good for her, but wouldn't death be better for Damon? He's going to know Katherine was alive in the crypt starving to death? And just how long would it be before he broke and went to the tomb to give her some blood? Knowing she's alive and in the same town with him, he won't ever be free of her. The knowledge she's in that tomb alive will always be there with him. With her dead, he could have finally closed the chapter on the book of Katherine. But then deep down maybe he just can't stand the idea of her really being dead.


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